Part 41

It was lovely in the sunshine the two boys sat curled up together under the shade of a wide spreading oak tree, the older of the two on the lap of the younger.

The older boy nuzzled at his boyfriends neck, sniffing at him before flicking out a soft pink tongue tasting the sweet perspiration that covered the surface of his skin.

“Its beautiful here,” he murmured.

The younger boy whimpered as the older boy became bolder with his mouth, kissing softly up the strong jawbone, suckling on his earlobe.

“I wish we could stay here forever and never go back to the compound.”

The younger boy groaned as the small hollow at the base of his throat was attacked. “Me too angel,” he gasped. He shifted a little not wanting the older boy to feel the erection that was throbbing in his patched up shorts.

The older suckled contentedly on the tender throat before licking up towards the pointed hairless chin, working his mouth closer and closer to the lush crimson lips that waited for him. His tongue flicked into the corners on the younger boys mouth enticing a soft moan from him as he grasped at the older boys ass. “Stop, angel you have to stop.”

“Why?” The older of the two whined, “You taste so good and you like it.”

The younger moaned low in the back of his throat as his boyfriend reached down and began to grind the heel of his hand against his crotch. “Baby we can’t!”

“Why not?” The question was barely auditable and muttered into this mouth as the older boy pressed inside with his tongue licking at the inside of his mouth.

Joshua turned his head away panting for breath. “Because your daddy will kill me and your poppa will have a heart attack at the thought of his precious baby being violated.”

The older boy giggled. “Poppa is stronger than everyone gives him credit for. Besides he of all people would understand. He’s so deeply in love with daddy.” he kissed Joshua again falling into the caress “Make love to me Josh,” he whispered, “Make love to me.”

Joshua held the older boy close to him, crushing him to his chest. “You’re so young. It’s not right.”

“I’m almost a year older than you,” the boy pouted. “Please Josh I love you and I know you love me.”

The muscular brunette wriggled a little under his older boyfriend, trying to shift the weight that was now grinding relentlessly against his cock. Bright steely blue eyes captured his chocolate brown orbs, searching their way into his soul. Pleading with him, begging him for the intimacy that was so desperately craved.

The older of the two boys pulled Joshua’s shirt over his head and licked at his collarbone, his long slender fingers slid down the sparsely haired chest to the nipples, drawing circles round the pinkish brown hardening buds. He pinched one hard and swallowed Joshua’s pained gasp into his mouth as he distracted him with his playful tongue swirling and twisting with Joshua’s own.

“My precious Gem, I want you so bad.” Joshua sighed the sweet words Jewel had waited to hear. He growled with need as the older boy slipped his hands down the hard well-muscled chest, to the taunt belly. Jewel’s mouth followed his hands as they traversed downwards. He hovered at Joshua’s navel dipping his tongue inside and licking round the sensitive area causing the younger boy to giggle.

“Tickles.” he said as Jewel looked up grinning. Pulling his own shirt over his head he chewed on his bottom lip considering his next move. Then in one swift movement he pulled off his own heavily patched britches dropping them to the grass. Joshua reached out slowly so not to spook the older but more sensitive boy, brushing his fingertips softly over the mushroom head of Jewel’s cock. When he didn’t flinch or move away Joshua’s fingers became bolder more demanding as he wrapped them round the hard shaft and began to slip his hand up and down slowly stroking his new lover into a frenzy.

“Good so good.” Jewel moaned into his lovers’ neck. He groaned as tapered fingers cupped his balls, rolling his silky sac and massaging. Before long the older boy was coming hard Joshua’s name on his lips.

Joshua kissed him tenderly. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Jewel nodded his eyes wide with anticipation. He reached for his britches and pushed his hand into the pocket pulling out a small jar. “Poppa and daddy use this.” He unscrewed the top and sniffed it cautiously before holding it under Joshua’s nose. “Smells nice,” he said.

Joshua pulled off his shorts revealing his thick phallus that was leaking pre-cum. “There’s still time Gem, you don’t have to do this.”

“I want to.”

Jewel dipped his fingers into the clear gel and smoothed it over Joshua.

“How do you want to do this Gem?”

“I’m not sure. Me on top I think. I remember seeing daddy and poppa together when I was small. They had no idea I had woken up. I couldn’t tear my eyes from them. Poppa looked so beautiful, he sat on top of daddy and lowered himself down. Before he did he asked daddy to prepare him.” Jewel held out the jar for Joshua. “Dip your fingers and then prepare me Josh.”

The younger man swirled his fingers in the sweet smelling gel then settled back against the tree so Jewel could straddle him. He wrapped his free arm round the thin waisted boy above him and slipped his fingers between the satin cheeks feeling round till he found the tight puckered opening, he pressed against it, his eyes fixed on his lovers face, anxious that he might be hurting him. Jewel winced and formed an Oh with his mouth as the muscle gave way enough for Joshua’s finger to slip inside him. He groaned and moved his hips working the digit deeper inside him, he whimpered as the probing finger was removed only to sigh in ecstasy as it was replaced by two digits v-ing and stretching him as they slid in and out. Fireworks went off behind his eyes as Joshua hit his sweet spot. “Oh god! what was that?”

“What baby?”

“That! That!” Jewel screamed as his prostate was stroked over and over. He latched his mouth to his boyfriends, their mouths sliding together in a flurry of frenzy. “Now Josh, now inside me now.”

The younger man lined himself up and Jewel lowered himself slowly and gently down. He closed his eyes and bit his lip as the taunt virginal opening stretched to accommodate Joshua’s girth. He sat perfectly still, panting, a thin sheen of sweat forming on his brow while he adjusted to the sudden invasion.

He gave a half smile letting Joshua know he was ready. Carefully he began to move, emulating the movement that he remembered seeing his poppa making years before. Soon they were grunting and moaning as their perspiration covered bodies rubbed and gyrated against each other. Jewel purred loudly as he came once more sending his cum over Joshua’s stomach and chest. The power of his orgasm sent the younger man plummeting over the edge into sexual heaven as the tight orifice constricted, milking him of every drop. Filling Jewel with his seed. They collapsed, panting in a pile of arms and legs, glued together by their sweat and cum, fevered kisses and whispered declarations of love ensued as they succumbed to their exhaustion and the heat of the sun.