Part 5

Are you telling me I'm having twins?

Chris stared unbelievingly at his former best friend; he liked to think of him as former because a real best friend wouldn’t be sprouting all this alien baby garbage at him. Ok so JC had gotten fat. Very, very fat. That explained the huge bump that made the usually slight man stagger. As for being on a space ship headed towards an unknown planet, well.

JC jumped almost off the bed as a foot kicked him hard making him curse loudly. He clamped his hand over his mouth knowing that the damage had already been done. “You got to hide.”

“What? Why?”

“Justin’s coming.”

“Who the fuck is Justin?”

JC shook his head disgustedly. “Did you always use language like that? And you kiss your mamma with that mouth?”

Chris scratched his head Jace was seriously fucked up. His JC cussed like a trouper, smoked dope, snorted coke and never met a drug he didn’t like. But this JC was whiter than white and seemed perpetually on edge, always listening to some unheard voice. “Jace I always knew you were spacey but man this is weird even for you.”

“Spacey? You have no idea how spacey this is Chris, now get out of sight and try not to think.” The short brunette allowed himself to be shoved in a locker just before the magical appearing disappearing door arrived again. He really had to ask JC how he rigged that it was so cool.

“What are you doing in here?”

“I was taking a look round, I was bored. There’s nothing for me to do Justin.”

“You should be resting, your time will be soon.” Chris pressed his eye up to a tiny crack, getting his first look at the Justin that JC seemed so weary of. The tall shorn headed man rested a hand on JC’s belly his eyes closed. “Have you noticed anything about the baby josh?”

The slender brunette chewed the inside of his cheek. “No, why, what do you sense is something wrong with my baby?”

Justin’s eyes snapped open and he smiled softly. “No, its nothing, josh I want you to go see lance ask him to monitor you.”


“Please. Just once don’t argue with me, get yourself monitored ok, I’ve told lance to expect you.” He kissed JC ’s hand and gazed deeply into his eyes. “And take your friend hiding in the closet, he should be checked over especially as you defrosted him.” JC hid his face in his hands as Justin opened the closet. “I’m Justin, come.” Chris looked shocked not a word had been said between JC and Justin yet he had a feeling that a whole conversation had taken place.

JC grabbed Chris’ hand “Come on.”

“How did he know I was there?”

“You were thinking too loud.”


“It’s a long story Chris. Oh and if lance gives you a drink just drink it, it saves a lot of time.”

The tall blond man glided from panel to panel, never speaking; every now and then he stared intently at JC and furrowed his brow, shaking his head. Chris thought JC looked worried, he still had the glassful of amber liquid clenched in his fist, he smelt it a couple of times and stuck his tongue in it, before deciding that he wasn’t going to drink it. The gorgeous blond stopped examining JC and glared at Chris. “Drink.”

The tall blond looked pleadingly at the pregnant man. JC sighed. “Drink it Chris please.”

“Why, what is it?”

“It’s nothing, really. Ok it’s a sedative. But it’s really not that bad.”

Chris sniffed the drink again. “Why would I want to drink a sedative?”

JC was lost for an answer. “Because I asked you too.” Ok that was clutching at straws. Chris just shrugged “Ok” The blue eyed brunette watched totally speechless as the older man drained the glass. “That was fucking disgusting, doesn’t Blondie there know how to mix a proper drink.” Chris’ eyes crossed and he fell backwards off the examination table he was sitting on. JC cringed as he hit the floor. Lance just grinned “Yeah but when I mix them they pack one hell of a punch.” He wriggled his eyebrows at JC who had bent over Chris and was frantically tapping the side of his face trying to wake him up. “Well I thought it was funny.”

“Lance is he ok?”

“Yes he’s fine.” Two of the blonde’s assistants took Chris away. Lance helped JC back to his feet, steering him back to the examination table. “I asked Justin to join us Josh, I think we should discuss how this pregnancy is progressing.”

JC began to shake, his emotions going into overdrive. “What’s wrong lance, what’s wrong with my baby?”

“Wait till Justin gets here, he should be here too. Don‘t worry.”

Waiting for Justin seemed an eternity to JC, he paced back and forth, peering over the alien surgeons shoulder, trying to decipher the curves and symbols that Lance was busy tapping into a hand pad. When the door slid open JC almost attacked Justin his anxiety had built up so much. “Where were you? Why didn’t you come?”

The tall alien smiled gently. “I was working josh you know I have duties.”

“What about your duty to me? To your unborn child?” JC screamed. He began to cry, unable to control his fears any longer.

“What is it sweetheart? “

“I … I … don’t … know …. He …. He won’t tell … tell Me.” his bright blue eyes glistened with tears as his voice hitched and broke between his sobs. He buried his face into his lover’s neck weeping pathetically, getting more and more hysterical.

“Lance help me calm him.” The two aliens disentangled josh from Justin’s neck and carried him back to the examination table. Justin stroked his lover’s hair softly whispering soothing words to him as lance administered a light sedative. “What’s wrong with the child?” Justin asked as soon as JC’s sobbing had begun to subside.

“Nothing is wrong, well not that I can see anyway. I did tell him not to worry Justin.”

Justin patted his human partners hand comfortingly “See it’s ok. Why did you want me here what was so important that you wanted us both together?”

Lance clicked his note pad shut, and rubbed his hand over his eyes. He looked at the two men huddled together on the table, one with eyes red from crying, the other serenely waiting for an explanation. “You know those little human idiosyncrasies we talked about, well I seem to have found another one. There seems to be more than one heart beat.”

“Are you saying I’m having twins?” the colour drained from JC’s face. “I mean that would explain why I’m so big this time.”

Lance winced slightly and sucked his bottom lip between his teeth. “Not twins.”

“How many heart beats lance?” Justin asked calmly.


JC fainted.