Part 54

Chris took a deep breath and plastered on his smile. He was still reeling from Lances bombshell. They had stood in the infirmary crying for over an hour, eventually he had put his alien lover from him and simply saying he needed to be alone, left. He had wandered around by the river for the rest of the day, thinking about the symptoms he had ignored and the time he had left. His heart broke at the thought that he wouldn’t see his children grow up and have children of their own. He had been angry. Angry with himself for not telling anyone he was sick. Angry with Lance that he couldn’t help him. Angry with god that he was letting him die. A tear ran down his face and was quickly batted away; he was nearing the compound now and there was still an hour or so before they had to count the vote.

Lance had pleaded with him to tell JC and Justin, but he refused, he wasn’t going to be treated like an invalid. They’d find out soon enough, when he could no longer function alone. He didn’t want their sympathy … didn’t need it. He was feeling sorry enough for himself. He lifted his barriers into place; the problem with living in a mostly telepathic community was the lack of privacy, having good barriers was something he and JC had to learn.

The compound was bustling, everyone running round trying to get chores finished before the vote was counted. Chris watched JC bent double over a huge washtub, scrubbing at a pair of Justin’s pants. Beside him sat a basket overflowing with dirty laundry. He stood upright stretching his aching back, leaning gracefully backwards before bending over once more. Jewel was sitting cross-legged on the ground, his belly swollen, surrounded by the five under 10s as he taught them their letters. Joshua was struggling to hold up a post that Justin was hammering frantically at, fixing it into place. Chris ran over, lending his strength to that of his oldest son, beaming a wide smile at the sweaty youth.

“Uncle Justin’s helping me build a house for me and Gem.” The 16 year olds face was a picture of happiness.

“That’s great baby, I hope you thanked him!”

Justin grunted. “If he thanks me once more I’ll hammer him into the ground instead of this post.”

Chris laughed out loud as Joshua blushed. “Driving you mad already is he?”

“Just a bit.” Justin grinned at his friend and whispered, “its pretty cute really, he’s desperate to make me like him, I’ll let him sweat a bit, he still thinks I’m pissed that he got Gem knocked up.”

“Are you?” Chris asked.

“Nah, they are young and in love, kinda like me and JC were.”

Chris frowned. “Joshua can you go find your Pappy and ask him to make me one of his special tonics, I have a craving.”

The teenager looked at Justin, silently asking if it was ok for him to go. “Yeah, go on me and Chris can handle this. Come back though, I want to get this done before the vote.”

Making sure that his daddy had a firm grip on the post he darted off on his errand. “What’s up Chris?”

“I wanted to talk to you alone. You said you and JC were in love, you don’t love him now?”

Justin stopped his hammer mid swing, “what the hell made you ask such a stupid question? Of course I love him, he’s the father of my kids, I sleep with him every night. I was frantic when he went missing, why the hell would you think I didn’t love him?”

“Maybe because he doesn’t think you do.” Chris stated bluntly.

The pain in Justin’s eyes knocked Chris for six. “He said that?” Justin breathed, “Why would he think that?” The blond alien dropped his hammer and began to undo his tool belt, walking toward s where his lover was working. Chris ran up behind him, grabbing his arm, letting go of the post, grimacing when it leaned to the side.

“What are you going to do?” he demanded as Justin shrugged him off.

“Teach him a lesson.”

“Chris spun Justin round and pushed his face close, “You fucking lay one hand on him and I’ll kill you.” he hissed.

Justin laughed, “as if you could. Anyway I didn’t mean that kind of lesson.” Justin chuckled at his friend’s confusion. “If he doesn’t know I love him by the time the sun sets he never will.” He winked cheekily and strode over to his slim, preoccupied lover, grabbing him round the waist. He swung JC over his shoulder, ignoring the frantic protests and carried him into their shared home, slamming the door behind him.

Lance came up behind Chris a glass of greenish liquid in his hand. “Two weeks up already?” He asked humorously.

“I don’t think so, but I think I gave Justin an excuse to molest JC early.” Lance raised an eyebrow.

“I kinda told him that JC didn’t feel loved.”

“And that was Justin’s solution?” Lance pondered.

Chris shrugged, “I guess so.” A sneaky smile crossed his lips. “You know Lance, there’s another hour to sunset.” He pulled the younger man into his arms and kissed him, licking at the side of his mouth, savouring Lance’s flavour, “and I’m not feeling that loved myself.”

“You shouldn’t exhaust yourself.” Lance breathed into his mouth.

“This isn’t exhausting, its therapy.” He nuzzled the alien’s neck, nipping at his tender earlobe. “Wanna fuck?”

Lance twisted his face towards his lovers, capturing Chris’ soft lips. “God yes.”