Part 40

“JC, I want JC.” Justin gritted his teeth against the building contraction that was tightening in his lower abdomen. “He should be here, I want him here now!”

“Try to relax sweetie. He’ll get here as quick as he can. Chris went to find him.”

The blond alien sighed with relief as his contraction ebbed away. Lance checked the time. “That one was longer wasn’t it?”

Justin bit his lip into his mouth. “Oh” his eyes widened “Oh no, oh no, not again. JOSHUA.” He screamed his lovers name as his stomach tightened once more.

“They’re closer together too Justy. This baby isn’t going to wait for his daddy to get here.”

“Joshhhhhhhhh.” Justin gave in to the urge to bear down. “I want him.” He grunted. “ I want him with me.”

Lance reached out with his mind feeling and prodding the surrounding area, he smiled sensing the slender humans presence closing in. “He’s coming baby, running as fast as he can. He left the water behind so he could get back to you.

Justin clenched his teeth, “Another” he hissed and pushed, his chin down on his chest, blood vessels standing out on his temples. He took a brief breath his pain temporarily subsiding. “Why does it hurt so much?” his eyes grew large and round. “Shit oh shit, Shhhhit.” He panted from his exertions. “How much longer Lance?”

“Not long now sweetie. You’ve crowned.”

“Ohhh my god.” A loud howl accompanied the latest contraction.

“That’s it Justin. Pant for me baby, just pant. I have to free the shoulders and then one more push and it will be over.”

JC burst through the door his body covered with a sheen of sweat. He grabbed his lovers’ hand pressing it to his lips. “I’m here baby, I’m here.” He was breathing hard from running. “You’re so brave honey.” He squeezed Justin’s hand willing his strength into the laboured man as he gazed lovingly at him.

Lance smiled at the pair. “Just one more push Justin.”

Justin held on to his knees and pushed with all his might, screaming with his effort, gasping as he felt a small popping feeling as if a vacuum had been released.

JC was crying and kissing his face. “It’s a boy Justin, a little boy, and he’s so beautiful, like you, he looks so much like you. You’re a poppa Justin!”

The blond alien cried happily and hugged his baby son to him as he claimed a kiss as his reward. “What will we call him?”

JC grinned. “He’s your son baby. You should choose. Anyway you let me choose the others. “

Justin studied the little boy in his arms as he suckled on his thumb. “Shaun.”

“Shaun is good, I like Shaun. JC kissed Justin’s forehead.

“It’s a good strong name.” Lance interjected. “Irish isn’t it? I bet Chris suggested it didn’t he?”

Justin nodded slowly grinning. “But it is a good name.”

JC picked baby Shaun up and carried him to the window showing him the outside world. “Look little man” look at what awaits you. You are so lucky. You have a daddy and a poppa that love you very much. Five strong older brothers, a beautiful big sister. Two wonderful uncles that will love you like you were their own. And when you are bigger you will have three great playmates to play and learn with. This world is your playground, your inheritance. “ He kissed the infant tenderly then carried him back to his poppa. Wiping a tear from his eye.

“I’d better go get that water.”

Justin watched his back as he left understanding the turmoil he was suffering inside.


*Fourteen years later*

Sapphire lay on the grass making daisy chains, carefully splitting the stems and threading the next flower through. She heaved a sigh. “You’re in my sun.”

“I didn’t know you owned the sun now sappy.”

She looked up squinting against the bright light at the tall green-eyed boy. “It’s Sapphiee.”

“That’s what I said. Sappy.”

The pretty brunette snorted angrily pouted at Kieran’s jibe. “I’ll just tell Jared you are bothering me again and he’ll kick your butt …. Again.”

This time it was Kieran that snorted. “Sure get big brother to protect your skinny ass.” He grinned wickedly. “Admit it you are just pissed cus you can’t find Joshua.”

“Am not.” She snapped. “I know where he is anyway!”


“ She tossed her long chestnut curls. “I’m not telling.“ She turned her attention back to her daisies.

“You giving that to Josh? Kieran asked pretending to be interested.

“Maybe,” she replied “maybe not.”

Kieran sat by her side and picked at the grass. “Maybe you should give me the chain?”

“Yeah right” Sapphire laughed. “Go play with your teddy bears infant.”

“I’m only a year younger than you Sapphire and I’m already taller. Besides, you’re wasting your time chasing my brother.” He got up and threw a handful of grass into Sapphire’s long locks.

“And what’s that supposed to mean ass wipe?”

“Just like I said, there are only two girls on this entire planet and one is mine and Josh’s sister. Honey that leaves you. And I can tell you my dear you are not his type.”

Sapphire ripped the chain she was making apart and threw it at Kieran. “Our daddies want us to be together.” She snapped, “Joshua is a good boy, not like you, he’ll want to make uncle Lance, uncy Chris and my daddies happy.”

Kieran laughed out loud. “You really don’t get it do you? Josh doesn’t want you, he’ll never want you.”

Sapphire looked confused so the green-eyed boy elaborated. “You are lacking the few added extras that he likes to get to grips with.” He winked at her as realisation dawned across her face turning her mood sour.

“Who is it Kieran tell me? Which of my brothers is Joshua seeing.?”