Part 38

JC woke up with a start, sitting up suddenly. He clenched his hands to his head as it exploded with pain. He groaned long and loud and squeezed his eyes shut against the glare of the mid-day sun… the mid-day sun? How could he have been so irresponsible, the tanks were dry. They needed water, the children needed water. He pulled him self out of bed and staggered outside. Justin was sitting on the swing watching the boys and Sapphire play.

“Good morning angel”

JC staggered slightly, leaning heavily against the swings frame. “The tanks.” he bent double vomiting. The alien rushed to his side.

“Go back to bed angel.”

“The tanks!”

Justin steered his lover to the bed swing laying him down. “The tanks are full.”

“No, no they’re empty, you empted them last night.”

“Sweetheart, Lance and I filled the tanks this morning.”

JC gasped. “How, you couldn’t not in your condition. It took all the strength I had to haul that water so far how could you and Lance do it?”

“We used the hospital gurneys, strapped the buckets in place, did all the tanks in one journey.”

The slim brunette dropped his head in his hands “Stupid, I’m so stupid. Why didn’t I think of that? I’m so stupid.” Justin dropped his arm round his shoulder.

“You’re not stupid Jace. It was Lance’s idea, I would never have thought of it.” A loud scream made them both jump.

“What the?” they were both on their feet and running as another loud scream cut through the air. They burst into the accommodation shared by Lance and Chris at the same time the blond doctor did. Chris was laying on his bed clasping under his belly, a damp patch growing steadily round him.

“His waters have broke! Its too late to move him I’ll have to deliver here.” Lance dashed round gathering towels and throwing them at JC. He scrubbed his hands then rushed back to where his lover was deep in labour.

“The hospital Lance get me to the fucking hospital!” Chris tried to get up but fell back screaming. “ A caesarean gives me a fucking caesarean.”

Lance spoke coolly and calmly. “Baby it too late, you have already started to dilate.”

“Cut me the fuck open Lance now! Or I swear to god I’ll do it my fucking self.”

JC staggered back against the wall all the colour drained from his face. Justin looked at him concerned then turned his attention back to Chris.

The pregnant brunette howled as a mighty contraction seized him. “Lance you son of a bitch get this fucking thing out of me.” JC gagged and dived out the door.

“Go after him Justin make sure he’s okay.” Lance scanned his lover. “Baby try to relax, you’re really close.”

“Fuck being close.” Chris gasped he snatched a handful of Lance’s shirt and pulled him to him. “GIVE ME THE FUCKING DRUGS LANCE.”

“It’s too late for drugs, they won’t work in time.”


Justin prised Chris’ fingers open and whispered in Lance’s ear “Maybe you should give him a shot, it might calm him a bit?”

The doctor sighed and gave his lover an injection. “ go check on jaycee, Justin. “ the doctor turned his attention back to the man in labour. “This will take the edge off Chris, but only just.”

Another contraction ripped through the human mans abdomen “HOLY MOTHER OF FUCKING GOD.”

Lance pulled Chris’ pants off and checked his progress. “You are doing fine baby, it won’t be long now. If you get the urge to push , push ok.”

Chris panted his breath ragged with pain. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit Lance oh shit.”


“FUUCCKKKK.” Chris bore down with all his might. “I hate you, you fucking alien bastard, you did this to me.”

“And I’ll hate you in a week or so, then we will be even.”

Another contraction tore through Chris. “Ohh my fucking god just let me die now.”

“Push Chris push.”


Lance grabbed a towel. “Just one more sweet, just one more and it will be over.”

Outside JC leaned over a short fence vomiting the screams and cusses of his best friend ringing in his ears. Justin rubbed his back. “Chris’ home brew hit you hard didn’t it babe?”

JC looked around him suddenly remembering the children, “Justin the boys!”

“Are fine I checked on them.” the screams emanating from the pre-fabricated building stopped and was replaced with a shrill cry of a baby.

Justin smiled “You up to greeting our new colonist?”

JC nodded. “Yeah before the pain really kicks in and Chris is all sappy and gooey from the shock of holding his baby.”

Justin frowned “Jace, does it really hurt that bad? I mean was Chris just being a big baby?”

“Imagine the worse pain you have ever experienced then times it by 100.”

Justin paled and swallowed. “I wonder if Lance will give me a caesarean?”

JC chuckled “If he has to go through it he’s going to make sure you do.”

“I was afraid you’d say that.” They opened the door and peered inside.


Chris was laying on the bed, exhausted and sweaty, wrapped in a blanket in his arms was a tiny bundle. JC sat by his side and brushed the fabric aside.

“I got a little girl Jace.” Chris’ chocolate brown eyes filled with tears.

Lance sat on the other side of his lover his eyes liquid.

Justin leaned over and took a look. “She’ s beautiful guys, what are you going to call her?”