Part 10

You got gel?

“You are what?”

Lance chewed his nails as he curled up on his and Chris’ bed.

“He said he was pregnant.” JC climbed on the bed next to the blond alien and dropped a comforting arm round his shoulder.

“Stop shouting at him.”

Justin scratched at his short newly grown hair. “But how Lance?”

JC snorted, “How the hell do you think!”

“But … but we can’t get pregnant.”

“Well obviously you can.” JC snapped.

“Do you; I mean have you ever slept with like someone of your own race before?” Chris was pacing back and forth a confused look on his face.

“Well of course we’ve tried it, it didn’t work we have had to rely on hosts for twenty generations now.” Justin’s temper snapped as the super cool alien tried to get to grips with the fact his best friend was expecting a baby. “Lets get the facts straight. You mated with Chris and you got pregnant. But how did the seed get in you?”

Lance blushed bright red and hid his face in JC’s chest.

“Chris topped didn’t he?” the slender brunette caught on to what had happened. Chris stammered and coughed.

“Topped what is topped?” Justin asked curiously.

JC hid a laugh at just how naive his lover was. “Topping is what you do to me, I’m a bottom, and I like to be penetrated. A top likes to do the penetrating. Well it looks like Lance here likes to bottom.”

“We were trying out the gel.” Lance whispered.

Chris groaned and flushed crimson. “Gel, what gel?” JC turned to face the pregnant man. “You have a gel? Justin has been fucking me all this time without lube and you invented one and didn’t share.” The brunette got a sudden feeling of satisfaction as he said “Serves you right.”

“Well actually we only had it for the last two months and we were just testing it worked.” Chris explained.

“Lance what if it was the gel?” JC asked suddenly.

Lance shook his head “I wouldn’t have thought so, I used ingredients that would be harmless.”

“Try to remember Lance what exactly did you put in it?” Justin waited expectantly.

“Aqua, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Glyconolactone, Chlorhexidine, Digluconate, Methylparaben, and Sodium Hydroxide and a few other bits and pieces.”

“What other bits and pieces Lance?”

“It was meant for Josh and Chris.” Lance said sheepishly.

Chris held his lovers hands and looked into his eyes “What was meant for me and JC?”

“The gel.”

“What did you put in it Lance?” Justin asked patiently.

“Gonadotrophin and Gestone.”

JC and Justin looked at each other puzzled as Chris scream “Aha.” He stood up throwing his hands up in the air. “Well that explains it, it was the gel.”

Justin’s eyebrows drew together in puzzlement as JC asked “What’s Gona thingy and Gesto what’s it?”

Chris crossed his arms “Fertility drugs.” He said smugly.

“Fertility drugs?” JC’s eyed widened as the information sunk in. “You were going to give ME fertility drugs? Lance I had five babies last time! And you …. You…. I’m glad your pregnant … I hope you have ten babies …… I hope you are the size of a bus … I hope …..” Justin grabbed his ranting partner and manhandled him off the bed and out of the room still spitting curses as he went. “You two need to talk, we will be back when Mr. Hormones has calmed down a bit.”

Chris sat by Lance’s side and tapped the bed next to him encouraging him to move closer. The blond alien slid closer and rested his head on his lovers shoulder. “You ok?”

Lance nodded gently, his breathing hitching as he hid a tiny sob. “I didn’t mean to get Josh pregnant with five babies, it’s just that I got the dosage wrong. The hosts we usually use are not as fertile as he is and need a kick start. I thought humans would need the same.”

Chris kissed the top of Lance’s head. “And what was the idea of putting fertility drugs in the gel you intended to use on me?”

“I was hoping to impregnate you, I came into season Chris, I’m early too like Justin. He could have affected me because we are close, it happens sometimes.”

“You wanted to have a baby?”


“With me?”

Lance nodded again. “I’m sorry Chris I really made a mess of this.” He paused biting his lip.

“What’s wrong Lance?”

“I can’t stay here. If my superiors discover my medical condition, they will take action, I’ll be their science experiment, I’ll be dissected. They will want to know exactly how my body has changed to accommodate the child.”

“But you are a living being Lance you’re worrying about nothing surely?”

“I’m one person Chris, what’s one person compared to a entire civilisation?”

Chris blanched. “We got to get you away from here. JC will help; he won‘t let anything happen to your baby, he‘s gotten all gushy about kids since he had Jovie. And what JC wants Justin will give him.”

Lance lifted his head. “That reminds me.” He got off the bed and stuck his hand into his jacket and pulled out a small bottle of pills. “Give this to Josh.” Chris raised his eyebrows sceptically . “It’s the suppressant I promised him.”

Chris looked unconvinced.

“No honestly.” Lance insisted. “I wouldn’t do that to him, not now I know what it feels like anyway.”