Part 26

Waking JC up was going to be the easy part the hard part was going to be telling the young man that his inside were so messed up that he could possibly have long term health problems and would never be able to carry another child. Lance tried not to think about it instead he spent his time in between looking after Joshua and JC on analysing the strange blue and gold blooms that somehow stopped JC from crying out mentally for help, the scent made his head buzz and ache. He pushed away the slide and walked over to check on the slim humans vital signs.

“Its best right now that you are sleeping honey, I’ll wake you up soon, I just need you to rest as much as possible cus you know you are going to trying to run round after that brood of yours the minute you open your eyes. You don’t know how much fun you are missing; the boys are driving Justin and Chris crazy. They won’t do anything they are told. Sapphire is doing good, she is so pretty, she looks like you. Jewel is obsessed with her and spends a lot of time staring at her sleeping. I think he misses Ebony, you are going to have to tell him about her when you wake up, I think he will surprise you with what he has to say.” He paused while he changed the IV bag. “There you go, dinner. Just a couple more days JC I promise.” Lance went back to his slide and peered into the microscope watching the specimen merge and twist together. “Its like a living organism!” He muttered to himself. “Pollen is not meant to act like that.”

“Hey baby what ya doing?”

Lance jumped a foot in the air his hand jolting the scope; he caught it just before it fell over completely. “Chris! Don’t creep up on me like that.”

“I wasn’t creeping. I missed you that was all.”

Lance got back to his study of the unusual pollen.



“Lets have sex.”


“Did you hear what I said?” Chris wrapped his arms round lance’s waist and nuzzled his neck.

“Mmmm, You know this pollen should not be doing this.”


“Sorry yes baby?”

“I was hoping you’d say that.” Chris took Lance’s yes to mean yes they could have sex. He pulled the younger man into his arms and claimed a kiss all the time positioning Lance so he could lift his butt onto the worktop.

“What are you doing?”

Chris pouted. “You said we could have sex.”

“Did not.”

“Did too.”


“I said I wanted sex and you said yes, so no going back on your word.”

Lance sighed resigning himself to the fact they were going to get dirty there on the lab table, “At least let me lock the door.”

Chris grinned “Locked it on the way in.”

“I’m not bottoming Chris.” The dark haired man snuggled close to his lover, kissing his neck. “You taste nice.”

“Did you hear what I said?”

“Like strawberries and cream.”


The brunette slid his hand down the front of Lance’s pants and cupped his cock in his hands. “Sex now, no talk.” The blond sighed loudly as he was lifted up and his lover pushed between his legs.

“You wanted us?” Justin stood in the doorway of the hospital his five boys standing round him his little girl in his arms.

“I thought you might want to be here when JC wakes up.

“Poppa waking up now uncy lance? Wicked.”

Justin rolled his eyes as Lance looked puzzled at the little boys terminology. “Chris.” Justin explained.

The blond nodded knowingly “Oh, sorry.”

The five boys pulled themselves up onto the bed and settled themselves round their father waiting expectantly. “Daddy me hold Sapphiee. K?” Jewel said his eyes big and round holding out his chubby little hands.

“Okay but Jovie will help you, won’t you Jovie?”

“Yes daddy.”

Justin laid the blue-eyed little girl next to JC cradled between his eldest son and his youngest. Then settled down on the very end of the bed himself. Lance pressed a hypo spray to the unconscious mans neck. “It will take a couple of minutes. Do you want me to go?”

“You don’t have to but … well …”

Lance smiled and patted his best friends shoulder “No problem, if you need me I’ll be outside, don’t let the boys tire him out ok, when he wakes 10 minutes tops, you can stay but the boys come with me.”

“I promise.”

JC shifted and let out a deep breath. “I’ll be just outside.”

Justin waited and watched as his lovers steely blue eyes flickered and fluttered open, his lips curved slowly into a small smile as he recognised Justin.


“Hi sweetie, we missed you angel.”

A tiny sob caught in JC’s throat as he saw his baby girl, “She looks like Jewel,”

“And Jovian and Jared and Jaden.” Justin continued none of my children look like me all are as beautiful as their poppa. Okay you little monsters, out, poppa needs to rest, uncle Lance will give you some dinner.” One by one the boys kissed JC “Love you poppa” five little voices echoed each other. When the children were gone Justin lifted Sapphire from where she lay in JC’s arms ignoring the small protests coming from his lover.

“We need to talk baby,”

“Sounds serious.” JC said weakly.

Justin covered JC’s hand with his own squeezing it gently gazing sadly at the older man.

“It is serious baby.”