Part 17

You got winkie

He worked the foam over the narrow chest, lifting each arm in turn, smoothing the soap into the fair skin then drying him quickly not wanting him to catch a chill. JC had been almost catatonic for four months now. His flat taunt belly now rounded rippled as his child moved, kicking and stretching. Lance carried on his ministrations ignoring the familiar hiss of the medical bay door sliding open. “Powerful arms wrapped lovingly round his waist and a hot wet tongue lapped lazily at his earlobe. “How’s he doing?” Chris asked his sexy rasp sending tingles down Lance’s spine.

“No change. Well not really I have noticed one thing.” Lance took hold of Chris’ hand and placed it on JC’s swollen stomach. “Now watch his eyes.”

The baby kicked. “He … he blinked.”

“Yep every time the baby moves he blinks, I thought I imagined it at first.”

Chris stared deeply into the myriad of blues that made up the younger mans eyes searching for a spark of life. But they remained dull and empty blinking only in time to the child encased within the frail frame.

“You didn’t come all the way down here to ask how he was Chris what’s up?”

“We will be entering orbit in a few hours, Justin wants to scout out the planet before we land.”

Lance tipped the soapy water away and dried his hands. “Not alone he’s not. You’ll have to go with him.”

Chris blanched slightly. “Absolutely no way, I’m not being stuck in a shuttle with that asshole for four hours.”

“You need to go Chris, no way will I let him leave the ship alone and the surface has to be checked out before we can land.”

“I was going to watch the kids, can’t leave them alone!”

“Bring them to me, I’ll watch them. Anyway it will do them good to spend some time with their poppa even if he doesn’t know they are here.” Lance injected JC’s breakfast into the feeding tube as he spoke.

“Lance I’m not leaving you up here alone, not with you being so close an all.”

“Honey I won’t be alone, I’ll have the boys with me, now do this for me please.” The blond doctor snaked his body against his lovers blowing softly in his ear. “Please Chris. Justin is really sorry for what he did, he’s suffering too you know.”

“Not enough. You been running yourself ragged what with looking after JC and watching the boys.”

“Justin has to run the ship. He’s the only one that can. “

“I’ll go but I’m not happy.”

Lance kissed Chris sweetly on his lips. “Thank you. Go get the boys and have Justin transfer control up here.” The lovers kissed again longer and deeper Chris still reluctant to leave the heavily pregnant man.

The five little boys played happily on the floor of the medical bay as Lance busied himself with checking systems as the shuttle descended lazily towards the planet surface. Justin had protested as much as Chris had but Lance had pulled rank as medical officer insisting that either they both went or no one did. He looked up to see the quads climbing up onto the bio bed their poppa was laying on. “Boys be careful poppa is still poorly.” Little Jewel nuzzled his face into JC’s neck. “Want hug.” Lance’s heart nearly broke the children were starving of affection, Justin tried hard but he was no substitute for the man who had carried and given birth to the little boys. All the boys had grown so much, Jovian was almost the size of a normal four year old even though he was only 18 months old, he joined his siblings on the bed. Placing his little face against his poppas’ tummy, giggling as the unborn baby kicked against his cheek. “Poppa is with baby.”

Lance smiled at the toddler “Yes poppa is having a baby.”

The little boy shook his head venomously “No uncy Lance, poppa with baby.”

Lance gasped “Jovian can you talk to poppa?”

“Not poppa, baby.”

Lance lifted the 18 month old onto his lap. The little boy giggled again. “Your baby says he like me, he got winkie.”


“Yesss winkie look.” The little boy exposed his penis then covered himself again.

“Jovie is my baby a little boy?”

He looked thoughtful placing his head on Lances huge stomach.

“Little boy yes. Poppas baby says poppa is looking after him and that poppa is trying hard to come back.” Lance hugged the little boy tightly causing him to protest as he planted a kiss on his hair. Jovian struggled down from his lap and crawled back on top of JC, cuddling up to his brothers.

The blond alien checked the time, he still hadn’t received word from the shuttle but he could feel that everything was ok even if the atmosphere was a little strained. His belly tightened and he hissed panting slightly till the feeling passed. He got gingerly out of his chair and went to the replicator ordering Jovian’s favourite lunch for the six of them, seating the little children on the floor round a cloth he served the macaroni and cheese. A sudden tightening sent him stumbling hanging on to the side of the console. Jovian looked up from the pasta. “Uncy Lance baby is coming?”

“It’s alright Jovie, eat your lunch angel.” Lance opened a com line. “Justin, Do you have an ETA for me yet?”

“Bout an hour, you ok?”

Lance stifled a groan as another contraction took hold. “Can you do a little better than that?”

“What’s happening Lance? You sound stressed.”

This time nothing could silence the loud moan that escaped the pregnant man.

Jovian called out “Daddy, baby coming, uncy Lance crying.”

The two men listening on the shuttle looked at each other the seriousness of the situation hitting home. “Jovie stay with uncle Lance ok, daddy and Chris will be there really soon.”

“Okie dokie daddy”

“Lance we will get to you as soon as we can , hold on.”

The five little boys huddled together chattering as their uncle leaned heavily against the wall unable to stand up. Jewel and Jaden clambered back on to the bed Jewel sitting on JC’s chest clamping his podgy hands on the sides of his poppas face. He stared deep into JC’s eyes as Jaden whispered in his poppas’ ear. The little boy concentrated hard, his baby mind delving deep into JC’s brain gathering up the small threads of sanity, weaving them together as if working on a thick cord, while the two siblings worked on their poppa Jovian, Jared and Jaren surrounded Lance. Jovian placed his hands on the contracted stomach as the blond man cried out in fear knowing he couldn’t last much longer. The little JC clone concentrated hard, his brothers backing him up, the contractions stopped, Jovian lifted Lance’s face so he could look into his uncles’ eyes. “Baby waiting for a bit, I asked him and he said yes.”

Lance began to cry holding the child to him. “Thank you Jovie, thank you all of you.”

The three children toddled over to their fathers’ bed and jabbered to each other.

“Jovian ran back to his uncle “Poppa coming back now, its long way but he said to Jewel, he promise and daddy coming too, baby said he will wait for daddy to come, don’t cry uncy lance. It will be ok soon.”