Part 18

Baby coming

“Can’t this bucket of bolts go any faster?” Chris paced back and forth in the small shuttle. His mouth set in a straight line, gone was his easy nature as worry blighted him. “How much longer?”

“ETA 25 minutes.” Justin tried to sound calm for the older mans sake but panic was beginning to creep in. He opened a com line “Lance; how are you doing?”

The blond sounded fragile and frightened “I’m ok, Jovian persuaded the baby to wait for a bit but how long I don’t know. The children are trying to wake Josh now.”

“Jovian did what?” Justin was surprised and shocked by the revelation that his son could communicate with an unborn child. “And what do you mean trying to wake Josh?”

Lance was breathing was shallow as he replied. “Jewel and Jaden made contact with Josh, Jovian says he is trying to come back. Please hurry Justin I need you both of you.”

Chris’ eyes filled with tears, we need to get their Justin, OH FUCK!”


“Who’s going to deliver the baby? I never thought of it. Justin who’s …”

“I am, Lance was afraid to tell you but he has been training me.”

Silence enveloped them as the distant ship grew infuriatingly slowly larger.

JC felt as he was struggling through waist high mud, every move he made him feel as if he was slipping deeper and deeper into the quagmire that was his mind. A thick rope fell before him and he grasped it with both hands, heaving on it extracting himself inch by agonising inch from the quicksand threatening to shroud him, He couldn’t see the end of the rope it was so far above him. He could hear a sweet voice calling, urging him to continue his ascent , the struggle upwards was eternal, his hands slipped on the course woven cord, he cried out frustrated as he slid back towards the black swamp that had consumed him for so long. The rope began to glow its strength increased as three more minds joined in the throng. Gathering the lifeline and coiling it upward. Four more voices joined the first one blending together, calling encouragingly, tiny hands reaching out stretching. He reached his hand upwards his fingers brushing against the tiny fingers that grasped for him drawing him ever upwards. Suddenly he could breath. His back arched up off the bed as his eyes focused an the baby boy sitting on his chest staring intently into his eyes with orbs that glowed like sapphires. He panted and gasped as he reoriented himself. He reached out a trembling hand tenderly stroking his fingers down The little boys’ cheek. “Jewel?” He was shocked at how thick his voice was. A little boy who he judged to be about five gave him a glass of water. “Drink poppa, uncy Lance’s baby is coming, he can’t wait no longer, poppa help uncy Lance.”

“Jo … Jovian? Baby?”

“”Don’t be frightened poppa.” he pushed his baby soft lips on JC’s kissing him sweetly. “Missed you poppa, all of us.”

A groan from the corner broke the moment. “Lance”

Jewel got off JC’s chest and Jovian and the four little boys tried their best to help their father sit up. The room somersaulted and darkened as the blood rushed from his head. Again five tiny voices held him upright till the world stopped spinning. Another more intense groan rang out. “Uncy Lance poppa.” JC tried to stand up and his legs crumpled beneath him. He sobbed disheartened only to be urged onwards by his sons. He dragged himself across the floor to where the blond alien laid his face contorted with pain.

“j … Josh … you’re b ..back.” The two men embraced. “The baby Josh, he’s coming … I need help.”

“Baby coming, he knows way, poppa just help.” Jovian offered. JC cocked his head at his baby boy.

“Baby can see way out, he’s coming now.” Lance howled and grasped his belly as a violent contraction seized his body. He’s coming Josh I can feel him coming.” Lance leaned back panting, his legs parted. “Josh fumbled with the hem of the blonds robe pulling it up. “OH God, Lance, your crowning, I can’t believe it. How? …..PUSH!” JC supported his friend as he bared down. “Jovie, baby get poppa a blanket quickly.” The little boy thrust a soft blanket into his poppas’ hands. “Baby says don’t drop him poppa.”

“I won’t sweetie.” He turned his attention back to Lance who was panting furiously his eyes wet with tears. “One more push honey, that’s all it will take. PUSH”

Lance bared down for all he was worth and the child slipped out into JC‘s hands. He wrapped him carefully and placed him in his daddy’s arms. He lay on the floor next to blond as exhausted as the man that had just given birth. “You have a boy honey, a beautiful baby boy.”



Lance giggled almost insanely as he cuddled his precious bundle. “No Not you the baby, His name is Joshua.”

JC propped himself onto his elbows. “After me I? I don‘t know what to say.”

Five little boys crowded round them the drama now over the climbed over their poppa kissing and hugging him. Jewel scrutinised the newest member of the extended family. “He like uncy Chris,”

“No Joshua pretty.” The other boys chuckled as Jaden volunteered his opinion.