Part 13

This isn't a weird trip, is it?

“So tell me Justin why humans?”

The tall graceful alien flicked the thrusters off and leaned back in his seat. “You were available, you were adaptable and we could.” He lowered the landing gear.

“This isn’t a weird trip is it?”

“Trip?” Justin screwed his nose up not understanding what the older man was saying. “We are on a trip, we are going to the planet surface.”

Chris laughed. “That’s not the kind of trip I mean.”

Justin looked more confused than ever.

“It doesn’t matter, forget it. No don’t forget it. This is real isn’t it? JC really gave birth and the guy that I’ve been playing hide the sausage with is really having a baby!”

“Hide the what? Chris you really speak in riddles. You are not like josh at all his thoughts are always clear yours are ….. Bizarre”

“I’m not sure if I should be insulted at that?” Chris’ fingers hovered over the controls in front of him.

“Chris! Touch one button and I will have to hurt you.” Justin smiled widely giving the thickset brunette the distinct impression that he meant it.

“so, you and JC?”

Justin shook his head and chuckled.


“Josh told me you would try to get information out of me.”

Chris put on his best-hurt face.

“He said you’d want details, that you had been lusting after his ass for years. That you wouldn’t be able to help yourself.” The alien turned his head away and grinned at the discomfort of the man sitting next to him. When he looked back his face was straight and serious.

“Well … err …. Emmm … maybe in the past I thought he was pretty err … emm hot.” Chris blushed scarlet and stammered “But that was before I met Lance. You know lance and me we are errm….” He hooked his two index fingers together. “we are real tight now and you know JC and me .” Chris puffed out his cheeks and held his breath in his desperation to get himself out of this conversation.

“I’m making fun with you, josh said that I needed to explore human humour.”

Chris breathed out “Oh thank god I thought I was going to have to do handbags at dawn or something. So you and josh?”

Justin rolled his eyes. “Are just fine thank you.”

“I was right wasn’t I?”


“He’s tight.”



“Nothing … ok . We’ll be landing in two minutes. I want to get unloaded and out of here. I don’t like lance and josh up here alone. Josh just isn’t trained for it and lance …. Well he’s a bit over emotional right now.”

“He’s been spending way too much time with JC, He keep crying you know. I didn’t even know your species could cry.”

Justin thought for a minute “We can’t … Well we never did before lance seems to be the first.”

“He seems to be the first a lot of times doesn’t he?” Chris’ eye fixed on a flashing button, his fingers itched to press it to see what happened.

The shuttle bumped slightly as it settled on the ground. Chris hit the button.


Two parachutes shot out the back of the shuttle.


Justin sighed and dropped his head down banging it repeatedly against the control panel in front of him. After about five minutes he looked up and opened a com line.

“Lance we will be slightly longer than expected, we have a very little problem with the shuttle. Will inform you of our E.T.D”

Lance’s disembodied voice came over the intercom “Problem, its not serious is it, do you need me to bring shuttle 2 down?”

Justin scowled at Chris who had the decency to look sheepish. ”Negative, we have every thing under control. Lance how’s josh?”

A small chuckle came over the line. “tearing his hair out, all five boys woke up screaming hungry.”

Justin looked at Chris who was studying a flashing switch with an intense fascination. “Lance are you really committed to the father of your child?” Chris flicked the switch blowing the hatch. Justin closed his eyes and counted to ten.

“of course I am!”

Justin scrubbed the heels of his hands into his eyes. “Just checking.”