Part 19

Heaven in your hands

“LANCE, LANCE COME IN. He’s not answering Justin.”

“Don’t panic Chris. Lance, we need you to open the bay doors. Can you do that?”

Both men sighed with relief as the landing bay doors slid open and the landing lights flickered to life in the darkness of space. Within minutes the two were sprinting down the corridor towards the medical bay.

Chris reached the door first barrelling inside, stopping dead staring aghast at the sight that greeted him. Justin smacked into his back unable to stop in time knocking into the smaller man, spilling him forward. The taller man caught him before he hit the ground. Then dropped him as he caught sight of his lover awake and curled round Lance cooing over a dark haired jade-eyed baby.

“How … what … when …. how?” Chris joined the brunette and the blond gathering up his lover and newborn baby in his arms. “Baby, oh baby how did you cope. Josh did you perform the surgery?”

Lance smiled contentedly and accepted a passionate kiss from his love. “No surgery Chris, I can’t believe it I gave birth, I actually gave birth.”

“From where?”

“Honey I’m not sure you really want to know. But … but it was incredible, the most amazingly beautiful wonderful thing I have ever, ever experienced, I got to work on the pain thing before I do it again but baby WE GOT A BABY.” Chris grinned manically as his lover gushed on and on about the birth. His eyes rested on JC and he clasped his hand tightly drawing him into a huge bear hug. “You came back to us, oh Jace I missed you so much, thank you, thank you for coming back, for being here for Lance.”

“Joshua is hungry uncy Lance he said tell you.” Jovian came toddling over a bottle of formula in his hands.

“Jovie my little man.” Justin broke his silence as he swept his oldest son up in his arms and blew a raspberry on the giggling child’s tummy. He put the little boy down and got down on his knees next to JC. He reached out for his lover. “I missed you baby, I missed you so much, I love you.”

JC recoiled from his touch. “Well I don’t love you … not anymore.”


“Never, never talk to me, touch me or speak to me again, it’s over Justin … this time you hurt me too bad. I won’t stop you seeing the boys, hell we are the only ones out here, unfortunately they need you. But I don’t.”

“Joshua please!”

“I know what you did … and I know you let Lance take the blame.” the accusation was almost whispered.

“J ….”

“Don’t … Just don’t. Get out of our rooms, it’s easier for you to move than the boys and me. I’ll stay here tonight to give you time but in the morning I want you to be gone. When you want to see MY boys you ask Chris or Lance; they will ask me.”

Justin shook with grief, he tried to capture JC’s hands in his only to be slapped away, a stinging blow caught him across his face. “Get him away from me Chris.”

The older man lifted Justin to his feet and steered him out of the room. He started to go back to the two men still sitting curled round each other on the floor. But he stopped and turned back. “Did you really believe he would forgive you, you know how afraid he was of being pregnant again, Lance told you he needed time to recuperate and still you screwed him , pardon the pun.”

Justin caught hold of Chris’ arm stopping him from leaving. ”Please Chris, talk to him, tell him I’m sorry, tell him I love him.”

The brunette shook his head. “You blew it dude, you had heaven in your hands and you blew it. Now get your goddamned hands off me before I lay you out. Lance may have forgiven you for letting him take the blame but I haven’t.”

The bay door hissed shut and the tell tale sound of the lock clicking sounded like a cannon going off to the tall graceful alien weeping alone in the corridor.