Part 2

Joshua sat down on the chair in the empty room. His note had been very precise in its instructions. Proceed to room 510 and sit in the chair with ankles and knees pressed together. Hands resting together in his lap, then to wait and not move until he had been processed, then the letter J. Joshua sighed, he had been waiting for two hours. His legs and back were beginning to ache. He stood up stretching out his cramped muscles then sat back down quickly as he heard footsteps clicking on the floor tiles outside in the hall.

“Mr Scott, do you have your assignment?” The forty something man with dirty blond hair asked as he walked into the room. Joshua held out his slip, expectantly.

“Read it to me then.” The curly haired man frowned at the tone that was being used with him but did as he was asked.

“I need some answers to some questions and you to sign a consent form, that is of course if you decide to take up the challenge offered to you. Also I want to perform a medical to ensure you are fit to take part.” the doctor opened his file and clicked the top of his pen. “Full name?”

“Joshua Casey Scott.”

“Age and date of birth?”

“22, no 23 sorry. 8th August 1980.”

The doctor looked up at him and shook his head then bent back to his questionnaire. “Any allergies?”

Joshua shook his head, “No sir.”

“Any mental illness or regular medication?”

“No sir.”

“Ok sign here please.” the doctor pushed a clipboard into Joshua’s hands and handed him a pen. The brunette scribbled his signature on the dotted line and handed it back.

“Thank you. Roll your right sleeve up.”

The curly haired man did as he was told and waited nervously, wondering what was about to happen. The doctor wrapped a pressure pad around his upper arm and took his blood pressure, making a note of the reading. He then uncovered a tray that was sitting on the desk. Joshua squeaked and pulled back his arm as he spotted the syringe. “Your arm please Mr. Scott.”

“What … what is in that?” The young volunteer stammered and began to sweat; no one had said anything about having shots.

“The first one is for taking blood-works, nothing more the second one is to implant a small microchip beneath the skin of your left wrist.”

“A chip, no one said anything to me about being chipped.” Joshua started to stand up and was pushed back down.

“Mr Scott, you may leave anytime you wish, but, remember anyone one else affiliated with your experiment will also be let go, they will not be reassigned. You will not only be letting yourself down but others who may be relying on the fee.”

Joshua groaned, the doctor just had to go and lay a guilt trip on him didn’t he? “What does the chip do?”

The doctor smiled and held his hand out, waiting for his patient to hold out his arm again. “It keeps track of where you are and it sends out a pulse to tell you when to perform the tasks that are given you.”

“And it will be removed after?”


Joshua held his arm out again and winced. “Will it hurt?” he asked. “I don’t like injections.”

“You will barely feel it.” the doctor picked up the syringe, “Close your eyes,” he said. Joshua closed his eyes and yelped as the sharp point of the needle broke his skin. “There, all done. I just need to take some blood then we are all set.

When Joshua had finally recovered from having his blood taken the doctor handed him another envelope. “Inside you will find your assignment laid out in full and the tasks you will expected to complete, read it, memorise it, you will not be allowed to take it out of this room. You have two hours to ready yourself than you will be taken to your assigned room, where you will spend the next two weeks. Do you have any questions?”

“Yes sir, can I suspend the experiment at any time I want to?”

“You can but the rest of your group will also be let go and no matter what stage you are at you and your fellow volunteers will not be paid. I’ll leave you to read your assignment. Goodbye Mr. Scott, good luck.”

Joshua took a calming breath and opened his letter.

Dear Volunteer,

You have agreed to participate in experiment No4.

This is a social experiment where you will be isolated with another volunteer for the total of and no longer than two weeks (14 days). During this time you will be obliged to carry out certain acts, you will be informed of this via the chip in your arm.

The main rule is you must not discuss your assigned tasks with your fellow volunteers. If you do the experiment will be suspended and you will be sent home along with the rest of your group.

Experiment No4 will consist of two people, one is the jailor and one is the prisoner, you have drawn the jailor identification. You will be completely in control of your prisoner; he or she will depend on you for everything. You will be afforded privacy unlike your captive

Your tasks

1) You will assert your power over the prisoner

2) You will show kindness to your prisoner

3) You will humiliate your prisoner

4) You will use force against your prisoner

5) You will show aggression towards your prisoner, even act violently.

These tasks will be repeated your chip pulsing the number of times relating to the task.

Again I warn you discussing your tasks will mean instant dismissal from the experiment.

Memorise your tasks and make yourself ready for the next two weeks

Joshua whistled through his teeth, fuck; poor person that got the prisoner card. He carried on reading.

Leave this room, turn right, walk down the hall and enter room 510, there you will find your prisoner waiting, do not speak to him. Take him down the hall to the elevator and proceed to the basement. There you will find a cage, lock your prisoner in the cage and wait for one hour. You may use this time to explore your surroundings and your living accommodation. During this time do not speak to the prisoner. Ignore him. He does not exist. After one hour your chip will pulse ten times in rapid succession at this time you may remove the blindfold and cuffs from your captive. Speak to him as little as possible. Imagine he has committed the worse crime you can think of. You are not there to make friends.

Good luck.

Joshua screwed up the letter and threw it on the desk. “Better go for it then,” he muttered under his breath as he walked out the door.