Part 9

JC is terrified, Justins horny again

Lance poured the specimen into the test tube, dipping the specially treated paper strip in the fluid. He stood and waited. Two darkly haired arms snaked round his waist and soft lips pressed on the sensitive skin behind his ear. “Hello tiger. Grrrrr.” The blond doctor held his breath, fighting the urge to lean back into his lover’s arms. “What ca doing?”

Lance smiled softly. “Just checking something” He watched as the strip turned blue. “Its not important it can wait.” He snuggled back into Chris’ embrace. This couldn’t be right. It wasn’t possible. As soon as the distracting human had left he would redo the experiment, he must have used the wrong chemicals. He looked at the strip again knowing that he wouldn’t have made a mistake like that. Chris sucked on his ear lobe. “I just left JC.”

“How is he? I need to check on the boys later, they are getting big now.”

“He’s terrified.”

Lance turned round in his lover’s arms. “Terrified? Why?”

Chris snuggled his nose into Lance’s neck enjoying the blond aliens scent. “Justin’s getting horny again.”

“Oh, well you know Justin is in season.”

Chris grinned against the alabaster skin. “Mmmm but JC hasn’t recovered from the birth yet and certainly he’s not over losing Ebony. Also he’s convinced that if Justin touches him again he’s going to get pregnant.”

“It’s a distinct possibility, Josh is very fertile.”

“Yeah well Justin is getting pushy and JC doesn’t think he can fight him off much longer, the problem is JC’s getting horny himself.”

Lance thought for a few minutes. “Get Josh to come see me, I think I may have something that could work. Now if you have finished distracting me I have work to do.” Chris kissed Lance sweetly on the lips, squeezing him tightly round the waist. “Bring some more of that gel home sweetie, I’m feeling pretty horny myself.” He winked and placed another soft kiss on his lover’s lips. “Later dude.”

Lance looked at the paper strip again “Yeah later,”

As soon as Chris left the blond alien slumped down in a chair the paper strip between his fingers. He dropped it on the floor and placed his hand on his stomach. He caught sight of his reflection in the shiny consul surface. He looked pale and drawn. He reached into a draw and pulled out a syringe. He took a blood sample and ran it through the analyser. He squeezed his eyes shut as the computer confirmed his suspicions. The impossible had happened. He was pregnant.

Justin sneaked into the nursery watching JC bending over Jewel’s crib. His eyes fixed on the tight ass that was sticking up in the air and his mouth watered. Their son’s were four weeks old now and JC was still holding out. He practically cowered every time Justin took a step towards him. JC stood up from settling his youngest son and turned round to leave yelping in surprise as he came face to face with the father of his children. He quickly put a crib between them, wide eyed at the lustful look on the tall aliens face. “Justin!” He looked for a way out of the room. “Joshua, Come to me.” The brunette shook his head panic beginning to rise in his throat.

“Justin took a step closer, a gentle smile on his lips. “You know I would never hurt you my angel.” JC took a step backwards. Justin took a step forward. JC’s eyes rested on the open doorway behind his lover wondering if he could reach it before Justin could reach him. His lover took another step towards him. He bolted, dodging Justin’s attempt to grab him. He ran full pelt down the corridor to Chris’ apartments, diving through the open doorway without asking, crawling under the bed. The stocky brunette sat with an amused look on his face as a rather pissed off looking Justin glided into the room. “Where is he Chris?” The short human shrugged. “Haven’t seen him. You tried the cold storage room, it’s his usual hiding place.”

Justin looked suspiciously at his lover’s friend. “Cold storage?”

“Yep that’s where I found him last time.”

Justin sighed unhappily. “If you DO see him tell him I love him and that I would never force him to do anything he didn’t want to. Tell him I’ve sent cat woman to the boys.”

“Ok but you’ll probably see him before me.”

The tall alien glided out of the room the panel slipping shut behind him.

“He’s gone.”

A tousled brunette head poked out from under the bed. “I guess you want me to explain.”

“No, just go and see Lance, he has an idea.”

Sneaking to the medical bay was easier than JC imagined it would be, what he wasn’t expecting was the sight of the alien doctor hunched up over a waste receptacle vomiting.


The blond jumped wiping his mouth. “Josh! How can I help you?”

“Errm Chris said that you had an idea to stop me from conceiving again so soon …. Lance are you ok? You look kinda … green.”

The alien doctor paled and rushed to throw up again. He slunk down in his chair his head in his hands. JC crouched down before him taking his shaking hands in his and waited.

“It’s impossible Joshua, my people are unable to conceive.”

“And yet you are chucking your guts up.”

“What am I going to do Josh? If I come clean and tell my superiors they’ll practically dissect me to find out how this happened.”

“I think we need Justin and Chris. Lance don’t worry. It’ll be ok.”