Part 46

The crying in his head wouldn’t stop, it was driving him insane. It wouldn’t let him sleep, it wouldn’t let him eat, it wouldn’t let him rest. He rubbed his swollen stomach subconsciously, attempting to calm the unborn child, it was, he was sure the infant that he could hear wailing. The child hardly moved at all under his ministrations and the sobbing increased.

“Please Teddy bear, Please try to sleep.” The muttered words hung in the air and remained unanswered as JC turned onto his side in the small cave that had become his home. Those first few weeks had been the hardest. Watching as his lover of twenty years cut his way through the undergrowth screaming his name. He watched from his hiding place, holding his breath as the tall blond alien came within feet of him, close enough for JC to see the tears that sparkled in the baby blue eyes. He saw Jovian too and barely managed to conceal himself from Chris.

The crying started again, more desperate this time. It seemed to be calling to him, begging him. Taking his time JC wriggled out of his blanket and crawled out of the small hole dragging his backpack behind him. He was dirty and unshaved, but he didn’t care, no one was there to see him. He bent double clenching his belly as his child shifted inside him, the pain was getting worse with each passing day. It was time to go home. The baby was too developed now to be aborted, for them to take it away would be murder. He waited with gritted teeth till the unborn child to settle down then he shouldered his bag and began the long trek back to the compound. The incessant sobbing still burning through his brain.

Ting, ting, ting.

Lance tapped a spoon on the side of his water glass bringing the community meeting to order. “Chris you asked for this meeting would you like to take the floor please.”

Chris stood up from the small rectangle table and moved to the centre of the group. Justin sat on the far right, next to him was the poignantly empty chair where JC should have been seated then Chris’ own recently vacated seat, with Lance on the far left. The children sat cross-legged on the floor the youngest at the front and the older taller ones at the back.

Chris waited for everyone to settle down before speaking. “I asked for this meeting because since JC left we have become slack. Until he left us I never realised just how he kept us all together. He was homemaker, poppa, counsellor, priest, friend and in Justin’s case lover.”

The brunette paused waiting for his words to sink in.

“It is time that we picked ourselves up, brushed ourselves down and started all over again. JC spent hours making sure that a rota was decided on, so no one person had to work harder than the next. We will restart that rota beginning in the morning. He would be devastated to see this campus in such disarray.”

He waited for any protests to be registered before continuing once more.

“The camp is not the only issue, I move now to issue number two. The education of the children.” He looked directly at Justin making the younger man blush with shame. “From now on the children will be split into three groups. The under tens, the under sixteen’s and the over sixteen’s. The under tens will be taught by Sapphire and Lilly. The under sixteen’s by Joshua and Jaden. The over sixteen’s by Jovian. Jovian you will receive further education from Lance in medical studies.”

Lance nodded his agreement. “I’ll arrange suitable hours with you later Jovie.”

“Issue number three is an issue that Justin you should have addressed years ago.”

The curly haired alien stiffened snapping defensively. “And what might that be?”

Chris sighed and let his eyes brush over the slender nineteen year old chewing his nails. “The fact that your oldest child is no longer a child but a man.”

Justin leaped to his feet “Who the hell are you to tell me about my children?”

Chris strutted up to the table planting his hands on the surface. “As their godfather I have the right.” He hissed. “JC made me promise that if ever something happened to him I would be there for the children.”

It of course wasn’t strictly true but what Justin didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

“As I was saying Issue three has fallen to me.” Chris grinned at Justin. “Sit down please I still have the floor.” The brunette straightened up and winked at his very impressed lover. “Jovian is nineteen now and its time he had a companion.”

Justin sneered “He’s still a child. He has plenty of time before he comes into season, if he needs company there’s always his siblings.”

“Its not just loneliness daddy!” Jovian stood up so his father could see him. “There is no one for me, I’m nineteen not nine, and I’m half human, humans need more than friendship.”

Justin opened his mouth to retaliate but was silenced by a look from Chris. He sat back down and folded his arms over his chest pouting.

The older man turned to the tearful teen. “Jovian what do you want angel?”

“I want a lover.”

“There’s your answer Justin, your son wants a lover. If JC was here he would agree to this you know it as well I as do.”

Justin just glared at his oldest son making no suggestions on how to solve his problem. “JC isn’t here is he.” He muttered under his breath, causing Lance to grimace at the venom in his voice.

Lance coughed. “I think its time that Jovian started spending time with the stasis tubes.”

Justin grunted. “I suppose my objection counts for nothing.”

“No we can take a vote.” Lance was as ever the voice of reason. “All those over the age of 16 may have a say.” He ignored the remark of typical that originated somewhere around Sapphire. “A show of hands, who thinks Jovian should be allowed to choose his soul mate?”

Jewel tentatively lifted his hand ducking his head so not to see the disapproving scowl on his fathers face. Joshua followed his lead. Then Jaden, Jared and Jaren added their hands to the count. Lance shook his head disappointedly at his oldest friend who still kept his arms firmly crossed across him and lifted his own hand.

Finally Chris lifted both his hands. “8 votes to 1” He announced. Jovian tomorrow Lance will teach you the security code to the stasis chamber, spend time in there, listen to the minds of the occupants and pick wisely, you are your daddy’s son and will know your mate when you find him.”

Justin stood up again angry at being overruled. “If that’s it I have things to do.”

Chris held up his hand “There is one more issue that we need to deal with. Jewel would you come here please?”

The JC clone moved worriedly to where his uncle was standing.

Chris cupped the scared teen’s chin in his hand and lifted it so he could see into his eyes. “Honey now no one is going to shout at you or get angry.” He shot a look at Justin that dared him to disagree. “Is there something you want to tell us?”

Jewel started to cry.

“Its okay baby, I already know, but you have to tell your daddy and you have to tell Joshua.” Chris wiped the boys tears. “You don’t have to be alone sweetie.”

Jewel looked at his daddy then at his lover who was sitting rigidly confusion on his face. “I’m pregnant.”

The proverbial pin sounded like a stack of steel piping hitting the ground as Justin lifted himself to his full height and roared “WHAT!”