Part 30

A tiny warm body snuggled into his. Sweet smelling curls brushed his nose, tickling him and making him sneeze.

“Bless poppa.”

“Jewel, Oh baby you’re okay.” JC wrapped his arms round his baby boy littering his chubby face with kisses.

“Hey cutie.”

JC smiled, “Hey.”

Justin swept the little boy into his arms. “Actually I was talking to Jewel.” He planted a big wet kiss on his lovers’ forehead. “But I can understand your mistake.”

JC pouted and pulled his blanket up to his chin. “Sulking now!”

“Ohhh Jace you know I’m teasing you. Let me put Juju back in his cot and I’ll show you how much of a cutie I think you are.” The tall alien popped the little boy back into the high-sided bed “He’s quite the little escape artist you know.”

JC smiled at his husbands’ tenderness with the little boy as they tickled and played, Jewel giggling infectiously.

“Stay in your cot sweetie. I’m taking poppa back to our house. I’ll send Uncy Chris to come play with you alright?”

“Okie dokie.” Another giggle filled the air as Justin rolled his eyes and blew a raspberry.

He went back to JC, “Put your arms round my neck honey I’ll carry you.”

“Justin I can walk!”

Justin folded his arms across his chest and tapped his foot. “Now listen to me,” he said, “ In the last few weeks you have been poisoned, nearly bled to death, given birth, been in a coma, had your insides butchered and given your baby son a life saving blood transfusion.”

JC screwed up his face a little and then with a perfectly straight face answered. “Its been a slow few weeks, I’m sure I could get into more trouble if you’d let me.”

The tall alien looked confused for a second then his face split into a wide smile.

“Ohh I get it a human joke. Chris told me some of those.” He hooked his arms under JC’s knees and hooked his husbands arms round his neck, lifting him effortlessly and carrying him outside. He told me one, but I’m not quite sure I understand it.”

JC snuggled against Justin’s chest. “Why don’t you tell me it, I’ll explain why it’s funny.”

Justin shrugged “Okay. A Jelly baby goes to the doctor. He says doctor I think I’ve got aids. And the doctor says why would you think you got aids. So the jelly baby says. Well I’ve been fucking allsorts.”

Confusion swept over the aliens face as JC began to laugh loudly, biting at his tunic in an attempt to curb his mirth.

“Like I said, I don’t get it!”

“It’s the word play Justin, a jelly baby fucking allsorts.” JC had tears running down his face as he tried to explain further. “On earth a jelly baby is a child’s candy, and an allsort is also a candy usually made of liquorish.”

“Ohhh.” Justin smiled at his husband. “I still don’t get it.” JC laughed harder at his husbands inability to see the humour.

Justin saw Chris climbing out of big bird. “Hey Chris. ” He shouted at the dark-haired human. “Go see to Jewel for me. I’m taking Josh home.”

“No problem dude. I’ll take him home with me, Lance wants the boys and Sapphiee to stay with us for a few days till he’s sure Jewel is okay and JC is rested. He also said you need to talk.”

JC nuzzled his husbands’ neck. “I guess we can’t put it off any longer.” He reached up and guided Justin’s face down till their lips met. “Lets go talk.” He whispered.


Chris strolled over to the hospital. “Hey little dude.”

“Uncy Chris!” Jewel clapped his hand excitedly as he jumped up and down in his crib.

“You going to come stay with me and Uncle Lance for a few days?”

“And Sapphiee?”

The bearded man smirked. “Yes and Sapphiee.”

“And Jovian and Jared?”

“Yes honey them too.”

“And Jaden and Jaren?”

“Yes baby.”

“Don’t forget Josha.”

Chris ruffled the tiny head as he lifted Jewel out of the cot and sat him on his hip. “Joshua lives with me already remember?”

“I ‘member. I been sick not silly.” The little boy stuck out his bottom lip and folded his arms tightly over his chest.

Chris covered a snigger. He really was JC’s son right down to his prissy moods. “I know you’re not silly Juju. Give Uncy a smile.”

Jewel shook his head and sulked harder.

“I’ll tell you a funny joke.”

Jewel contemplated this for a minute then said “Okay.”

Chris scoured his brain for a clean joke. “How do you hide an elephant?”

Jewel looked warily at his uncle. “Don’t know.”

“Paint his feet yellow and get him to lie upside down in a bowl of custard.”

Jewel giggled.

“What time is it when an elephant sits on your fence? Time to get a new fence.”

Jewel wriggled and giggled as Chris kept up the barrage all the way back to his and Lance’s home. The blond doctor smiled as his lover came home.

“Hello Juju, you wanna go outside and play?” He pointed to the back door that led to a large enclosed compound. The little boy giggled and squirmed out of Chris’ arms and toddled off happily.

“I take it you checked.” Chris asked concerned.

“First thing, there wasn’t any flowers.” Lance watched the retreating baby as he went out through the open back door.

“He bounced back well.” Chris observed.

“Yeah. He’s more resilient than his poppa.”

Chris sighed, “That’s not being fair to JC, he’s been through a lot these past three years.”

Lance fixed his fingers in Chris’ shirt and pulled him close kissing him deeply, then resting his forehead against the shorter humans. “I wasn’t insulting your friend Chrissie, I admire him. Hell he gave birth to five boys and two girls in the space of 36 months. I’m amazed he can still stand up.”

“Us humans are a hardy bunch.” Chris nuzzled beneath Lance’s ear, sucking happily on the tender skin.

“Talking of that, how are you feeling now?” Lance tried to concentrate on his question and not the fact his lover was now suckling on his earlobe and had slipped his hands down the front of his pants.


“Chris I asked if you were feeling better.”

“Mmmm, much.”

Lance gasped as Chris’ hand closed round his balls.

“How about you?”

The blond strained to keep his mind focused as He was lifted up onto the worktop and the immense pleasure of Chris’ finger inched its way towards his opening.

He groaned as the thick digit invaded his body and brushed his sweet spot. “B … better” he stammered as his mouth was crushed beneath that of his lovers’.

When they finally came up for air Lance had soaked his pants in cum and was clinging on to Chris’ shoulders as if his life depended on it.

“Maybe it was something we ate.” He murmured as Chris began to unzip his own pants guiding the doctors’ hand inside.

“Well I’m not sure” (kiss) “what (kiss) it could have (kiss) “been. Ohhh shit babe.” Chris came hard in Lances hand. The two tidied themselves up quickly chuckling softly at their naughtiness and checking that they were still alone.