Part 9

“That was all it took? A wish - a simple wish for you to be free.” Justin couldn’t believe it had been that simple, but now he was looking at the empty spot where JC’s bottle had sat for the past year. JC was curled up on the sofa, naked except for a blanket wrapped around him. “Where did your bottle go?”

“When the slave of the bottle is freed it goes looking for a new soul to enslave,” JC explained quietly.

“Is that what happened to you? Is that how you ended up as a genie?”

JC breathed softly, picking at the blanket with his short slightly bitten nails. “I was a poor man. Life was a struggle. Just surviving one more day was an amazing feat in itself. When I stumbled across the bottle I thought it would solve all my problems. It was a beautifully crafted piece of glass, worth more Dinar than I could ever hope to earn in a lifetime. The bottle whispered to me, promised me that I would never be hungry again. All I had to do was uncork it and wish to have the power of the universe.”

“Did you get it?” Justin asked softly.

“Oh yes. I had the power and I was never hungry again. I also had eternal slavery and loneliness. Everyone I ever loved is dead and turned to dust two thousand years past. And when I did dare to love again the bottle made me lost. I cried for five hundred years when I was torn from Aladdin. My sorrow truly ended when you found me on the beach, but even then I didn’t dare to let myself care. The bottle punishes its slave for such things.”

“Like when it hid you from me?” Justin asked.

JC nodded sadly. “Like when it hid me. I was so frightened Justin. I didn’t know where I was. All I knew was I was trapped in the bottle once again.”

Justin sat next to the former genie and toyed with his short curls. “You were a menace.”

Joshua giggled and blushed. “I never claimed to be a good genie.”

“You traumatised Lance.”

“I like to think of it more of widening his experiences.”

Justin inched closer to JC. “He was nearly eaten by lions.”

“I took him on a cruise,” JC said, “Cruises are nice.”

“It was the Titanic,” Justin whispered, moving even closer.

“That wasn’t my fault. How was I to know it would hit the only iceberg in a hundred miles? I‘ve been in a bottle for the past thousand years.”

Justin leaned in shutting JC up by pressing his lips against his. He pulled the former genie onto his lap, groaning with pleasure as the willowy man gyrated against him. JC’s kisses became more urgent, his tongue worming its way between Justin’s lips, lapping hungrily at the inside of his mouth. JC’s fingers tore at his former master’s tee shirt and he whimpered in frustration when it wouldn’t come off. Justin laughed low and sexily as he pulled it over his head. JC turned his attention to the silver zipper that held Justin’s baggy jeans closed, pulling it down and slipping his hand inside.

Justin’s laugh turned into a groan and he thrust up into the silky hand wrapped around his cock. “JC,” he breathed, “I wanted this for so long.” their mouths collided again, each man clawing at each other.

“Hold me,” JC pleaded. “It’s been so long.” He scrambled his way on to Justin’s lap, grinding his ass against his former master’s thick cock, rubbing till the friction was pure torment for Justin.

“Inside,” JC breathed. “Inside me, inside.” The brunettes cock stood rigid and oozed cum as he slid down on Justin’s solid shaft. He threw his head back and howled as he rode his new lover hard.

Sweat ran down Justin’s face as he thrust into JC’s sweet ass. He raked his nails down the brunette’s back, his hands coming to rest on JC’s firm cheeks pulling them further apart so that the slim man was impaled deeper.

A final scream of intense pleasure ripped from JC’s throat and he came hard, squirting his cum all over Justin’s chest. Justin thrust a few more times and came. They hung together both breathing hard, their sweat cooling on each other’s bodies.

Justin kissed his lovers shoulder tenderly and giggled andJC lifted his head, puzzled.

“What?” he asked.

“Are you happy baby?” Justin asked trying not to laugh.

“Very why? Why are you laughing?”

Justin bust into fits of giggles, gasping for breath so that he could answer his perplexed lover.

“What?” JC demanded again.

“You’ve gone all pink.”