Part 2

One year later.

Moving home should be made Illegal. Once you move out of your parents and out on your own, all other moves should be banned, forever and ever amen. Justin cringed inwardly as Chris and Joey manoeuvred his couch out through the open door of his apartment.

“What do you want to do with this?” Lance came out of his bedroom waving a rose and red coloured bottle around.

“Where did you find that?” Justin grabbed it out of his hands and cradled it lovingly against his chest.

“Behind your bookcase. I didn’t know you collected fancy glass.”

“I don’t, this one is special.” Justin thought hard, trying to remember the last time he saw the precious bottle. He didn’t remember putting it on the bookcase. The last time he had seen it, it was uncorked and sitting on his bedside table.

“So it’s a keeps then?”

“Duh, yeah. JC gave it to me.”

Lance broke out in a lazy smile, his eyes flashing. “Ah the delectable JC. What happened to him? He just left without a word.”

Joey and Chris came back, puffing and panting from carrying the couch down four flights of stairs. “Who we talking about?” Joey asked.

“No one.” Justin mumbled.

“JC.” Lance interrupted.

“Ohh, JC!” Chris sucked his breath in and made an oh shape with his mouth, screwing his eyes up and finishing with a slight bite of his lip.

“Oh, well we all know you fancied him Chris. Why pretend now?” Lance snapped crabbily.

Chris wrapped his arms around him, “Oh come on baby, you know you’re the only honey I wanna taste.”

Justin groaned, as the two lovers kissed sloppily.

“Get a room guys.”

“What happened to the sparkly princess Justin?” Joey asked as he bit into a Twinkie.

“I have no idea. He just disappeared.”

“Come on Chris, let’s get these boxes out next.” Justin was glad Joey decided to change the subject. And hefted a big box onto his shoulder, Chris and Lance shouldered smaller boxes and carried them down to the car.

Justin sat cross-legged on the carpet, examining his bottle. The whole thing seemed like a dream. It was over before it began. He rubbed his thumb over the gold filigree that decorated it. He lifted it to his lips, kissing it tenderly. “Are you really in there JC?” he asked in a whisper. He grabbed a thick fluffy towel and wrapped his precious bottle in it, then carried it out to the kitchen and taped it securely, and placed it in the last of his boxes. He drew a big cross on the box to remind him which one it was in then began carrying the rest of his belongings to his hire van.

Joey huffed as he helped Justin carry his furniture into his new house. “Can’t believe you bought this place Justy.”

“It was a bargain.”

“It’s a death trap.” Lance interjected as he walked passed carrying a box.

“Hey where you putting that?” Justin shouted after him.


Justin shook his head. “Bedroom, the box with the cross goes in the bedroom.”

Lance shrugged. “Ok dudette, keep your hair on.”

Joey smothered a chuckle and Chris grinned widely, laughing at the irony and the lack of Justin’s locks.

“Just be careful with it ok.” Justin pouted.

A couple of hours later they were all sitting drinking beer and eating pizza. “So?” Lance asked, “you going to be alright here?”

Justin looked up sleepily from where he was stretched out on the couch. “Yeah, thanks guys, I couldn’t have done it without y’all.”

“No problem dude.”

Justin’s three friend’s got up and hugged their younger friend, kissing him goodnight.

The second they had gone Justin locked the door and sprinted to his bedroom, ripping open the box that was waiting there for him. He struggled with the thick brown tape that was wrapped tightly, tearing it frantically. Very, very carefully he unwrapped the fragile bottle and placed it on the floor before him. He sniggered to himself for being such an idiot and believing that there really was a genie living in the beautiful glass receptacle. Taking a deep breath he pulled out the stopper. He waited. Nothing happened. He tipped the bottle upside down and shook it, still nothing happened. He put it back onto the carpet and stared at it, trying to remember what he had done last time. He clicked his fingers; he’d been polishing it. Justin picked up the towel and rubbed the glass gently. A long puff of blue smoke wound slowly out of the small opening, forming into human shape, until the genie stood before his master. JC’s head was down; he never looked up as he spoke. “You summoned me master.”

Justin leaped to his feet and went to embrace the sad magical being. JC stepped back, avoiding his master’s touch. “What is your command sire?”

“JC, it’s me Justin.”

“I know who you are, what is your wish master?”

Justin couldn’t believe this was the same genie that had taken over his life just twelve months ago. His head was down, and instead of the excessive pink, he was now dressed in blue from head to foot. “JC, what is it? Aren’t you happy that you are out of your bottle again?”

JC looked up, his beautiful blue eyes filled with unspilled tears. “You left me there.”

Justin was startled, “what?”

“In the bottle, you left me there. After I was pulled back in for disobedience, you left me there. I thought I was going to be happy again, to be needed again. You gave me release from my bottle after 2000 years, just to take it away again after a few, scant days.”

Justin felt the weight of the genies words lay heavy on his heart. “I didn’t know JC. I thought you had gone, I couldn’t find your bottle.”

JC looked up at his master sadly. “The bottle hides itself when I have been bad, to punish me. You have to look for it.”

“I didn’t know.”

The genie shrugged, “it doesn’t matter, what’s time to a slave anyway? How may I serve you master?”

“Why did the bottle hide? What did you do?”

“It doesn’t matter what I did, it’s done and I have been punished. How may I serve you master?”

“ Stop asking that!” Justin snapped, just a little annoyed that JC had dodged his question. “If I order you to tell me something, must you answer?” JC chewed on his top lip.

“I take that as a yes then.” Justin continued smugly. “I order you to tell me what you did to make the bottle punish you.”

JC’s clothes changed gradually to a deeper, sadder tone of blue. “I allowed myself pleasure. I enjoyed the kiss that you gave to me and that is forbidden. The slave of the bottle is not permitted to love.” JC’s clothes deepened even more as he dropped his head I grief.

Justin moved into the genies personal space and lifted his chin and stroked the side of his face tenderly. “Do you forgive me for loosing your bottle?” he asked quietly.

The genie nodded and tried to give a little smile, failing miserably. “How many wishes can I have?”

“As many as you want master, I belong to you as long as you own my bottle.”

Justin smiled kindly, “I wish my moving was already done and everything was unpacked and in its rightful place.

JC smiled a little, folded his arms across his chest, blinked and nodded. And all the packing cases disappeared, leaving everything set up, as it should be. Justin handed JC his dark blue turban that had fell off when he granted his wish and JC put it back on his head.

“Thank you,” he said softly. He began to turn back to smoke, “If you call me I will attend you master, there is no need to rub the bottle again, not unless you put the stopper back in.” as he finished speaking he changed completely. The plume of smoke hovered over the opening of the bottle and disappeared inside.

Justin lifted the elegant piece of glass and put it in pride of place on his new mantle. He picked up the stopper and threw it up in the air and catching it again as he thought what to do with it, after all he didn’t want it being put back in by accident. He tossed it into a kitchen drawer, then walked back to where his JC’s bottle proudly sat. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief; there by the side of it was the stopper once more. It obviously wasn’t going to be parted from its base, so it would just have to stay there. “Goodnight JC”

“Goodnight master,” came the melodious reply.

A loud banging on the front door roused JC from his sleep; he stretched and yawned, before checking his appearance. He shrugged, he was still in blue, he’d been blue since he had been trapped back inside his bottle, and he looked at himself in the mirror a little closer, trying to decide if he was beginning to verge on the side of maroon or mauve. He spat a curse to the memory of his former master for landing him with such a limited wardrobe. The banging on the door caught his attention again. He nodded and blinked, and materialised by the front door. He opened it and smiled widely.

Chris’ mouth dropped open. “JC!”


“Is Justin in?”

“He’s still in bed, come in.” Chris’ eyes fixed on JC’s ass as he walked barefooted toward the bedroom. A few minutes later JC returned. “Can I get you a drink?”

Chris nodded, “yeah thanks.” as soon as JC was out of sight in the kitchen, Chris grabbed his cell phone and dialled his boyfriend. “Guess who I’m having breakfast with pumpkin?” he said as soon as the call was answered.

On the end of the phone Lance sighted sleepily, “Justin, you told me.”

“Guess again sweetness. Try JC.”

Lance sat up, suddenly wide-awake. “Where did you meet him?”

Chris sniggered childishly. “He spent the night at Justin’s new pad.”


“Yep our Justy got himself laid at last.”

“Halleluiah.” Lance laughed, “now that rod he’s had suck up his ass for the past two years has taken a well earned break maybe we can all get back to having some fun.”

“Gotta go.” Chris snapped his phone shut, pushing it quickly into his pocket.

“JC shuffled out of the kitchen and over to the couch, curling his legs up to his chest he rested his head on his knees watching Chris through slit eyes as he sucked on his thumb.

“You were getting me a drink.”

JC nodded and blinked, “it’s on the table.” he said then carried on sucking his thumb.

Chris rubbed his eyes. “When ….?”

Justin came out of the bedroom. “Hey Chris. What’s up?” he sat next to JC, who stood up and stretched catlike, “I’m going back to bed.” he announced. He turned himself into smoke and filtered back into his bottle.

Chris’ mouth dropped to his chest. “d…d …d..” the older man stuttered, unable to get any words out at all. “he ..he ..”

Justin winced. “Can you keep a secret?” Justin walked over to the fireplace and picked up the rose and red bottle. “JC’s a genie”

“A genie?”


“You’re kidding?”

“No! the reason he hasn’t been around since that first night is I misplaced him. I found him again when I moved house.”

Chris stood up and started pacing. “Let me get this straight. “Your boyfriend’s a genie?”

“He’s not my boyfriend.”

“And your boyfriend lives in a bottle?”

“He’s not my boyfriend.”

A big grin spread across Chris’ face. “Your boyfriend can grant wishes.”

“He’s not my boyfriend!” Justin protested. “Besides I don’t think he’s talking to me. He’s gone all …”

A loud clap of thunder reverberated around the room and it started to rain on Justin’s head. “Defiantly not talking to me.” Justin said.



Justin sat with the bottle in his lap, rubbing the gold filigree furiously. “JC please come out.” Chris had watched it raining on Justin for an hour before the novelty had worn off and he had gone rushing off to tell Lance all about the genie of the bottle. As soon as he had left JC switched off the adverse weather conditions and gone back to pouting silently.

“Please JC. Come out.”

A long plume of dark blue smoke wound its way into the air. “I already did.”

Justin gave JC his saddest look, “Already did what sweetie?”

The genie folded his arms pouting, “came out. I told Ali Baba that I liked boys and look what it got me.”

Justin resisted the urge to snigger. “you belonged to Ali Baba?”

“Amongst others, I haven’t always had to slum it you know.”


“Well you’re hardly a prince are you?”

“Jesus , you really know how to hold a grudge. I said I was sorry JC, I didn’t know your bottle had a mind of it’s own.” Justin folded his arms, matching JC’s body language with his own. “And what’s with the blue?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Yes you do.”

“I don’t.”

“You do.”

“I don’t”

Justin stifled a scream. “why do you always have to argue? Me master remember!”

“How can I forget?” JC started to turn back to smoke. “Oh no you don’t. I wish you to stop right now.”

The genie stopped his transformation, hanging in mid air, the whole of his bottom half a dark blue cloud. “Don’t try to intimidate me JC. Turn back.”

The genie rolled his eyes and blinked.

“That’s better. Now tell me what the deal is with the blue?”

“It’s not my fault.”

“I didn’t say it was.”

JC’s pout grew impossibly larger. “You thought it.”

“Did not.”

“Did too.”

“ Did not.”

“Did too.”

“JC I refuse to do this again.” it started to rain over Justin’s head again. “And you can stop that too.”

Abruptly the rain stopped and JC dropped down onto the couch.

“Tell me about the colour obsessions .” Justin said kindly.

“It’s not my fault.”

“I know it isn’t.” Justin moved to JC’s side and draped his arm around the genies shoulder. “Tell me?”

“I used to belong to Aladdin.” JC shot his master a look that said ‘don’t laugh unless you want a tail for the rest of the week.

“I thought his genie lived in a lamp?” Justin said seriously.

“They only said that because lamps are more glamorous.” Justin seriously had to fake a coughing fit . “Don’t you believe me?”

Justin nodded, trying to keep a straight face. “Anyway, he sort of got pissed with me because I liked to wear a lot of black, he said it made me look evil.” JC paused. “Are you laughing at me?” he asked threateningly

“No. what did he do?”

“He made a wish that my emotions would be connected to my wardrobe, when I’m really happy I have to wear pink, when I’m sad I have blue. You do not want to see me when I feel horny.”

Justin lost his battle with laughter. “Can genies feel horny?” The genie gave an offended look and promptly vanished. “JC I’m sorry.” Justin shifted uncomfortably then yelped as he felt something furry moving in the back of his pants. He stripped them down to his knees . there at the base of his spine was a cute little bunnies tail. Justin stared at it in horror before screaming “JC!”

Life is hard when you are a twenty two year old male. It gets even harder when you are openly gay, but to be openly gay, own a genie and have a rabbit’s tail, well. Just how hard is it meant to get?

Justin sat in his office, trying to ignore the itch of his tail rubbing between his ass cheeks. JC had made himself scarce for the past two weeks. The tailed man would have been worried if it wasn’t for the fact the genies bottle still sat on his fireplace mantle. Justin resisted the urge to scratch. Having a genie did have certain advantages. His house was now totally spotless and decorated with impeccable taste. Justin conceded to letting JC have one room that was draped in silks and velvet cushions, hoping it would appease the touchy man enough to remove the bunny’s tail. It didn’t of course. On the rare occasion he saw JC, the genie was still decked out in blue from head to toe, with a sad look on his face.

Justin sighed, his life sucked. He still had over an hour to go. “Fuck this,” he mumbled, standing up and grabbing his briefcase. He adjusted his tail and walked out. He was going to see JC.

The genie stood back pleased with himself. It had taken him three attempts but he had managed it in the end. The brand new bathroom sparkled in the evening light. JC looked down at his pantaloons, they had a real mauve look to them today and he felt better than he had in ages. There was only one problem, he was bored. He’d renovated his master’s house from top to bottom, landscaped the garden, done the laundry, restocked the fridge, and now he had nothing to do for the rest of the day. The door slammed downstairs and JC disappeared.

“JC? Jace, I want to talk to you.”

Justin rolled his eyes, he didn’t want to play his ace card but two weeks of JC sulking had driven him to it. “JC, I wish you would forgive me and be happy again.” Justin smirked when a bright pink pouting genie popped into the room.

“That was a dirty trick.”

Justin smiled sweetly “as dirty as giving me a tail.”

JC’s eyes sparkled wickedly. “Can I see it?”

“No.” Justin squirmed in his pants, trying to get the fluffy addition to is anatomy into a more comfortable position.

“JC batted his big blue eyes. “Let me see, please. Then I’ll take it away, because I have forgiven you.”

“You’ll take it away?”

“Promise.” JC made a crossing motion over his heart.

“Alright then, but if you laugh I’ll make a wish that you will regret.” Justin turned around and slowly pulled down his jeans. From behind him there was a strangled giggle and he spun around, glaring at his naughty genie, who had his cheeks and lips sucked completely into his mouth so he wouldn’t break down and laugh. JC, seemed to be taking deep calming breaths. “Say it’s cute and I’ll wish one on you, I swear I will do it.”

“It’s so sweet.” the genie, folded his arms, nodded and blinked, and the tail disappeared.

“Thank you,” Justin said as he pulled his pants back up.

JC readjusted his turban and slumped down on the couch. “You’re welcome. Do you have any other wishes, Oh masterful master?”

Justin lounged down beside him. “Only that I was in a nice hot relaxing bath, surrounded in bubbles and scented candles.” He lost his balance, suddenly finding himself submerged up to his neck in rose scented water. “Holy shit!”

JC was sitting opposite him, his brown curls sticking to his head, because of the hot steam. The genie slid closer to his master a sponge in his hands. Justin groaned as thick creamy lather was worked over his shoulders and up his neck. He held his breath as JC inched his way between his legs, concentrating intensely on cleansing every inch of Justin’s skin. A strangled whimper leaped from the shaven-headed mans throat as his cock brushed against the beautiful mans.

JC lifted Justin’s arm, working the sponge in tiny circles, finishing with that one then lifting the other and repeating his actions, totally oblivious to the intoxicating effect he was having on his master. Their eyes met and the genie gave a shy smile, inching impossibly closer, till they were practically chest-to-chest, their legs entwined around each other.

The blond tilted his head moving to kiss JC and the genie pulled back. “No, he whispered.

“But JC.”

“Remember what happened last time. I don’t want to be lost again.”

Justin stroked his thumb across JC’s trembling lips as he gazed into frightened azure depths. A smile crept slowly across Justin’s face.

“I wish, that you would kiss Me.” His mouth was suddenly crushed beneath two hot, moist lips as the glided and moved against him. He grabbed a handful of JC’s damp hair, drawing him closer still, pulling him onto his lap as he snaked his arm around his wet slippery body.. He moaned throatily when JC’s tongue began to dance against his own. He tasted of strawberries and cream, and Justin wanted to taste more.

JC broke the kiss first, deciding it was best if Justin started to breathe again.

Justin tried to follow his mouth as it retreated from their intimate embrace. “JC,” he sighed. “I want you, I need you.”

“JC smiled and tenderly cradled his masters face in the palm of his hands, his eyes gleaming. “I’m going back to my bottle now.”

“Don’t go sweetheart, stay here with me.

“I don’t want to be lost again.”


JC smiled and leaned to kiss his master again, stopping short as he remembered that he couldn’t. “we have plenty of time master.” He transformed himself into smoke and filtered out of the room leaving Justin alone. It was only when he was getting dried that he realized JC’s smoke was bright purple.