Part 29


Lance didn’t look up as JC burst through the open doorway. He just snapped, “I told you I didn’t want you walking yet.”

“But Jewel, Lance my baby!”

Justin was no more than a couple of steps behind his lover. “Chris is with the boys. How’s Jewel?” He crossed his arms round JC supporting him as he wept openly. “For gods sake Justin get him off his feet.” The blond doctor changed the plasma bag.

JC screamed as the baby boy went into seizure then flopped lifelessly on the examination table. “JEWEL” he struggled desperately against Justin’s grip. “He’s dying Justin let me go he’s dying.”

“Get him out of here Justin. NOW” Lance tipped the little boys head back and opened his mouth, he slipped a tube down his tiny throat hooking him up to a respirator, the baby’s chest began to rise and fall his breathing assisted by the harsh machine. Lance changed the plasma bag once more. “It’s not working, the plasma is not working the ribbons are just eating it up, he needs blood, real blood. And why the fuck is JC still standing up Justin? I don’t want to lose two patients in one day damn you.”

Justin dragged JC struggling to a chair and forced him down, the slim man tried to stand up and go back to where Jewel was fighting for his life.”

“Just sit the fuck down JC…… Please.”

The blue-eyed man slumped forward his arms round his partners waist and buried his face in the younger mans stomach, his frail frame racking harshly with his sobs, soaking Justin’s tunic with his tears.

“He needs blood Justin.” Lance’s voice cut through JC’s wailing. “He needs human blood, get Chris.”

Justin pushed his lover from him firmly. “Stay here baby …. Please, I have to get Chris.”

“Chris isn’t the right blood group, we have different groups, Jewel needs me its got to be me. It’s got to be me.” JC choked his voice hitching in his chest.

Lance swore under his breath and stared at JC, “You’re not strong enough Joshua.”

“I’m the only choice you have.”

Lance brushed the baby soft curls from Jewels face, so much like JC, “Justin bring him over here, and carry him.”

Justin lifted the slender man effortlessly in his arms and placed him on the bed next beside Jewels bed. JC Squeezed his eyes tightly shut held his breath and turned his face into Justin’s abdomen as Lance eased the reed thin needle into his vein. “Just relax JC, unclench your fist honey.”

Justin prised his lovers’ fingers open softly thumbing his palm as his blood flowed into his baby boy.

“How much does Jewel need?” Justin asked concerned now not only for the child but also for the already fragile man supplying the transfusion.

“Just a little longer.” The alien doctor ran his scanner over JC’s pale body, then over Jewel who had began to breath on his own again. He gazed down at JC’s tearstained face. “ I think he’s going to be ok Jace.”

The brunette wept harder as his Justin drew him into his arms, his own tears flowing freely.

“Why didn’t the flowers poison Josh?”

Lance leaned back in his chair and stretched, yawning. Jewel was stable and JC had fallen into an exhausted sleep, his normally pale complexion sallow almost yellowish. “They did, that’s why he collapsed in the flower field. The difference between JC and Jewel was JC was bleeding badly, you carried him back here and performed a c section on him, pumping the pure blood that we had been stock piling especially for his delivery. You flushed the spores right out of him before they could do any real harm. You saved his life twice Justin.”

“Is he going to be ok?”

“JC or Jewel?”

“Both of them.”

“Yeah. First thing in the morning though I want you and Chris out there, you kill everyone of those vampire fauna you can find.”

Justin slumped back in his chair. “You got yourself a deal.”