Part 6

Justin tossed and turned, the noise of the saloon had kept him awake most of the night and then when he did finally fall asleep he had strangely erotic dreams involving a bottle, a purple silk rope and a very naked and vulnerably spread open genie. His cock stood to attention, refusing to lie down, jumping and pulsating of its own accord as the vision haunted his thoughts once more. Justin reached down and slowly stroked his morning wood, using his thumb to smooth the pre-cum leaking from the tip over the head. He closed his eyes, trying to relax into his ministrations and think of something else to help him on his way. JC’s lithe form pushed its way back to the forefront of his mind. Writhing against the thick purple cords that held his arms above his head and his legs spread wide. Justin groaned as his balls tightened just from imagining trailing his tongue up that long body, swirling over that delicious bellybutton and licking the insides of those muscular thighs. Justin came hard and lay back panting and slightly appalled at himself for having such naughty thoughts about his bottled slave. Then again it would be a most appetising punishment to inflict on the genie for banishing him to the wild west when … if JC ever found him that was.

His bladder demanded to be emptied now and he rolled out of bed, sighing at the thought of using a chamber pot. What he wouldn’t give right now for a good old-fashioned toilet pan.

He relieved himself then poured some water from a jug into the matching dish. He splashed it over his face shuddering from the cold. Downstairs he could hear people beginning to walk about, so he pulled on his pants and slipped his shirt on. He topped off his appearance by popping his Stetson on his head. He looked briefly at the gun belt hanging on the post at the foot of his bed before deciding not to take it with him, hoping that the fact that he wasn’t armed would put off anyone that might feel like shooting him. Justin took a deep breath then stepped out of his room in search of breakfast.

“Ok, I give up. Where the hell are we?” Joey stopped walking and stood with his feet apart and his hands on his hips, scanning the horizon for signs of life.

JC who seemed to be enjoying the exercise was hopping from foot to foot, playing some imaginary game with himself.

Chris straightened his hat and took a swig from the canteen that JC had kindly provided them all with. “Well judging from this get up his put us in I’d say we are in the west somewhere.”

Lance snorted, “great deduction Mr. Watson but I think we know that. The question is where in the wild west?” he watched as JC started doing cartwheels. “You don’t think he’s got heatstroke do you?”

The three reluctant travellers watched as JC walked back and forth on his hands muttering under his breath about wanting to join a circus.

“JC, are we any nearer to finding Justin?” Chris asked.

The genie flipped back to his feet licked his finger and held it up in the air. After a few seconds he sniffed it the started walking in a totally different direction to what they had been.

“By George I think he’s got it,” Joey said excitedly then groaned as JC stopped looked around him then changed back to his original course.

“Maybe not, “Lance muttered trying not to snigger at the disappointment on his bearded friends face.

Joey grabbed JC’s arm, letting go when the genie squinted at him and looked ready to blink at him. “Is Justin here?” he asked.

JC looked thoughtfully into the distance. “Yes.” he changed direction again at strode off into the distance.

“Better follow him then,” Chris said resignedly.

“I guess.” Lance started to trudge after Chris shouting at him to slow down. Joey shook his head, torn as to what to do. He groaned again as JC changed direction and walked back towards him, Chris and Lance tight on his heels. The genie stopped next to him and grinned.

“Justin’s that way.” Joe rolled his eyes and fell into step, after all what choice did he really have.

“Jace can’t you magic us some horses or something?” Chris’ legs and feet were beginning to hurt.

The genie stopped and looked as if he hadn’t thought of that, before he nodded and blinked and four dappled ponies appeared.

“Oh thank god.” Lance stumbled over to the nearest mount and hauled himself into the saddle.

JC looked at his pony distastefully, blinked and turned it into a brightly coloured carousel horse. He gave a big grin and flashed out only to appear on the toy horse’s back. He kicked its sides and went galloping off into the distance.

The three friends managed to persuade JC to ride a real pony into town, explaining to him that the town’s people probably wouldn’t understand. Reluctantly the genie transformed his mount back into a real pony then pouted all the way into the town centre. They stopped outside the saloon and Joe dismounted, tying his horse to the rail.

“Wait here, I’ll see if they got some rooms.”

Chris shoved his hand into his pocket and pulled out a handful of dollar bills. “Take these, I don’t know how much rooms are here. Do you have any cash Lance?”

The blond pulled out four dollars and handed them over. “That should be enough.”

JC had jumped off his pony and was skipping up and down the street. He was fading to pink again as his temper at being called a witch on their previous stop abated.

“Pink, that’s happy right?”

“Justin said it was.” Joey had gone inside and Chris and Lance stood watching the presently pink genie playing his invisible game again.

“He just entertains himself really doesn’t he?” Lance observed.

“He is strange, cute but strange.” Chris cringed as JC slipped and landed hard on his tiny rump. ”He’s a walking disaster! Do you think Justin is even here?”

JC yelped and whooped, then charged off down the street full pelt at a scruffy man that had just walked out of the local cookhouse. He attacked the man, leaping at him and wrapped his legs around the man’s waist, raining kisses on his face.

“I guess answers your question Chris.”

Chris pushed his hat to the back of his head. “Yo Justin.”

The man’s head jerked up and he coxed the genie back to the ground before grabbing his hand and dragging him behind him to where Chris and Lance waited with the horses.

“Oh man I’m so glad to see y’all,” Justin beamed brightly.

“We got a room. Justin!” Joe hugged the slighter man to him. “Oh shit I’m so glad you are ok. You have no idea what we have been through to find you.”

“We were almost eaten by a dinosaur,” Lance gushed.

“And a lion,” Chris added.

“We nearly went down on the Titanic,” Joey thought he may as well join in the tale.

“They called me a witch,” JC pouted. “I’m not a witch, I’m a genie.”

Justin smiled and stroked JC’s face, lifting his chin so he could look into his pretty blue eyes. “Of course you are a genie my sweet. Now I wish you would take us all home.”

JC folded his arms and blinked then they were back in Justin’s apartment. The four humans gave a collective sigh. Chris seized Lance’s hand and hurried towards the door.

Joey gave Justin a pleading look and then dashed after them. “What did you do to them Jace?”

The genie gave an innocent ‘me’ look then giggled. “Ok, I made it a little bit exciting for them. The dinosaur was a genuine mistake though.”

Justin fell back on his couch laughing. “And what about me, I was I a mistake?”

The genie got down on his knees and took his masters hands in his. “I’m sorry master. I didn’t mean to lose you.” JC’s clothes began to take on a purplish tone.

Justin leaned forward cupping the beautiful face in his hand. “If I kiss you will you disappear?”

“Do you wish to kiss me?” JC’s eyes sparkled with hope and desire.

“I wish you would kiss me.”

JC’s mouth moved suddenly against Justin’s lips, sliding softly and moistly with passion. Justin tried not to notice that he tasted of strawberries as JC’s tongue slipped into his mouth, or that his cock was dancing a jig without even being touched.

They parted reluctantly, their foreheads resting on each other’s. JC’s clothes were now deep purple and his cheeks were flushed. “Your wish is my command, master. Anything you wish for I must give to you, the bottle demands it “

“Anything I wish for?”