Part 6

Joshua woke late, he took his time showering and eating his breakfast, it was the pulsing of his chip that had woken him and now he had his first task to complete. Two pulses, humiliate his prisoner, god why did he agree to this, hadn’t the poor man been humiliated enough the day before? He had to think; he needed to be clear in his mind exactly what he was going to do to his captive. Stripping off he went into his shower and let the hot water soothe his aching joints. What humiliation could he force on to the unfortunate youth. He caught sight of the shower hose and swore loudly, why the fuck did he have to think of that? Now it was all he could think off. He turned the water off and unscrewed the hose from the taps, then unscrewed the showerhead, he tossed it onto the dressing table while he dried himself and dressed. Taking a deep breath and steeling himself he picked up the hose and went in to torment his prisoner.

The caged man was still sleeping. He had wrapped the blanket tightly around himself and curled into a tiny ball. His lips were still tinged blue, but he looked peaceful. The lines of stress that were beginning to show on his smooth features had melted away over the course of the night. Joshua sighed sadly knowing what he had to do.

“WAKE THE FUCK UP.” Joshua yelled and banged a tin mug over the bars. The man sat bolt upright in shock at the sudden noise. “Stand up. Feet apart, hands behind your back.” Justin hurried to obey, his brain still foggy from his rude awakening. Joshua glared at his prisoner, “STRIP.”

The imprisoned man let his jumpsuit fall to the floor, he stepped from the pile of cloth pooled at his ankles and resumed his previous position.


Justin turned around and pushed his hands through the bars so that he could be cuffed, then waited till his jailor unlocked his cage and let him out. He walked over to the toilet and waited, suppressing a groan as Joshua’s hand closed around him once more. Only this time it was different, his jailors hand stroked casually up and down his length.

“Piss,” he hissed from behind him.

Justin closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on relieving himself, but the soft hand travelling up and down his shaft was driving him to distraction, and making him as hard as a rock.

“I said piss, do it now or you hold it all day.”

A tiny squeak escaped from Justin’s lips and he managed to comply. “Good little prisoner. Now get down on your knees.”

“What are you going to do?”

Joshua strengthened his resolve, he had never hated himself before, but he did at this moment. “Get on the floor.” he grabbed a fistful of the bound man’s hair and forced him to his knees. “Bend forward, open your knees”

Panic ripped through the helpless prisoner, his jailor was going to rape him. “Don’t, please sir don’t.”

“Joshua stroked down Justin’s spine trying to give him comfort. “Try to relax,” he said kindly. “I won’t hurt you.”

“Don’t … don’t!”

Joshua attached the end of the shower hose to the tap then squatted next to his prisoner. “I need you to relax, if you don’t this will hurt.” slowly he inserted the free end of the silver tubing into Justin’s ass. “Hold it,” he ordered, “clench your ass muscles around it.” His shoulders shaking Justin did his best to obey.

Joshua opened the tap. “Hold it, don’t spill it.” He stood waiting his hand on the small of Justin’s back. The bound man began to tremble violently, almost weeping as he begged his captor to stop. Joshua turned off the faucet. “Hold it in,” he hissed as he yanked the hose out. “Don’t you spill one drop, you do I will have to punish you, you don’t want to be punished do you?”

“No” the distressed man wept his answer, the sound lost between his sobs.

“Answer me!”

“NO sir, I don’t want to be punished.”

“Good boy, I’ll be as quick as I can. Just hold it okay.” Joshua left Justin on the floor and went back to his apartment, he closed the door behind him and let out the breath he had been holding in. He looked at himself in the mirror. “You’re a monster Josh.” He said quietly, “A fucking monster, I wish I could just tell him why.” the brunette went to the cupboard and got out Justin’s food, mixing a bowl. He still hadn’t had the signal that he could stop his humiliation of the shorn-headed man so he added more water to the paste making it into a runny mess.

When he returned to the cage room it was obvious that his captive was getting into severe distress. Joshua put the bowl on the table and crouched by Justin’s side. “Can you make it to the toilet or do you need my help?”

“Please, I can’t,” Justin looked up his blue eyes full of pain. Then he uttered one word. “Why?”

Joshua’s heart ripped apart. “I’ll help you.” he lifted Justin to his feet, and then sat him down on the toilet pan. He turned his back as his prisoner emptied himself, sobbing softly in his humiliation. Under his breath Joshua muttered, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” The jailor let his captive have enough time to recover then dragged him back to the floor. He pushed the wooden bowl underneath his nose.

“Eat it.”

Justin cried bitterly as he lowered his mouth to the bowl. He lapped at the disgusting mess; forcing himself to consume the only food he knew he would see that day. He licked the bowl clean and continued to kneel his head almost touching the ground as he waited for permission to move.

The chip in Joshua’s arm pulsed two times and he almost cried with relief as he dragged the broken man back to his cage.