Part 25

Jewel concentrated hard on his baby sister as Lance changed her diaper. His little brow furrowed and he pulled his own diaper out and looked down then leaned over the little girl to have a closer look.

“ Sapphire not got winkie?” He said baffled at the lack of the sexual organ. “I got winkie, Jovian got winkie you got winkie, poppa got ….”

“Honey Sapphire is a little girl, little girls don’t have winkie’s.”

The little boy seemed to think about this new piece of information then his mouth formed in a perfect “Oohhh” He took another look just to be sure then said “Ebony not got winkie.”

Lance knocked over the powder too shocked to respond right away. Jewel knew about Ebony but how? No one ever mentioned her it hurt JC too much. He finished buttoning up the babygrow and lifted the little girl to his shoulder. He patted his leg inviting the little boy to sit on him. “Jewel sweetie how do you know about Ebony?”

“She talk me before.”

Realising he had to be careful not to upset the baby boy he gently pressed the child. “Before baby? Before what?” Sapphire dribbled down his back sending a shiver down his spine at least he thought it was that and not the words that came out of Jewels mouth next.

“Inside poppa, ebony cuddled, speak me.” He clambered off the blonds lap and toddled over to where his poppa was sleeping. “Uncy Lancey.”

“Yes baby?”

“Poppa not wake up , he lost gen?” the little boy hauled himself up by the bedclothes and crawled over JC sitting on his chest his big eyes studying his father concentrating hard.

“Jewel honey, poppa isn’t lost, really. He is sleeping, Sapphire made poppa broken, inside his tummy, uncle Lance had to mend him so now he has to sleep. He will be awake soon honey.” He lifted the baby back down. “Now sweetie you go outside and play with your brothers, I have to put your sister to bed and feed Joshua.”

As soon as the little boy had left Lance put Sapphire down. As Joshua was still asleep he turned his attention to JC, running his scanner up and down his body his lip caught between his teeth in concentration. Tutting and whistling out through his teeth as he waited for the results. He groaned as the analysis flashed onto his hand held pad. He sat down his shoulders slumped as if the weight of the world. Rested on them. He rubbed his forehead reading the information. He threw the pad onto the bed besides his friend and pinched the bridge of his nose. It was no use he couldn’t put it off any longer. He switched on the new intercom system Justin and Chris had been working on. He leaned back in his seat his fingers laced through his hair. “Justin, can you come over to the hospital please.”

A worried voice came back immediately. “Is Josh alright? It’s not Sapphiee is it?”

“Just come over.”

“I’ll be right there.”

Five minutes later Justin came charging through the door heading straight for JC, sitting on the side of the bed and dropping a loving kiss on his pursed lips. He stroked pretty brown curls from out of JC’s eyes. “Hello sweetness” he whispered “How are you baby? I did it again didn’t I? I hurt you again.” A large tear ran down his face and dripped onto his lover.

“It is your fault Justin, but not from anything you did during the op. I told you. I told you over and over his body couldn’t take it, he needed to rest. Recuperate. “

“Lance …. He isn’t .. I …. I mean. he’s going to wake up isn’t?”

“He’s not in a coma no. I have him sedated, I want him to mend as much as possible before he wake up and wants to start running round after that brood of yours.”

Justin reached over and grabbed his love hand squeezing it tightly as he wept. “I thought I’d lost him for good. Thank you, thank you for saving him.”

“He paid a high price Justin. There will be no more babies not from him. I had to take out the womb, put him back as he was before all this started for him.”

“He’s alive … that’s all that matters. He kissed JC’s hand fiercely, holding it to his face as he stroked the brunette curls, twirling his fingers through them, wanting to feel the silky strands between his fingers. “When will you wake him up?”

“A couple of days. He will need to be looked after, if you don’t want him you need to say now. Chris and I will make room in our home for him till we can erect one big enough for the 9 of us to live in.”

The tall alien was appalled at what Lance was suggesting, “Of course I want him. I’ve always wanted him. Since the day I laid eyes on him I wanted him, craved him. I know I was stupid Lance I panicked that’s all. I love him … and I’ll prove to him that I love him.