Part 33

JC started for the door. “Oh no you don’t.” Justin caught hold of his arm. “You are not meant to be walking around yet. Lance said…”

JC burst out laughing. “You worry about me walking over the way to pick up my children when you let me fuck the living daylights out of you last night.”

Justin had the decency to blush. Chris groaned and dove back into the bathroom leaving the two lovers to argue. JC of course won and marched over to their friends’ accommodation. He stopped dead in the doorway his mouth open at the utter chaos. Batter and syrup was splattered over walls and floor. Justin stepped round him his hand covering his mouth shocked at the devastation caused by six little boys and a barely sitting up baby girl.

JC started to giggle hysterically as Justin took a step towards the kitchen only to have a pancake fall from the ceiling and land with a soggy splat on his head.

“Poppa.” Jovian came running out Sapphiee in his arms. He handed her to JC who was now beyond hysterical. “I cooked breakfast.” He said proudly as he puffed out his tiny chest.

Behind him Jaden and Jaren was tipping batter over Jared. Joshua was sitting cross-legged on top of the worktop drinking syrup straight from the bottle.

“What in the name of all that is holy is going on here?” Silence ensued as the sticky battered covered children froze at the sound of their daddies voice the only sound was the strangled giggles escaping JC’s mouth. Justin scraped the goo out of his hair and shot his lover a look that promised death if he dared to laugh again.

JC opened his mouth to speak only to have it filled with Sapphires tiny battered covered fist. “Goo goo.” he rolled his eyes and shrugged trying to extract the little girls hand. Sapphire cooed happily batting her huge cobalt eyes at her beloved poppa.

“Mmmm” he mumbled “Good.” the little girl fluttered her eyelashes and pulled out her fist and gave him a big wet sticky kiss on his nose Giggling and chuckling.

“Where is Uncle Lance?” Justin was furious he took a step towards the kitchen and went flying backwards as his foot hit a sloppy pancake. He landed hard on his rump. JC let out what could only be described s a horrified laugh.


Jewel toddled up to his daddy and clambered on his lap. He took Justin’s face between his syrupy hands. “Uncle Lance is poorly. He cuddling the potty. I think the new baby is making him sick.” Lance stuck his head outside of the bathroom just in time to hear Jewels revelation. He let out an audible gasp.

“How the hell does he know that? I didn’t even know myself!”

“Uncy Chris having a baby too.”

Lance sat down on the floor in shock, he was having another baby, and Chris was having a baby too. He looked round at the destruction that the children had caused while both he and his lover had been occupied. His eyes widened “WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO MY HOUSE!”

JC began backing out of the room gathering his boys to him as he went scooping Jewel into his free arm he beckoned for Jovian to grab his brothers’ hands and bring them with him. Justin clambered back to his feet, picking pancake out of his hair. “We’ll just take the boys home now.”

Lance looked at JC. “You … what are you doing walking round.”

“I’m ok Lance,” the brunette continued backing away. He glanced over his shoulder wondering if he could make a dash for it or whether Lance would chase after him and smack him one for 1) walking round, 2) running and 3) his children causing a cosmic meltdown in his kitchen. “I’ll just go then.” He turned and walked very quickly towards his own house meeting Chris on the way. The stocky bearded mans skin had a puce look about it. “Errm sorry about the mess.”

Chris grimaced “Don’t threat dude, Joshua was in there with them.”

“You should get Lance to brew you some of that stuff he gave me when I got morning sickness, it stopped mine just like that.”

Chris chuckled “I don’t have morning sickness Jace, I just got a stomach bug.”

“But … jewel said … never mind.” JC ushered his gooey flour splattered boys into his home.

Chris continued walking back to the rooms he shared with Lance he opened his mouth to say something as Justin hurried past with Jaden and Jaren. then changed his mind seeing the tall graceful aliens face. ‘Jewel said what?’ he pondered as he reached his home and peered cautiously into the living room. It was ridiculous he wasn’t pregnant; Lance had got it wrong about the local veg that was all. He found the blonde alien leaning on the kitchen counter trying to wash a wriggling slippery extremely hyperactive Joshua.

“What’s with Joshy?”

“Sugar high.”

“Oh.” Chris lifted his foot and peeled off a syrup-laden pancake from the sole of his shoe. “How you feeling?” He asked.

Lance leaned forward resting on his elbows. “Jewel said I’m pregnant.”

Chris shrugged. I hate to say it but he does have a knack of knowing these things. How do you feel about it?”

“Shocked, it never occurred to me that what was wrong with us.”

Chris straightened up and squinted at his partner. “US …. You said us.”

“Jewel said you’re expecting too.”


Justin dragged the big tin bath from the outhouse while JC connected the hose to the water tank. The boys all sat cross legged in a line arms folded across their little chests scowling at their parents, Sapphire lay on a blanket next to Jovian kicking and cooing totally oblivious to the tension in the air. JC gave his brood a little smile as he piped the hot water into the tub; he tipped some foaming soap into the water fluffing it up with his hand. He beckoned to Jaden who stuck out his bottom lip and folded his arms and legs tighter refusing to obey his poppa.

“Jaden.” Justin’s tone clearly stated don’t piss with me. The little boy stood up and tottered over to his poppa who quickly stripped him and put him in the bath.

JC used his index finger to call over Jaren and Jared. The boys sighed heavily and rolled their eyes before joining their brother splashing about in the big bath. Jewel pulled his tee shirt over his head and clambered over the side landing with a giggle and a splash he resurfaced with foam running down his face. He grinned up at his poppa and blew a big bubble. Four more bubbles broke the surface of the water as Jared broke wind then fell about laughing as his brothers followed his lead in farting then chuckling at their naughtiness.

JC’s straight face cracked.

Even Justin had to smile when Jovie joined his brothers and began to scrub at his hair. He carried Sapphire over and lowered her into the tub supporting her so she didn’t slip under the water, he washed her off carefully and lifted her out and placed her into the waiting towel in JC’s hands. “I’ll see to the horrors,” he said “you go sit on the porch swing and dry little miss there.”

“You sure you don’t mind Justin, they can be a bit of a handful.”

Justin dried his face from where Jovian had splashed him only to receive another dousing from Jaden. “I can cope, you look a little grey go rest. Don’t worry I’ll send them to you to dry.”

JC smiled and kissed his baby girl. “I’ll just get Sapphire’s crib then I’ll rest I promise.” He went into the house and came back with the wicker Moses basket and stand he set it up next to the swing then laid down. Justin looked over longingly as his lover kicked off his thongs and spread out over the swinging couch. He discreetly adjusted his half hard cock and turned his attention back to the job in hand.