Part 7

“I wish to make love to you.”

JC’s eyes sparkled with tears as he brought his mouth back to his masters. “Your wish is granted.”

Their lips touched and sparks flashed behind Justin’s eyes. He could hardly believe that JC was writhing against him, showing a passion that he could only have guessed at. They parted briefly so that they could both catch their breath. “The bottle won’t hide you from me because of this will it?”

JC shook his head no. “Its your wish, the bottle belongs to you and I belong to the bottle, so I must grant your wishes”

“But before…”

“Before we kissed because I wanted to. What I want is forbidden. I am a slave master. I have the powers of the universe at my fingertips but I am powerless.”

“Can I keep you?” Justin breathed as he closed his mouth over his genies once more.

JC broke the kiss and looked away. “The bottle decides, not you, not me. It was no accident that I fell from Aladdin’s carpet. He tried to catch me, really he did, swooping beneath me, but the bottle had made up its mind. I saw the tears in his eyes before I sunk beneath the waves.”

“You loved him?”

“It doesn’t matter if I did or didn’t. It was forbidden and the bottle punished me for two thousand years for daring to have feelings and it will again.”

“Isn’t there anything we can do? Anything that can stop this?”

JC looked up into Justin’s eyes and pressed his lips against his mouth, kissing him desperately as if it was for the last time.

“There is a way.”

“What? Tell me JC, tell me how I can keep you?”

A tiny sob left the genies throat. “I can’t, it’s forbidden also. You must discover it yourself.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Then after you have made love to me I will disappear forever.”

“But you said that you wouldn’t, that the bottle wanted you to grant my wishes.” Justin was confused.

“If you make love to me I won’t be able to control the love I am beginning to feel. The second I lose control the bottle will know and it will tear me from you, hiding me away for centuries, maybe a millennia. So that when I am finally released you will no longer exist.”

Justin sighed unhappily and kissed JC’s soft mouth once more. “I retract my wish; but just for now.” He kissed JC once more. “Now I wish you would return to your bottle until I call you again.”

JC transformed into a puff of purplish blue smoke and filtered sadly into his bottle. He materialised inside and curled brokenheartedly onto his couch, his days with Justin were numbered and he knew it.

Justin had to think and to do that he had to keep JC corked up in his bottle. The lovely magical being was just too much of a distraction and this was one wish he couldn’t mess up. Somehow he had to free JC of the bottle without loosing him his powers. He squashed himself into a seat on the subway, watching other passengers as they came and went. Before he knew it he was at his stop. Torrential rain poured down as he stepped out into the open and even though it was only a brief walk to his office from the station it was far enough for him to get soaked through to the skin. He got into the elevator and pressed the button to his floor. As soon as the lift started to move he slapped the stop button.

“JC,” he called.

The genie appeared in a puff of blue smoke. “I am at your command master.”

“Don’t be like that Jace.”

“Like what?”

“Bitter. Honey I just needed some time to think. You are just too much of a temptation, one that I can’t resist.”

JC blushed slightly and stepped into Justin’s arms.

“Ewww, you’re wet.”

Justin nodded laughing softly. “I know.”

JC nodded and blinked, instantly drying his master’s suit. “Better?” he asked.

“Much, thank you baby.” Justin pulled his genie into his arms and kissed him softly. “That was one wish well spent.”

“What, being dry?”

Justin chuckled at JC’s naivety “No, wishing that you would kiss me.”

JC drew his eyebrows together in confusion, and then as understanding sunk in he said “Ohhh. You wished something else yesterday too.”

Justin’s hands travelled down JC’s bare back till they played with the hip line of his pantaloons. Justin slipped his hands down the silky purple-blue fabric and cupped the round bubble butt, pulling JC close for another kiss. The emergency phone rang jolting them apart. JC smiled shyly and disappeared with a pop. Justin hit the stop button again and the elevator resumed its way up to the fifth floor. When the doors opened Britney was standing looking at her watch

“You can’t blame me, the lift got stuck.”

Britney rolled her eyes, “Any excuse.” she muttered. She spun on her heel and fell flat on her face. Justin dropped his briefcase and rushed to pick her up, he swore he heard a chuckle.

“That wasn’t funny, ”Britney pouted.

“I never thought it was.”

“You laughed though.”

Justin cursed JC under his breath. “I didn’t laugh, it must have been someone in one of the other offices.” The blond looked unconvinced and strutted into her office.

“JC,” Justin whispered quietly. Resisting the urge to scream him name he called his genie again and JC appeared dressed in a purple suit and spectacles, a briefcase under his arm.

“Jace don’t keep dumping Brit on her ass.”

“Why not?” JC was particularly interested in why he couldn’t torment the blond bimbo that was being so mean to his master.

“Because its not nice.”

JC peered after the mini clad woman. “Well neither is she.”

“Oh Justin.” Britney stuck her head back out of her office, “I’m expecting someone from Moorcroft to come. I forgot to put it in the book.” She paused seeing JC, “oh never mind I think he’s here.” The young executive came strutting back, her hand held out in welcome. “Hello, I’m Britney Spears, would you like to come into my office. Justin coffee.”

Justin’s eyes widened as his boss took hold of his genie’s hand and pulled him into her office.

A slow grin spread over JC’s face as he saw the panic on his master’s face. “Can I call you Brit?” he asked.

Britney giggled and blushed. “You can call me anytime,” she giggled back, meaning every word. “Justin are you still here? Coffee.”

Justin’s face burned a deep crimson. “Yes Miss Spears.” He shot a pleading look at JC, who was staring at the fish swimming lazily around in the octagon shaped fish tank. The door slammed shut, just before it closed completely Justin saw Britney sidle up behind the distracted genie and pinch his ass.

There was a loud yelp, and a flash of light shot from under the door. Justin ran back into the room, only to find JC standing and rubbing his rump, Britney nowhere to be seen.


The genie rubbed his butt harder. “She pinched my ass!”

Justin came all the way into the room. “Where is Britney, JC?” he asked again trying not to sound as panicked as he felt.

“It hurt! She really dug her nails in. I bet I got a really big bruise!” JC stood up and dropped his pants flashing his bare ass at Justin. “it hurts, is it bruised?” he bent over to give Justin a better look. The shorn headed man swallowed hard at the sight of the sweet peach being presented to him and reached out to stroke. He shook his head as he came back to his senses.

“No, no JC. Where’s Britney?”

JC stood up and turned to face Justin, giving him a full frontal view and making Justin’s cock leap to attention. JC cocked his head to the side and a sheepish look covered his face.

“JC?” Justin asked again, a sinking feeling settling deep in the pit of his stomach. “Please tell me you know what you did with here!”

“It wasn’t my fault!” JC exclaimed backing up and pulling his pants back up.

“Where is she JC?”

The genie licked his lips and started to chew his lip. “She took me by surprise. It’s not my fault!”

Justin scraped his fingers over his scalp. “Okay honey, I agree it wasn’t your fault,” he said gently as he took a step closer to his disastrous genie. “What did you do with her?”

JC’s eyes travelled towards the fish tank that stood against the wall. Justin followed JC’s gaze.

“It’s not my fault,” JC said again not quite convincingly.

Justin scanned the tank, slapping his hand over his mouth in horror when he finally spotted his boss. JC had turned her in to a miniature mermaid and she was swimming about in the tank oblivious to her predicament. Horror turned into hysteria when an angelfish started to chase her around the tank.

“Change her back.”

JC peered into the water. “I think she looks better like that. Not so hardnosed.”

Justin stifled a giggle as Britney smote the angelfish on its snout and flipped her tail, swimming to the bottom of the tank and starting to comb her hair with her fingers. “JC, please.”

The genie sighed, “If you really insist,” he said.

He folded his arms nodded his head and blinked, and Britney appeared sitting on her desk, dripping wet, her fingers tangled in her long blond hair. A look of total confusion crossed her face. “How did I get wet?” she asked, “and where did sexy specs go?”

Justin looked around, he hadn’t noticed that JC had done his disappearing act again.

“Erm, who?” Justin asked deciding to bluff his way out of the situation.

“The sex kitten in the purple suit and the horny specs!” Britney was getting flustered now.

“Britney what are you on? You just poured a jug of water over your head and said you were going swimming. No one has been here.”

“But …”

“Excuse me,” a tall greying man stood in the doorway. “I’m from Moorcroft and I have an appointment with a Miss Spears.” Justin made a hasty retreat leaving Britney stammering in a pool of water.

As he closed the office door JC appeared in a puff of purple-blue smoke, “You called master.”

Justin rolled his eyes. “No actually I didn’t.”

“But you wanted to.”

“No … no I didn’t.” Justin struggled to hide the smile that was creeping slowly onto his face.

JC pouted and closed the small gap between them wiggling his purple silk clad hips seductively against Justin’s pelvis. “Are you sure?” he asked.

Justin swallowed hard, sweat beginning to bead on his forehead. He whimpered softly as JC’s lips closed over his, the genies soft moist tongue dancing across his bottom lip tauntingly. “Well if you didn’t call me I had better go then.”

Justin grabbed JC’s arms tightly, not wanting the kiss to end. He pulled JC to him crushing his mouth against his genies soft pouty mouth. Then he was kissing a cloud of smoke as JC disappeared as suddenly as he had appeared. He groaned inwardly and discretely adjusted his pants that seemed to have apparently shrunk. He had to come up with a solution to keeping JC with him and soon because he wasn’t sure he could repress his wish of making love with the colourful being for very much longer.