Part 31

“Can I sit next to you?”

JC shrugged and laid back against the headboard of the bed. “I guess.”

Justin sat beside him taking his hands in his. “Josh we need to talk. I need to talk.” He looked into the deep blue orbs framed with golden brown lashes. “I want you to listen. Don’t say anything not till I finish. Ok?”

JC lowered his eyes then met Justin’s stare once more, worry marring their luminous beauty. “ I want to be truthful with you Josh. When I first took you I admit you meant nothing to me.”

The slim brunettes eyes filled with tears.

“You were just a vessel, an incubator. You have to understand Josh my people had never encountered anyone like you before. We didn’t know that you were maternal. We didn’t know that you were intelligent. I learned, when you begged for Jovian I realised that you were different to the other hosts, that you were more than a convenient womb for my offspring.” Justin squeezed his lovers’ hands. “I realised the feelings I had were love.”

A lone tear worked its way down JC’s face.

“I made mistakes Josh I know that. I tricked you into conceiving Sapphire, and I almost paid the ultimate price for that. You Josh. You are the most precious thing in my world. I love my children, and if I lost them I would grieve, but my darling if I lost you ….”

Justin paused wiping the tears that were now flowing freely down JC’s face.

“I would die without you my angel. I will do anything … anything to prove my love to you.” Justin took JC’s long tapered fingers in his own kissing the fingertips tenderly. He leaned into the gracile man, breathing heavily his nose brushing against JC’s. “I love you.” He gasped. “Joshua love me.”

JC choked, his sobs catching in his throat as he fell into his alien lover. Their lips met in a flurry of wet saltiness and passion. JC’s lips parted as he allowed Justin to dominate his mouth. Overpowered he allowed himself to become submerged in Justin. He was in a world where only Justin existed, where Justin began and Justin ended. He arched into the feather touch that teased his nipples. He groaned into the mouth that devoured his own. His cock throbbed with desire for his alien, Justin filled his mind, his soul, his very being as a slick tongue rubbed against his own.

“Love me” Justin breathed into his mouth. “I need you Josh, I need you.”

JC was lost as his senses went into overdrive. His skin burned from the fingertips that brushed softly down his neck. His lips throbbed form the onslaught of Justin’s mouth. “Make love to me my angel.”

JC sobbed with desire as Justin opened his legs drawing him between them. “You inside me Josh. Let me feel you inside me.”

Fingers fumbled with fabric. Justin moaned in pleasure as he lowered himself onto the thick solid phallus. JC’s mouth sucked hard on the flesh of his throat, biting and teasing the sensitive skin till it glowed red.

“Love me.” Justin begged.

JC ‘s mouth found the sweet cushioned lips of his lover. “I never stopped.” He whispered.