Part 7

“Tell me something about you, but not your name. I don’t want to know your name.” Justin sat huddled on his mattress, the humiliation of being given an enema still fresh in his mind. When he didn’t answer Joshua asked again. “I said tell me something about you.”

“I’m a student.”

Justin smiled excitedly, “Really! What‘s your major?”

“English, music” Justin hung his head, picking at the skin at the sides of his nails.

“Yeah I can see you as the arty type, sipping your coffee and discussing classical music, verses pop. What are your initials?”

“Why?” Justin asked sullenly.

“Just tell me.”


Joshua grinned, “From now on I’m going to call you JT.”

The man never answered he just turned his back, the pulsing of the chip in his arm taking his attention. One pulse. Justin racked his brain trying to remember what task No.1 was.

“Answer me.”

Justin jumped, “Go fuck yourself.”

Joshua’s eyes widened. “What did you say to me?”

“I said I’m not answering to your fucking stupid name. Just fuck off back to your room.” Justin hugged his legs, his forehead resting on his knees.

Joshua flushed with temper. He was in charge here. “You WILL answer to JT. Or do you prefer to have your skanky ass kicked?”

“Just leave me alone.”

Joshua got up from his seat. “Hands” he demanded, Justin ignored him, task No.1 be uncooperative.

“I said give me your fucking hands!”

The caged blond laid down, his back to his jailor.

“One more time JT, Give me your fucking hands.” Still Justin never moved. He was playing with fire and he knew it but he had to obey the rules, he needed the fee for this nightmare.

“Okay JT, have it your way. You don’t get to pee tonight, you don’t get to eat either.” Joshua threw his chair across the room and stormed into his apartment, slamming the door behind him.

In his cage Justin curled up tighter, his bladder beginning to throb, it was going to be a hellishly long night. Under his skin his chip pulsed again signalling the end of his task. He suppressed a cynical laugh, fucking typical. Two minutes earlier and he could have at least slept with out the fear of pissing himself, even if he did risk freezing.

The night went slowly, Justin tossed and turned, unable to sleep for fear of loosing control and humiliating himself in front of his jailor. The brunette man had been really angry with him, angry enough not to give him a blanket. He rubbed his hands briskly over his arms, the thin material of his jumpsuit affording him little protection from the icy room. He whimpered as uncomfortable pressure continued to press against his bladder. He was going to piss himself before the morning. Crawling to the bars that faced his jailors door, he called out. The long curly haired man never answered.

“Please sir. I need to piss. Sir please I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Sir please.”

Justin had almost given up when the door opened. Joshua stood his arm resting on the doorframe.

“What do I get?”

Justin swallowed nervously, “What?”

“If I let you use the toilet, what do I get in return?”

“My promise that I’ll be good, that I won’t defy you again.”

“You answer to JT.”

Justin dropped his chin, “Yes sir.”

“What’s your name?”

“JT sir.”

“Hands.” JT pushed his hands out to his jailor, cringing as the steel snapped shut once more. Joshua opened his cage and the cuffed man almost sprinted to the pan.

Once he was back in his prison Joshua threw him a blanket. “I wouldn’t let you freeze JT. Try to sleep.”

“Yes sir.” JT hesitated, “Sir? Will I … I mean are you going to … you .. You know again?” the imprisoned man stuttered embarrassed at what he was trying to ask.

“I don’t know JT. We are in a difficult situation. The man you see in here isn’t the man I am.” Joshua paused knowing he shouldn’t really go on, but feeling he had to. “I hated it JT, I hate that I have to feed you that shit. I hate it that I have to hold your dick just so that you don’t piss down your leg. And I hate that I can’t tell you my name or ask you yours. If you want to call this off, if you want to go home I won’t blame you. You are showing a strength that I never could.”

Justin picked at his pants leg, “I need the money,” he mumbled. I wanna call it a day, to run home and hide, but I can’t. I‘d never live it down.”

Joshua came close to the bars and reached through squeezing JT’s hand. “Whatever happens, whatever I do to you, remember, its not me, not the real me. Go to sleep JT, I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Goodnight sir.”

Joshua smiled to himself, “Goodnight JT, Sweet dreams.”


“Do you have brothers or sisters?”

Joshua asked a couple of days later as he sat on his chair watching JT eat his paste dinner, meal times had become easier as the caged man got accustomed to the food he was given on a regular basis.

“No sir, its just me. My family died in a car crash when I was just five, I was adopted but my new parents didn’t really understand me. I left as soon as I was old enough to get work.”

“Why are you doing this? Putting yourself through this shit? I wouldn’t think any less of you if you gave up now.”

JT almost laughed but shrugged instead. “You might not, but there’s plenty that will. Besides I got me a date when I get out of here with a man that’s got some wheels he wants to get rid off.” JT hesitated. “Can I ask you something?”

“If I can answer I will.” Joshua knew it was pretty much against the rules but he felt that he owed Justin at least one good answer.

“Are you gay?”


JT shrugged, “What? What do you mean what?”

“You asked if I was gay! Why did you ask that?”

“Because you seem to get off holding my dick,” Justin muttered under his breath.”

“What did you just say?” Joshua‘s face burned with anger.


“Don’t fucking lie to me JT! What did you say?”

“It was just a stupid remark, it was nothing.”

“Give me your hands.”

JT paled at the sudden change in temperament of his jailor and reluctantly turned his back and pushed his hand through the bars.

Joshua rattled the key in the door lock, cussing when he realised it was the wrong one. The door eventually swung open and he slammed into the cage and grabbed JT by his hair dragging him out into the main room.

Under his skin Joshua’s chip pulsed 5 times. He threw JT across the room. Screaming at him to get on his fucking knees. JT obeyed as his chip began to pulse at the same time.

Joshua’s head was throbbing, he had to be violent with the helpless man, and violence was so much against his nature. His worries were suddenly a thing of the past as he was shouldered hard; he stumbled loosing his footing, reeling with shock at the sudden attack. As he hit the ground, he received two hard kicks to his stomach, which knocked the wind out of him. Acting completely on survival instinct he kicked out his leg, sweeping JT’s legs from under him.

JT landed hard, yelping in pain. Instantaneously, Joshua jumped on top of him, pinning him. He grabbed a handful of Justin’s hair and drew back his arm, his muscles bunching under his shirt, ready to punch his aggressive prisoner

Blue met blue, and Joshua dropped his fist. He stood up panting with his exertions. JT looked terrified. It was only then Joshua remembered the man’s hands were bound behind his back.

Justin scooted back, wriggling until he was sitting with his back pressed against the wall, trembling in fear of repercussions from his jailor, he had caught the curly haired man twice at least in the gut.

Joshua ran his fingers through his wild locks, and then pressed the heels of his hands into his eyes as he dropped to a crouch in front of JT.

“You fucking idiot,” he said, not even angry anymore. “I could have fucking hurt you. What the hell did you attack me for?”

“You were going to attack me.” Justin drew his legs up protectively.

“What we going to do JT?, I can’t do this anymore. It would have been so much easier if I had drawn the prisoners card.”

“You’re wrong, I couldn’t do what you’re doing. Control myself like you do.” Justin sighed heavily. “The truth is I would have hit you.”

“Get up.” Justin struggled to his feet, with a little help. Joshua began to pull him back to his cage.

Justin dug his heels in. “Wait, I need to go!”

Joshua continued to pull him back towards the open barred door. “Sir did you hear me? I need to go!” Justin exclaimed again, sounding a little more desperate this time.

The curly haired jailor pushed Justin inside his cell and locked the door. He disappeared into his apartment and returned a few minutes later with a bucket. He unlocked the cage door and threw the pail inside, locking the door behind it. “Hands.” he demanded.

Justin automatically pushed his cuffed hands through the bars.

Joshua unlocked the metal restraints then started walking back to his rooms, he needed time alone, and also his ribs were beginning to hurt like hell.

“Sir I need to go.” Justin yelled, panicking slightly at his jailors indifference to his plea. “I’m sorry alright! I’m sorry I kicked you.”

Joshua stopped leaning against his door. “Use the bucket.” he said without turning around. Then he went into his rooms. Justin stood stunned as he heard Joshua’s door lock for the first time since they had started this whole thing.

He was hurting really bad now. The brunette winced and bit down hard on his lip as he peeled his t-shirt up over his head in front of the mirror. He groaned. His whole right side was a black blue bruise, his ribs ached like nothing he had ever experienced before. JT had really caught him a couple of good ones. Not that it really took much strength to knock him over anyway, all he could be grateful for was that he had cuffed the vicious little swine before taking him out of his box. Well he’d done it now, he could fucking stay in there and rot for all he cared. Joshua retreated to the bathroom and pulled back the shower curtain, cussing when he realised the shower hose was still on the table from where he had used it again the morning before. No problem, he’d just have to bath, there was no way he was going back into JT today. Let the little shit stew.

Joshua groaned with relief as he sunk into the deep bubbly water, letting it soothe his abused ribs. A brief flicker of guilt consumed him, and then flittered away as fast as it had arrived. The water felt good and before long Joshua could feel his eyes beginning to droop. He reached for his towel, hissing in pain as he pulled his bruises, taking four attempts to actually stand up. he wrapped his towel around his waist and went into his kitchen, grabbing a beer from the refrigerator, then he went and grabbed his duvet from his bed before heading back to his oversized couch and snuggling up to watch a film. Finally he understood why he had been supplied with headphones, as soon as the covered his ears, JT’s whimpering was snuffed out and Joshua relaxed.

Justin sat shivering; his jailor usually brought him a blanket by now. He could see the comforting fabric folded on the other side of the room. It was getting really cold in the cage room; Justin could see his breath as it came out in short puffs. He had the sudden urge to laugh as he remembered when he was a kid, armed with chocolate cigarettes, pretending to be so cool, puffing out lungfuls of hot air as pretend smoke. Only then he was dressed in thick thermal clothing, not a torn, cotton thin jumpsuit and bare feet.

Gripping the bars, he called loudly to his jailor. Getting no reply he called louder and louder till he was literally screaming. He sank down to the floor his feet tucked under him, his fingers still gripping to the cold steel. “please,” he whispered, “Come back, come back.”

Joshua spent all the next day curled on his sofa watching one film after another, moving only to use the bathroom, walking gingerly, so not to aggravate his sore ribs. Once or twice his eyes strayed to the bolted door that led to the cage room. He didn’t want to face JT, not yet, not till he could stand up straight again. No, Joshua thought, let him suffer a bit too. What ever he had done, he hadn’t deliberately hurt the imprisoned man and he always had tried to be gentle even when using force. He snuggled down deeper into his quilt and slipped into a peaceful slumber.

When he woke again it was the following morning, he stretched tentatively, testing out his ribs. He had been lucky, JT hadn’t broken them, this time. He washed, brushed his teeth and got dressed, before sitting down to eat breakfast. His eyes drifted back to the bolted door. JT hadn’t eaten for two days. The brunette made up a bowl of his gruel and walked gingerly to the door.

He dropped the bowl, it landed with a loud clatter on the floor spilling its grainy contents all over. Joshua fumbled with his keys. “Don’t be dead, please don’t be dead.” Joshua pulled open the cage door and rushed to the near comatose mans side.

Justin was curled in a ball. His lips pale blue, shivering violently. “Called you.” he moaned almost silently. “Begged you.”

“I’m here now JT, I’m sorry, I didn’t know, didn’t think.” Joshua was close to tears, he had sulked for nearly two days and his prisoner had come close to freezing to death. “Can you stand?”

“Can‘t, it’s cold, so cold.”

“I’ll be right back JT, I promise.” Joshua ran back to his apartments his soreness forgotten. He stuffed the plug in the huge tub and turned the faucet full on. He rushed back to the tall, heavier man, straining to lift him. His ribs screamed in protest, but he ignored them, using every ounce of strength he could find. Justin just leaned on the willowy man oblivious of his discomfort.

Joshua managed to get Justin to the bathroom, he sat Justin on the bath edge and stripped off his jumpsuit, he tested the temperature before encouraging Justin to slip beneath the water. “I’ll be back.” Joshua ran into his living area, rifling the liquor cabinet till he found what he was looking for. He poured a large glass of brandy and ran back to where he had left his charge. He lifted Justin up enough to get the fiery liquid to his lips.

Justin choked as he swallowed. “sip more baby,” Joshua encouraged Justin to take another drink. Slowly the colour began to return to Justin and his shivering slowed. Joshua helped his prisoner to stand up, wrapping a towel around him, rubbing him dry. He then took Justin back into the living area, encouraging him to lay on the couch, and encasing him in the big duvet. “I’ll get you something to eat “

Justin whimpered and burrowed deeper into the lovely warmth that surrounded him. He must have fallen asleep because the next thing he knew, his jailor was sitting next to him, a large bowl of steaming, delicious smelling soup. Joshua lifted a spoon to his mouth and blew it, careful not to spill it, then lifted it to Justin’s lips.

“Be careful, it’s hot.”

“Aren’t you breaking the rules?” Justin’s voice asked, now he was warm again he could feel his strength returning to him and started planning his next move..

“Fuck the rules, fuck this place. I’m sorry JT, I never meant to neglect you. It’s just that I was in pretty bad shape and, well that doesn’t matter now. What does matter is that you are alright. You are alright aren’t you?”

Justin nodded and opened his mouth for more soup. Joshua’s hand was shaking as he brought the spoon back to Justin’s lips.

Justin’s mouth, suddenly it was all Joshua could focus on, two soft pink cushions, glistening as they parted, opening into a sweet cavern inhabited by a thick, strong pink muscle, that darted out to catch a drop of soup that was dripping from the silver utensil in Joshua’s hand. A trickle of broth ran from the corner of Justin’s mouth, without thinking Joshua leaned in, flicking his tongue over the tasty trail. He pulled back, his eyes wide with shock at the audacity of what he had just done. “Oh god! JT, I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me.”

Justin’s hand closed on the back of his neck pulling him close, their mouths just millimetres apart.

“I knew you were gay.” Justin closed his mouth over his stunned jailors, using even in his weakened state, a strength that Joshua couldn’t match.

“Aren’t you meant to keep me cuffed?”

“I … I …” the brunette stammered as the dish of soup was taken from his hands and dropped on the floor. He couldn’t take his eyes off the mess as it spread across the wooden block floor. His attention snapped back to Justin as he felt fingers tightening around his wrists, his arms pushed behind him, and he was turned so that his prisoner was now straddling him.. Joshua panted as the naked man started to grind against him, licking at his neck. “JT, You can’t … we can’t..”



“My name is Justin.”

“I don’t want to know, I mustn’t know.” Joshua started to wriggle, trying to free himself from the stronger mans grip.

“Mmm, that feels so good baby, I like it when you fight.”

“You tricked me! Let me go, I’m the jailor, you have to let me go.”

Justin smiled and covered Joshua’s mouth once more, sliding in his tongue, worming inside, till it was playing and dancing with Joshua’s. The blond couldn’t help but moan with pleasure when his jailor went limp in his arms, giving up the utterly hopeless fight, succumbing to his superior strength. Justin’s lips travelled over his jailors flesh, lapping at the slightly bristly chin. “Say my name.” he breathed, his burning hot breath searing Joshua’s skin.

“It’s against the rules, I mustn’t, you’re JT”

“Didn’t you say yourself fuck the rules? Say it.”


Justin attacked Joshua’s throat with his teeth, scraping them across the delicate area. “Say it,” he hissed.”

“Justin.” Joshua breathed deeply, his head spinning. This wasn’t meant to be happening. It was too soon, way too soon. His heart still hadn’t healed. Justin’s teeth grazed his jaw as he worked his way up to his earlobe. He arched up as the blond discovered his weak spot. Justin grinned widely, his strength and libido were returning with a vengeance He shifted his weight and wriggled around until he wormed his way between his jailors legs, making the brunette pant with want. The brunette protested over and over, insisting he didn’t want this, but his body was telling Justin a different story. His legs widened a little too easily, he fought just a little too half-heartedly. Justin breathed heavily into the soft pink shell of his jailors ear and whispered, “I’ll stop, all you have to say to me is please Justin, stop and I will.” the man beneath him trembled and licked at his lips as he struggled with his inner demons. Justin couldn’t help but smile again, his jailor never said a word, he just kept his eyes closed and moaned softly as he ground himself against Justin’s raging hard on.

“Fuck me.”

Justin lifted up, not sure that he had heard right. He stroked his jailors cheek and the brunette’s eyes flickered open, the colour deepening with lust.

“Make love to me Justin. I don’t want to play their games anymore, I don’t want to be the one in charge. I want to be here, under you forever. Please Justin.”

The blond covered his former jailors mouth once more, savouring his unique flavour once more before rolling off him. Joshua whimpered at the loss of weight pressing him into the couch. “I’m going back to my cage.”

Joshua sat up, confused. “Why? What did I do?”

“You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Then why won’t you fuck me?” Joshua’s eyes were beginning to fill up, in response to what he saw as yet another rejection.


“Because what?”

Justin sighed and started to walk back to the cage room. “It’s against the rules, jailor. “


Justin turned and smiled. He closed the gap between them, cupping the brunette’s face in his hands, kissing him softly on the lips. “When this is over Joshua, I’ll find you, and I’ll make love to you, as many times as you want me to.” he stroked his thumb over his jailors bottom lip. “Lets finish this thing.”

Joshua nodded and walked back to the cage, Justin’s arm wrapped tightly around his waist. At the cage door they paused, kissing once more, delighting in each other’s sweetness, then Justin stepped behind the bars pulling the door shut.

“it won’t be the same, you know that.” Joshua said softly. “How can I follow their rules now?”

“You will because you have to, I don’t know why you signed up for this but you must have had good reasons. I trust you Josh.”

The brunette straightened his back and blinked back the teary feeling at the back of his eyes. “I’ll get you some clothes.”

“Ask them to keep the heat on at night and I won’t need them.” Justin wiggled his eyebrows comically and his jailor laughed loudly, thrusting the second pile of folded clothes through to him. Justin opened the pile and chuckled holding up the skin-tight jersey boxers and wifebeater. “Classy.” he said still laughing. “Not exactly warming though.”

Joshua’s chip pulsed and he shuddered.

“What’s wrong Josh?”

“I can’t do this Justin.” Joshua turned around and went back into his rooms. He lifted the telephone that linked him to the researchers office.

“I want out.” he said as soon as the call was answered. The phone went dead. Minutes later the door opened and he was led out to be debriefed.