Part 61

Justin pushed his lover hard, causing him to stumble forward over the top of the table in their living quarters. JC yelped a small protest at the roughness being handed out to him; Justin’s body pressing hard against his quickly silenced him. “Take it off.” The alien hissed as he grasped at the robe, bunching it up in his hands.

“Careful Justin! It took me and the kids months to make this.”

“Then take it off!”

“Don’t you like it?” JC pouted, and tried to stand back upright only to be shoved hard back over the table.

“Yes my darling I love it, but I’ll love it much more when it’s screwed up in the corner of the floor and you are on display to me.” The younger man thrust the robe upwards, pulling it over JC’s head, throwing it away from him. “That’s better.” He sighed as he ran his rough hands over JC’s tender flesh causing the gracile man to shudder.

“Let me stand up baby,” JC whispered.

“Nu huh, I want you like this. Spread wide open for me.”

“Honey its uncomfortable,” JC whined.

Justin licked down his spine. Flicking his tongue into the cleft of JC’s ass, causing him to groan and shift against the course wood as his erection pressed against it. “Justin.” He hissed as the tongue moved downwards, lapping at the roundness of his cheeks. He yelped loudly as Justin sank his teeth into the soft flesh, sucking hard. JC tried to pull away but was held tightly till the alien was satisfied he had marked his new husband deeply enough. He repeated his actions with JC’s left cheek, pulling away only when he had marked JC’s skin with the same dark purple bruise that graced his other cheek.

“Now you’re mine, you’re wearing my mark.”

“Justin let me up now,” JC begged.

“Can’t do it my darling, not yet.” Justin ran his tongue down the crack of his husband’s ass, burying his nose between the round cheeks as he probed deeply. A soft purr rumbled in JC’s chest and he wriggled back, wanting to feel more of the sensations that rippled through him as Justin’s tongue danced across his opening. He moaned sensuously as the probing organ pressed past the tight ring of muscle, digging further inside him. Justin pressed JC’s hips further forward, holding him ridged knowing that he was getting close to coming. Shudders wracked JC’s body as he come hard, spurting all over the table. Justin stood up quickly impaling his husband before he could catch his breath, pounding him mercilessly against the wooden surface. The slender man screamed again as his prostate was jabbed over and over.

“Come for me baby … come for me again.” Justin sucked JC’s ear twirling his tongue in the shell as he whispered the demand. He thrust again harder and JC howled as he exploded in orgasm for the second time. Seconds later Justin joined him. They hung, totally spent over the wooden tabletop, Justin’s strong arms wrapped firmly around JC’s slim waist. He nuzzled into the long bronze curls, sniggering slightly as a small white flower tangled in JC’s hair tickled his nose. He hauled his thin husband onto his feet, and then swept him up into his arms. JC hugged his arms round the alien’s neck, bringing his lips up to the soft waiting mouth. Mouths slid together, and tongues mashed. They broke contact with a sigh. Justin carried his lover to the bed, laying him lovingly on the mattress before climbing on top of him, his rapidly hardening cock pressing into the narrow hipped man. “I love you JC.” Justin kissed down his body, licking at the bruises forming on JC’s thighs. “Did I do that?”

JC nodded, his lip caught between his teeth.

“I’d better kiss it better then.”

Jewel rolled uneasily in his bed. He felt uncomfortable; the heat of the still night was suffocating him. A twinge in the pit of his belly caused him to wince. He panted till it passed, groaning when another pain gripped him, stronger this time, lasting longer than the first. He rolled onto his side, pulling his knees up to his chest, rocking gently, and squeezing his eyes shut. He gasped as another pain ripped through him. “Poppa!” His mind screamed “Poppa.”

JC sat bolt upright making Justin roll off him and fall on the floor with a dull thud. “Jaycee!”

“It’s Jewel … something’s wrong with Jewel!” he was out of bed and running before Justin could get up off the floor, forgetting his nakedness in his panic to reach his baby boy. He ran across the compound, bursting into the room Jewel shared with Jovian and his brothers. Lance, Chris and their children were already there. Joshua was clutching his young lovers hand, cooing soothingly at him while his pappy ran a scanner over him. Lilly-Anna looked up, appreciating the view of the naked older man, she nudged Sapphire, who gasped and grabbed up a sheet, tying it round her poppas waist as he tried to brush her hands away more intent on getting to his son than his own modesty.

“You’re in labour honey.” Lance smiled, “don’t look so frightened, its ok, the baby is ready. Carry him to the medical centre for me boys?” Lance dished out his instructions as he grabbed JC round the waist and passed him struggling into the arms of Justin who had just arrived having taken the time to put his pants on.

“He’s in labour Justin, he’s in labour, he’s in pain.” JC sobbed and struggled hard trying to get free of his husbands grip.

“Its ok baby, Lance is going to look after him.”

“I want to be with him!”

Justin hugged JC tight, “I know you do baby and so do I, but he has Joshua with him, he’s the one Jewel needs right now.”

“No he needs me too Justin, he’s calling me … in here.” JC hit two fingers against his temple indicating the voice in his head. “Owwww.”

JC bent over clenching at his stomach, “Oh shit Justin, Oww owww Shit.”

Justin looked horrified as JC clenched at his belly again in pain. “What is it baby, where does it hurt?”

“It’s Jewel daddy. He has linked with poppa, poppa’s in labour.” Jovian tried to explain.

“He can’t, he mustn’t, poppa’s heart won’t take it.”

“Ohh Shit … Shit Justin. Shit.” JC curled up in a ball, hugging himself.

“Daddy get him to the medical bay.” Jovan grabbed a pair of thongs, shoving them onto his feet. “Now daddy!”

Justin lifted his husband up, carrying him over to the hospital as quickly as he could. He burst though the door. “Lance, JC is in labour!”

The blond doctor turned his attention from the pregnant boy and looked at Justin as if he had gone completely mad. “Justin, JC isn’t pregnant, he can’t be in labour, now let me see to Gem.” JC howled in perfect synchronisation to his son as a contraction rippled through Jewel’s stomach. Lance stood opened mouthed running a scanner over pain-wracked man. “He … he’s in Labour!”

“I told you, didn’t I tell you?”

“Emm Lance.” Chris tugged at his lover’s sleeve.

“What? Can’t you see I’m having a bit of a crisis here?” Lance shrugged Chris’ hand off of his arm.

“I just thought you should know … I mean .. should the reading on the twin’s stasis chamber look like that? I mean they never looked like that be….”

Lance ran over to the artificial womb. “Oh my lord!”

“What? Justin was on the verge of tearing out this hair. Another scream from both JC and Jewel demanded his attention.

“The twins are reacting to JC’s fake labour pains, they are trying to respond to the thoughts he is projecting. Jovian see to your brother.”

The 19 year old blanched. “But I … I ..”

“Jovian you are trained, you know what to do. I can’t extract the twins and deliver Jewel.”

JC screamed again and grasped for Justin’s hand. “It hurts Justin, make it stop.”

Lance grabbed his scanner running it over JC’s body once more, “Chris , get him hooked up to a heart monitor.”

“His heart, Lance could this kill him?” Justin ran to Jewel. “You got to stop Gem, break your link with your poppa now.”

The young teen panted. “C … c …can’t , T … t.. tried. J … JOSHUA ….” he screamed in time with his poppa who was writhing on the bed next to him.

“I.. I’m g.. going to e.. examine you, see h .. how f .. far you are Gem.” Jovian stuttered, he looked to Lance who was busy tapping in codes on the artificial womb control panel.

Sighing he gathered his courage. “Lets get your legs up honey, Josh help will you.” Between the two of them they lifted Jewels legs into the stirrups. The teenager shakily ran the scanner over his brother. “You’re almost fully dilated,“ He squeezed Jewel’s hand, “Not long now Gem-gem.” JC groaned and Jovian turned the scanner onto him. “You’re almost fully dilated too poppa.”

Lance looked up from his work, “What did you just say?”

“That Gem was almost fully dilated,” Jovian replied confused.

Lance shook his head, walking almost a little too calmly towards JC. “No after that.”

“Poppa is almost fully dilated too?”

“That’s what I thought you said, you must of read the scanner wrong, let me see. Chris just keep an eye on that gauge for me, let me know when it reaches 120 over 50.” Lance flipped open the medical instrument again, shaking his head in disbelief, “Its impossible, he’s not pregnant.” A loud groan shook him from his shock.

“Drugs … Lance … give me the fucking drugs.” JC howled again as another contraction consumed him and Jewel.

“I can’t honey, your not pregnant.”

“Just give me the fucking drugs asshole!” JC hissed through his teeth, pain clouding his normally docile temperament.

“Lance, 120 over 50.” Chris shouted out.

“Jewels crowning I can see the head,” Jovian screamed in excitement as the baby’s head came into view. “That’s it push Gem-gem, push. Joshua support him.” The dark-eyed 16 year old looked green as he seized up his young lovers hand and linked with his mind, shoring up his strength.

“Two more pushes Gem.” The pregnant teen gritted his teeth and pushed. His hand snaked outwards, gabbing his poppa’s hand, he turned and looked into JC’s silver blue eyes.

“Poppa, my gift to you, the experience of full childbirth. “ He howled and bore down one last time.

“it’s a boy Gem you got a baby boy.” Jovian began to cry as he wiped the mucus off the child. He wrapped him in a blanket and laid him in to his brother’s arms. Jewel wept with happiness, as Joshua pressed his lips hard to his. JC lay teary eyed, gazing in awe at the precious little bundle gurgling away in his baby’s arms.

“Coming through.” Lance pushed his way to JC, laying a baby boy in the crook of his arm, quickly followed by Chris who deposited Crystal in the other. “Congratulations JC, you’re a poppa …. Again.”

JC looked at his youngest quad with tears flowing freely. “Thank you.” He mouthed.