Part 39

A few days after Chris gave birth to Lilly-Anna Lance went into labour. As Chris was still sore and tender from his own ordeal and Justin had developed a sudden nausea it was left to JC to act as midwife. Lance’s cool bass tones kept him calm as he talked the slim human through the procedure. Chris sat by his lovers’ side whispering sweet words of encouragement, wiping his brow and soothing his fears when his contractions stopped halfway through the delivery.

Sweat dripped in JC’s eyes as he manoeuvred the forceps round the baby’s head. He nodded to Lance that he was ready Chris clenched his lovers hand tightly as the exhausted alien bore down.

“I got him!” JC dropped the surgical instrument and freed the infant the rest of the way by hand. The child took his first breath and screamed against the indignity of his birth. JC put him on Lances belly and cut the cord. “You got a beautiful baby boy guys.”

The blond alien started to cry as he hugged the tiny baby to him. There was a small tap at the door.

“Can we come in?” Justin peaked into the room Lilly in his arms and Joshua holding on to the tails of his shirt.

Lance smiled nodding, Chris gathered the toddler into his arms and held him on his lap. “Look Joshy, you got a baby brother,”

The little boy squinted at the emerald-eyed brunette in his pappy’s arms. “Who’s that?” He asked and prodded the baby.

Chris shifted him in his arms so he couldn’t reach out again and disturb the little boy. “That’s Kieran honey, pappy’s new baby.”

“Kieran.” Joshua tried out the name “He Lilly’s baby too?”

“Yes sweet.” JC explained, “You and Lilly and Kieran are brothers and sister like Jewel, Jovian, Sapphire and the other J’s.”

“Oh!” the toddler struggled to get down. “Down dada.” Chris let him down to the floor and he toddled off to find his playmates and tell them all about his new baby.

“Totally un-phased isn’t he?” Lance said.

“Totally” Chris said smiling “Just like his pappy. You were amazing sweets, you kept so calm.”

“Well panicking would have just spooked JC and a panicked Jace is the last thing any of us need.” They looked over to where JC was standing with Justin, his attention on the little girl in his lovers’ arms.

Chris chuckled and snuggled his lovers’ neck. “Talking of Jace” He whispered.


The brunette turned from where he was cooing over Lilly. “You both ok?” he asked a small frown forming on his brow.

“We are fine.” Lance said “Thanks to you.”

“You’re welcome Lance, you looked after me enough these past years. I’ll leave you in peace now. Call if you want anything ok.” He walked over and kissed his two friends and their new arrival before linking his arm with Justin, walking him out into the sunshine.

A couple of hours later Chris hobbled over to join him on the long bed swing carrying Lilly-Anna in his arms. “You ok Jace?”

“Yeah, just a little broody I think.” JC sighed sadly “I’ll get over it.”

Chris chuckled “Just in time for Justin to have his baby eh.”

JC smiled briefly. “Yeah probably, he’s got a couple of more weeks.”

“I know.”

JC breathed out loudly “You think I’m crazy don’t you? Missing this.. This having another human being growing inside you.”

“No, you’re not crazy.”

JC raked his fingers through his hair. “It’s not like I even wanted to have another baby … it’s more like .. I don’t know .. Like the decision isn’t mine to make.” He paused trying to see if Chris understood what he was trying to explain. “When I got pregnant with Jovian I had to do it all alone, I didn’t understand what was happening to me. Men don’t have babies’ right? Then with the quads it was as much a surprise I was manipulated by Justin. I hadn’t got over having Jovian and suddenly I was pregnant again.” He chewed his bottom lip. “And Sapphire, she was Justin again, He tricked me. I never wanted her, not at all, not till I thought I was going to loose her.” He paused again wiping the tears spilling from the corners of his eyes. “Now the decision has been taken from me again, I can’t have anymore children.” He choked back a sob. “Sorry Chris, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?”

Chris hugged the slim man sympathetically. “Nothing really important. I just wanted to know if you could explain how I gave birth. It’s all kinda a blur. I asked Lance but he fell asleep.”

JC sniffed and wiped his nose “how do you mean?”

“Well I know where it came out but I’m confused as to how? Cus as far as I knew only one thing came out of there and that’s …”

“I get the idea Chris.” JC interrupted before he was treated to more details than he deemed necessary. “What I gather is when Lance tampered with us he created a womb and ovaries to produce eggs just like women have, making us kinda a cross between men and women.” Chris nodded indicating he was following the explanation. “Well there had to be a way to impregnate the eggs so a passage was created to the womb. When we make love the passage to the bowels seems to close off and the womb one opens. I don’t really understand it all, but the baby comes out the womb passage.”

“And out of the anal opening.” Chris finished nodding he got what JC was trying to tell him.

“Something else I’m denied.” JC said quietly. “All mine were delivered by caesarean.”

“I’m sorry Josh. Lance didn‘t know till he had Joshua that we could give birth naturally.”

“Oh boy, you must be, you’re calling me Josh. Can I hold her?” JC looked longingly at the newborn.

“Sure.” Chris placed the little girl in his friends’ outstretched arms.

“She’s very pretty Chris, she has a look of you about her but with just a touch of Lance.” JC rocked the baby back and forth humming softly to her.

“Can I leave her with you for a bit while I check in on Lance?”

The gracile brunette grinned. “You really need to ask?”

Chris laughed out loud and pulled a bottle out of his pocket. “I express.” he explained as JC raised a well-shaped eyebrow. “I’m not mother nature like you.”

JC blushed. “I guess I took to motherhood better than I care to admit.”

“JC you are earth mother himself.” the two old friends sniggered.

“Thanks, I think.”

Chris stroked his hand down the side of JC’s chiselled cheekbones, leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his forehead then left to see Lance.