Part 5

Joshua knelt on the cold tiled floor, shivering in the air-conditioned room. He was frightened now, very frightened. All he could do was trust that the people involved with the experiment wouldn’t do anything to hurt him. He had lost all track of time as he knelt alone. With his sight denied him he couldn’t see the clock that he knew was on the wall somewhere behind him. A shiver ran up his spine making him shudder. The room was silent except for his breathing and the loud ticking of the wall clock as it counted away the hours. He was sure it had been hours since he had been made to strip and restrain himself. He stayed on his knees not knowing what else to do. He couldn’t exactly walk around. He cowered as the door opened. He didn’t miss the suppressed laugh; obviously the person didn’t expect to find him in such a helpless condition. He kept still as his captor walked around him. Unable to take any more he whispered, “Who is it?"

He got no answer.

“Just, just tell me what’s happening.” A hand wrapped around his upper left arm and he was pulled up to his feet. “Please, Don‘t hurt me.” The person pulled him, making him walk slightly in front of him, but keeping a controlling hand firmly on him. Joshua whimpered he was being made to walk naked through the university. He had no idea where he was being taken, the corridors seemed never ending to him. He whimpered as the elevator started to descend. The hand tightened reassuringly then loosened again. For an eternity they travelled down into the depths of the old building. He didn’t resist as he was pulled roughly out of the elevator and made to start walking again. He stumbled not falling only because of the strong hand gripping tightly on his arm. A door opened, it sounded heavy as it clunked closed behind him. Again he was forced forward, then he was pushed, he stumbled forwards tripping and falling forward. He yelped, frightened as he landed face down on a lumpy mattress. He curled his legs under him and hid his face in the musky bedding. “What’s going to happen to me now?” he asked, trying to sound brave. He heard the rattle of a cage door slamming shut and the distinctive sound of a key turning in a lock; he lifted his head, looking in the direction of the sound, trying to see through the blindfold, this was defiantly a really bad idea.

Justin walked down the corridor to room 122; he opened the door, laughing in surprise as he saw the naked, cuffed man on his knees waiting. He almost apologised then remembered he wasn’t to speak to his prisoner for at least an hour. Instead he walked around the kneeling man, taking in his skinny appearance. He recognised the man; it was the dishevelled lovely in the pink shirt from the auditorium. He touched the man’s arm and the captive recoiled. The man was obviously frightened. Justin took a tight hold on his arm and yanked him to his feet.

“Please, don‘t hurt me” he begged. ” Justin swallowed the words of comfort that were on the tip of his tongue and pulled his captive out into the corridor, the sooner he had him in the cage the sooner the countdown to taking off the blindfold and cuffs would begin.

He thrust the man inside the cage and locked the door. He watched him for a few minutes as the slender man tried hard to see through the thick black fabric wound tightly around his eyes. Getting bored he went to explore his accommodation. His room was very comfortable. A big king sized bed, a small dining table on top of which sat a personal disc player and a supply of batteries. A pile of CDs sat next to it. Justin flicked through noticing that they were all his favourite artists. He shrugged and looked around the room. A TV, a DVD player and a selection of films sat in the corner. Again headphones were supplied. Justin went back to the room where the caged man was, he felt sorry for him, he was sure the man wouldn’t have signed up for this if he knew he was going to be kept as little more than an animal. He noticed a table he hadn’t before, on it were two piles of clothes and a letter. He went over and picked up the paper reading the instructions on it.


When one hour is passed you may un-cuff your prisoner and take off his blindfold. It is completely your choice you do not have to follow these instructions.

You will see two piles of clothes, these are for your prisoners use, he may wear one pile or the other; these clothes are to be used as a reward or punishment. The prisoner may of course also be kept nude.

You will notice the prisoner has no toilet or washing facilities, but there is an open toilet pan in the far corner of the room. This is for the prisoners use. Your bathroom is private and is attached to your apartment. To use these facilities the prisoner must be released from the cage. He may not leave the cage unless he is cuffed before hand.

You do not need to know the prisoners name; you will caution him not to tell you. His name is what ever you want it to be. His life is now in your hands. You make the rules; his role is to follow them. You decide you want to know about him, he may know nothing about you.

You will be contacted in a couple of days.

Justin looked at the caged man then at his wristwatch, sighing he went back to his apartment and put on CD, singing along with the tune

Justin stretched and yawned, checking his wristwatch. An hour had passed; it was time to release his prisoner from his enforced blindness. He sauntered casually into the area where the cage was. The man was curled up on to his side and had fallen asleep. His chest rose and fell as his even breaths were taken. Justin couldn’t help but admire the long wiry body. The man was thin yes, but muscles rippled beneath his golden brown skin. His white tan line stood out starkly in the brightly lit room. Justin’s eyes followed the white patch of skin. The man had a thatch of soft looking curls that his cock nestled in. The blond licked his lips, as he stared openly at the half hard organ. It was about 7 inches in length and about an inch and a half in girth, below it hung a heavy ball sack. Shaking himself from his stupor Justin unlocked the cage and knelt beside the sleeping man, taking off his blindfold. He started to take off the handcuffs but then decided not to. The note had said he was to be cuffed when out of the cage, and Justin was pretty sure he would need to relieve himself. He shook the man. The prisoner whimpered slightly and opened his eyes. Justin gulped. The prisoners steel-blue eyes gazed up at him, the man blinked, the light blinding him temporarily. His pupils shrank as his body tried to compensate for the sudden influx of light, then slowly began to widen again as his eyes adjusted to the brightness.

“Who are you?” He whispered.

Justin rubbed his thumb over the man’s lips. “Do you need to piss?” he asked.

Joshua nodded timidly in reply and turned so that Justin could reach his cuffs, looking puzzled when Justin grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to his feet.

Justin pushed his captive in front of the toilet pan. He came up close behind Joshua and reached around him, taking his cock in his hand and pointing it at the toilet. “Piss,” he said, and then he chuckled as the captive turned bright red and shook as he tried to relieve himself. He couldn’t resist licking his ear and murmuring, I’m your jailor, it seems like we will be getting to know each other intimately over the next couple of weeks.” Joshua’s flow stopped and Justin gave him a little shake, do you need to take a dump?” Justin asked not unkindly. Joshua shook his head, unable to speak because his jailors hand was still wrapped around his dick.

“I can’t hear you sweet-cheeks. I asked if you needed to empty yourself.”

A timid “no sir” was breathed more than spoken and Justin smiled. This was called power.

Justin dragged Joshua back to his cage and pushed him inside, locking the door behind him.

“Give me your Hands,” he demanded. The caged man pushed his hands through the bars and Justin unlocked the cuffs. “Kneel down facing me." Again the caged man obeyed, his head down, not wanting to be looked at. “Are you hungry?”

“Yes sir.”

“Then I’ll get you something to eat. Stay there till I get back.” Justin went back to his apartment and washed his hands; he turned and spotted a note on the dinning table. Ripping it open he read.


In the right hand cupboard you will find food for your prisoner, it is made up by adding one cup of water to one measure of powder. Do not worry it contains all the vitamins and minerals he needs, and also contains protein. It tastes of nothing. He eats it or starves. His bowl is under the sink in the kitchen.

Justin opened the cupboard door and pulled out a jar of grey looking grainy powder he took it over to the sink and retrieved a small wooden bowl. He carefully measured out one scoop of powder, tipping it into the bowl. Then he added one cup of water, stirring it till it turned into a paste. He dipped his finger into the food and tasted it. “That’s just nasty man, rather you pretty-boy than me.” He grabbed a beer from the fridge, draining the bottle to get rid of the nasty taste in his mouth.

He took the bowl back to where Joshua was kneeling waiting to be fed. Justin pushed the bowl through the bars, “There you go pretty-boy, Eat it.”

Joshua picked up the dish, studying the contents. He looked up meeting Justin’s eyes. “What is it?” he asked curiously.

“Fucked if I know, it's what I was told to give you, so eat it.” Justin crossed his arms and glared at the unfortunate man trying not to look sorry for him.

“Can I have a spoon?”

“Use your fingers and be grateful I don’t make you eat if off the floor with your hands cuffed behind your back like a dog." The blond watched his captive scoop a little of the paste onto his fingers and put it in his mouth.

Joshua gagged; he looked up at his jailor. “You can’t seriously expect me to eat this shit.”

Justin made his face harden, “Eat it or starve,” he said as he went back to his rooms.