Part 2


Justin’s hand felt soft in his. For the first time in six months JC felt safe. The child fully grown in his belly kicked out taking him by surprise, bending him double, making him clutch at his abdomen as he sank to his knees. Justin looked worried then smiled. “Child strong.” JC grimaced as another sharp kick hit him. “Yes child strong…. Its just a shame his poppa isn’t.”

The graceful alien squeezed his hand. “Josh strong.” The almost hairless man lifted his pregnant lovers chin, looking deeply into his eyes “Josh strong.” The curly haired brunette let the strange creature help him back to his feet, letting him support him as he took faltering footsteps towards his living room. Sever spasms shot through JC, making him scream as his legs buckled and gave way. Only Justin’s strong arms stopped him from hitting the floor. “Josh?”

“I’m … I’m alright.” Another spasm ripped through his stomach. “Justin … Justin help me please.”

The alien cocked his head quizzingly “Josh come.”

“I can’t, it hurts …. Don’t you understand? It awwwwwwwwww. “ He bit his lip drawing blood in his effort to control the pain.

“Justin help josh.”

The brunette lifted his eyes to meet his unworldly lover “Help me. …. Please.”

The alien lifted JC once more. Holding him close to his body he pressed a small button on a band round his wrist.

Panic gripped JC’s heart, he was back in that brightly lit room. Naked on that terrifying slab. The terrible muttering surrounding him. He couldn’t move He opened his mouth and screamed, but no sound came out. His stomach tightened again, the contractions coming faster and more furiously with every passing minute. Tears started to roll down the chiselled cheeks. Justin wasn’t going to help him, he was going to let him die in pain wanting only the child. Sobs caught in his throat. He was scared, a intense maternal instinct had seized him as soon as he had discovered his pregnancy and had grown stronger with every passing month, and now he was never going to see his child. A soft hand slid into his. “Josh not scared” The sweet melody of the graceful humanoids voice soothed JC. His tear filled eyes focused on the father of his baby. “Justin here, Justin help josh.” Their eyes locked and JC’s eyes widened as an unseen entity sliced into his abdomen. The shriek in his mind must have been deafening as Justin physically paled . “Hurting, hurting, stop.” The laser was switched off. Justin tried to calm his lover, Josh …. Josh not hurt. “ He struggled with the words. He joined in the muttering. The intensity increasing. A mask appeared floating as if by magic on a tray. The alien picked it up and pressed it over JC’s face. “Sleep”

The pregnant mans eyes drifted closed.

When he woke up he was in the same room that he been taken to before he was laying in the huge bed in the centre of the silver curved room. His hand automatically went down to touch his child. He choked back a sob finding that the bump had disappeared and his belly now lay perfectly flat as if the pregnancy had never existed. JC sat up gently, discovering to his amazement that he was in no pain what so ever. He scanned the room for the crib, tears flowed freely, his child had been taken. He walked slowly to the wall placing his hands on the cool steel, jumping back in surprise when the panel slid open. The brunette crept out into the steel corridor, pressing himself against the wall as two aliens passed him the high pitched muttering surrounding them. They looked at him with curiosity but passed him by. He wandered through corridor after corridor unaware and uncaring of his nakedness as he twisted and turned throughout the enormous ship searching for his baby, getting more and more distraught, now unable to even find his way back to his room. He sank tearfully to the floor, his knees drawn up to his chest, his face buried in his knees.

“Why josh leak?”

Justin hovered over the fragile human confusion running through his mind.

“I’m not leaking, I’m crying.”

“Why josh …. Cry?”

“You took my baby, I want my baby.”

“Baby?” understanding came across the graceful alien. “Child! Josh want child.”

“The tearful brunette looked up “Yes .. Josh want child.”

Justin shook his head. “Soon. Josh rest.”

“No Justin … not res ….”

“Josh rest.” Powerful hands picked JC up carrying him back his allocated room, depositing him carefully on the bed. The alien mans deep blue eyes searched JC’s face for signs of calmness, he caressed his face speaking softly “Josh, child good, josh rest now. Justin come, child come soon.” It was the most JC had heard the tall hairless man say. Gentle lips touched his, pressing firmly, moving in unison, a strong probing tongue inched its way into JC’s mouth, rolling round . Pressing firmly on his own tongue, licking, tasting, possessing. “Justin miss kiss.” JC melted into the beautiful alien’s arms as he was pulled back into the passionate embrace.

“You will let me see my baby … won’t you Justin?”

“Child.” Justin thought for a second then corrected himself “Baby … Josh’s. Josh … Justin’s.” He stared hard into JC’s steel blue eyes willing him to understand. JC nodded slowly and curled up on the bed. Justin pulled a downy blanket over his nude body. “Look after my baby.” Justin smiled and kissed JC’s forehead. “Our baby .” He whispered.

He waited till the human had fallen asleep before he left, this time he took the precaution of locking the door behind him. He walked 50 yards down the corridor and reached out his hand opening the hidden door. A feline biped sat on a chair nursing a tiny bundle. Purring and meowing at the fretful infant. “Heee Missssssssessss Hissssssssss sssssire.”

“It’s alright anemone I’ll take over I have settled his father for now.”

“Issssssssss theeeee Human ssssssleeping?”

Justin pictured his lovers sweet face as he lifted his child to his chest, a gentle smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “Yes he is resting now, he is very agitated about the whereabouts of this little bundle though.”

“I Told you humanssssssss areeee deeeevoteeeed breederssssssss. Heeeeeee will not leaveeeee hisssss child, heeee will brrreeeed with you again.” Justin kissed his childhood nurse. “You picked well anemone.”

He sat down in the seat the feline had vacated, humming sweetly to his precious child as he rocked him.

Tormented sobs tore him from his peaceful slumber. He sighed. Humans were hard work, especially ones that had just given birth. He had expected the hybrid in his arms to be fretful and tearful not its sire. He got to his feet, tenderly carrying his precious bundle to where he had left josh. He opened the door expecting to be jumped upon by the anguished father, surprised when he discovered that JC still slept. His best friend Lance glided down the corridor towards him “Justin can’t you shut him up, he’s driving the whole ship to distraction, If you intend to keep him you must train his mind. Everyone on board heard his labour screams.”

Justin sighed again deeply “I know, He’s just so primitive, his brain isn’t developed enough to pick up our language, I can make him understand me, but its difficult to speak in words, they are so loud and nasty.”

Lance thought for a moment “I could alter him further.”

Justin shook his head. “No we hurt him dreadfully last time, I don’t like him to suffer, it hurts me too.”

The blond alien rested his hand on his friends shoulder. “We didn’t know then what we know now. The tests that I ran on him the first times that we took him told us a lot. We didn’t know that humans suffered pain, now we do. And we have learned through him how to suppress that pain.”

“You won’t hurt him?”

“I give you my word.”

Justin watched as a shudder ran through the sleeping man, his mental sobbing cutting through the air. “Alter him, but let me show him our child first. I think it will calm him.” Lance agreed.

“I will prepare the theatre to receive him.” the tall blond glided away.

Justin closed himself in with his human partner and laid down on the bed beside him. He laid the cooing baby between them. He was the image of his father. A shock of dark hair and bright blue eyes, his shoved his tiny fist into his mouth, sucking contentedly as he gazed up at his alien sire. The soft gurgling caused JC to stir, he opened his eyes drowsily, catching sight of the infant, tears formed in his eyes. Justin rolled his eyes in exasperation. He cried away from the child now he was crying because he was with the child. The slender brunette held out his hand examining five minute fingers, smiling as they closed round his index finger. “He …. He’s so beautiful Justin. And we made him, you and me.” JC stoked the alien’s face lovingly. “Thank you … thank you for choosing me to create this miracle. Justin brushed his lips over JC’s forehead then the babies soft mouth. “Josh beautiful, Jovian beautiful like poppa.”

“Jovian? Is that what you have called him?” Justin nodded his face a picture of happiness. “Josh like?”

“Its perfect.”