Part 8

Justin opened the door to his apartment. “JC I’m home honey, where are you?”

There was a loud crash from the kitchen and Justin ran to see, stopping dead when a large purple and pink tabby cat jumped from the tabletop and started to lap at the cream that he had knocked over.


The cat looked up and yowled questioningly, stretched and padded softly over to wind himself around Justin’s legs. He looked up at him with his massive azure eyes, blinking contentedly and meowed loudly, arching his back as Justin reached down to stroke him.

“JC, what happened to you, why are you a cat?”

The pink and purple cat’s chest rumbled as he purred loudly, stretching his paws up Justin’s leg wanting to be picked up. Turning himself into a cat had seemed like a good idea when he was watching the stray cats that lived in the alley behind his masters home. They had looked like they were having fun, but now he was a cat he couldn’t seem to remember how to turn himself back. He meowed plaintively and pushed his furry triangular face into Justin’s, tickling Justin’s nose with his whiskers and making him sneeze.

“You make a pretty kitty Jaycee. I’ve never seen a pink and purple kitten before though!”

JC rolled his feline eyes and hissed angrily, his tail swishing back and forth.

“Ah you’re pissed because you are turning pink again aren’t you?”

JC yowled noisily and licked the end of Justin’s nose. Another thing he found out was that cats were extremely happy, contented creatures and when JC was happy he was pink. JC, the cat, struggled in Justin’s arms and jumped back to the floor, sauntering back over to the spilt cream. His rough pink tongue flicked out, lapping hungrily at the milky patch.

“Urg JC! Don’t do that sweetie.” Justin picked his cat up and received a painful scratch to his hand for daring to interfere with his lunch. “Owww, that was uncalled for. I was going to pour you some cream into a saucer. Now I think I’ll put you in a cat box, I have one in the attic you know!”

JC licked the scratch better and blinked his beautiful blue eyes as he gave a tiny mew.

Justin‘s heart melted. “Ok I won’t put you in a cat box, but you don’t scratch me.”

JC meowed and rubbed against Justin once more. Being a cat wasn’t so bad and cream tasted really nice. JC’s eyes closed and he purred contentedly as Justin carried him to the kitchen, scratching between his ears and petting him as he walked. He put him on the counter while he opened the fridge and got out a fresh carton of cream. JC yowled impatiently, pacing up and down the work surface until Justin placed a bowl half filled with cream in front of him.

A delighted meow escaped from the cat as he tucked in. He lifted his head and purred, droplets of creamy white milk clinging to his whiskers. He mewed his thanks again and bent his head back to the bowl finishing his treat. As soon as the dish was empty JC sat down and began to wash himself. Licking his front right paw and rubbing it over his mouth and nose. His little furry body rumbled with contented purrs as he jumped to the floor and swayed over to the couch, jumping up in one effortless leap. JC circled round and round before settling against a plush velvet cushion. He watched Justin with his intense feline stare as the man cleaned up, putting the now empty bowl into his dishwasher. Without thinking JC lifted his leg and started to wash his balls, raking his rough tongue over his fur and genitals.


The purple and pink cat looked up and fluttered his eyes lazily before ducking his head and carrying on with his task.

“No kitty - bad kitty.” Justin lifted JC onto his lap and stroked the hissing cat until he started to relax and purr again. He picked up the remote control and switched on the TV, absentmindedly-petting JC as he watched a documentary on the American Civil War. After a while JC’s contented purrs made his eyes grow heavy and he stood with a yawn and turned off the TV. He tucked JC under his arm and turned off the light.

“Ok puss, time for bed.” He dropped JC onto his bed while he went to the bathroom to piss and clean his teeth. When he came back JC had wriggled under the bedclothes and was fast asleep purring blissfully with his ears twitching, and was no doubt dreaming of chasing butterflies.

Justin chuckled quietly and slipped in beside the pretty cat and with in minutes was softly snoring. A couple of hours had passed when JC, the cat, became alert. He stood up and reached out his front paws before stretching out with his back ones yawning. He sniffed the air his whiskers twitching. He wanted to play. JC sat down and watched his master sleeping, scratching at his ear with his back paw.

“Meow,” JC mewed. “Meow!” JC mewed again, louder this time. He heaved a catty sigh and jumped up onto Justin’s chest. Leaning his fuzzy triangular head forward he began to nibble at Justin’s ear lobe, purring extremely loudly.

Justin shifted slightly and batted away the cool black nose and tickly whiskers that were tormenting his ear.

JC nibbled again, harder this time. “Mmmm, go to sleep, good kitty,” Justin mumbled as he sunk back into his dreams.

JC blinked his blue eyes. Ok, not quite what he had planed would happen. It was time for new tactics. The cat started to lick at the corner of Justin’s mouth, whimpering out tiny little mews that begged for attention. It really wouldn’t have been such a problem to wak his master if he was still man shaped, but since he had changed himself into a cat he couldn’t remember anything. Well none of the important stuff like how to change himself back. Not that being a cat was a bad thing, he could lick his own balls. Now that had to be a bonus. He meowed again, this time a long and whiny mew and set to work licking Justin’s whole mouth, relishing the sweet taste that settled on his lips.

Justin’s hands came up over JC’s back and he arched into the gentle caress. This had to be another bonus, Justin’s hands touching his body thoughtlessly. JC purred and rubbed his face against Justin’s stubble and Justin opened his eyes.

“What is it kitten? You want some attention?”

JC’s big feline eyes stared back as he lifted his right paw and swatted Justin’s nose.


“Oh JC I wish you would just turn back into a man and you were free of that bottle forever. I want a lover not a pet,” Justin muttered not really thinking about what he was saying, his head and voice thick with sleep.

Suddenly Justin was wide awake as in a blinding flash JC turned back into a man, he was completely naked and his weight pressing down on Justin’s chest. The genie arched as if he was in pain and a scream ripped from his throat as he was hurled across the room. Justin stumbled out of bed, his eyes wide in fear as JC writhed about on the floor, bright light streaming out of his fingertips and toes, eyes and mouth. Another scream rang out as the genie was lifted off the ground, hanging suspended and helpless in the air.

There was a sickening thump as JC dropped like a stone, followed by darkness and an eerie silence.

“Jace! JC!” Justin crawled to JC’s side and lifted him into his arms. “JC speak to me, baby, please speak to me!”

JC’s eyes flickered open and he gazed up into Justin’s eyes with the same feline look that he had just minutes before.

“Justin?” he said questioningly. “Justin what have you done?” JC’s head rolled to the side as he fell into an exhausted sleep, cradled in his master’s arms.

To Justin a lifetime passed as he sat helplessly holding the unconscious genie in his arms. He whispered soft, reassuring words and stoked JC’s golden brown curls. Eventually JC’s pretty eyes flickered open.

His voice was thick and raw. “I’m free.”

Justin’s eyes widened. “What?”

“I’m free Justin.” JC lifted his wrists; the black metal bands that had previously encircled his wrists were gone. “ You did it, you freed me from the bottle. Freedom was the one thing that I could only ever dream of and you gave it to me. I love you Justin. I love you!”

“B-but how?” Justin stammered, for the life of him he couldn’t work out what he had done.

JC snuggled closely to his former masters chest, feeling the cold now he was mortal again. “You wished for me to be free, that was all it took. For someone to be unselfish enough to want me, not the wishes I could grant them.” JC looked up at Justin through his thick dark lashes. “You do want me, don’t you?” he asked fearfully.

“Do I want you?” Justin repeated, thinking that he had heard the beautiful man wrong. “Do I want you?” he repeated incredulously.

JC’s mouth started to quiver, had he been given his freedom just to be cast aside?

“Of course I want you! Why wouldn’t I want you? You - You’re beautiful, you’re loving, you’re … you’re ….”

Justin shut up as JC’s lips closed over his mouth. “Yours,” JC finished for him just before his tongue slipped into Justin’s mouth.