Part 2

Josh ran blindly into the dark street managing to avoid contact with all of the party guests. His heart had been ripped out and thrown on the trash heap with the rest of his life. He weaved through the dim streets, not knowing where he was or where he was going. Not caring, he knew he should really have a bodyguard with him, but he didn’t care, nothing worse could happen to him. Justin didn’t love him, he hunched up over a trashcan vomiting. He sunk to the cold wet pavement and sobbed hysterically. Why? why did Justin do this to him, “why doesn’t he love me?” he cried aloud. He curled into a tiny ball as his body shuddered and shook with grief. He couldn’t move, He was drained of all strength, of all hope. He was alone, all alone. His reason to live was gone. The only man he had ever loved was gone, gone to make love to one of his best friends, to kiss Lance, to be with Lance. To hold Lance in the strong arms that once held him so safe. Josh wanted the pain to stop. Wanted to feel again like he had just 30minutes earlier when Justin still loved him. When he was alive. It started to rain, one tiny spot, then another and another till it was falling steadily, soaking the stricken man. Even the rain couldn’t tempt him to move. He no longer wanted to live.

The man watched the stricken brunette as he threw up in the trash can. *A drunk* he thought, a nice easy kill. Then he noticed the man was weeping , No not weeping , crying hysterically, sobs wrenching from his frail frame. The dark man looked on in amusement he didn’t give a damn about why the boy was crying, but he was interested in the vibes emanating from him. Helplessness, hopelessness, worthlessness flooded his senses. He studied his intended victim as the man lifted his head drawing a slender hand under his red nose. Swatting away the constant tears that refused to stop. He was beautiful. The dark man took a sharp intake of breath as steel blue eyes verging on grey rimmed in blood red stared into the darkness. Tears ran unchecked down the high cheek bones, dropping from the sharp strong chin. the aristocratic nose was red from crying and his lips, his lips were soft and puffy a tiny drop of blood coloured the pale pink of the mans mouth, he had bitten his lip. The dark man wanted to taste the blood of the boy. He watched as the beautiful man struggled to his feet pausing to spit into the trash, trying to clear the taste of his vomit from his mouth. He staggered down the street heading towards the bridge. The dark man followed, staying out of the young mans sight, reading his thoughts, knowing exactly what he was planning to do.

The young man staggered to the bridge crumbling against the low wall. He leaned over watching the water swirl dark and forbiddingly below. He had to end the excruciating pain that was ripping him into tiny pieces. Unsteadily he clambered on to the narrow ledge holding tightly to a nearby lamp post for support. He stared into the murky depths, was the water deep enough? he didn’t know. The mud should be thick at the bottom hopefully if he jumped feet first he’d sink in trapping himself. The tears started to fall once more as he hesitated, suddenly afraid to die but more afraid to live. He suppressed a deep shudder and leaned out over the sheer drop.

“Why do you want to die?” Josh jumped almost losing his footing, he clung desperately to the post as his feet flailed trying to regain his balance.

“Go away”

The dark man sat on the wall a few feet from the prone boy. He considered him a boy, well compared to his vast years he was. The ‘boy’ was staring once again at the water gathering his courage around him like a great cape, wrapping himself in tight.

“This death would be a waste.” The voice was low, hypnotic.


Josh chanced a look at the man insisting on talking to him

“Why did you tell me your name?”

“Because you wanted to know.” The man stood up and moved closer to JC, the brunette backed up a pace.

“I didn’t .... I ..I never, You... you can’t stop me.” he stuttered. Josh felt as if a thick quilt was being pressed down over his head.

“You did.” David moved closer. “It hurts doesn’t it?” vivid green eyes met steely blue drawing in. “Rejection, he may as well plunged a knife into your breast. Pain, such terrible pain.” Josh slipped down the post crouching precariously on the thin wall.

“I just want it to stop.” He wept unashamedly before the stranger “Make it go away. Please just make it stop.” David reached out a pale slender hand” Come to me” He had whispered but in Josh’s mind the words were shouted

“Let me ease your suffering.” The grieving man’s mind was blanketed by a thick fog “Come to me Joshua” David’s emerald eyes captured Josh, trapping him and holding him fast, pulling him deeper and deeper in to a trance, hypnotising him. His heart pounded as the shadowy man reached out once more. Josh shook his head there was something he was going to do but he couldn’t remember what. Ice cold fingers wrapped around his hand as a penetrating voice enveloped his thoughts. “Come with me. Be mine” The voice was becoming irresistible. David lifted the entranced man from the wall his eyes still locked tight with steel blue. Soft hands cradled Josh’s face as cool soft lips made contact with his, moving firmly and possessively. Josh sighed deeply as his mouth was filled with David’s tongue. It explored and tasted Josh’s lips. A metallic flavour filled his mouth as the invading tongue danced its erotic dance with his own. He was overwhelmed and possessed unable to break the spell he was being held under as the coppery taste grew stronger. His body sagged till David was supporting his weight. “Be mine.” The words echoed inside his head. It was strange Josh thought how David could talk while his tongue was still in his mouth. “Let me take away the hurt Joshua, be mine forever.”

Josh whimpered at the loss of contact as the kiss was broken. “Make it stop.” The plea sounded weak and pathetic but Josh couldn’t breathe as his heart thumped like a bass drum in his chest. “I ... I .. don’t wanna feel anymore.” David swiped his tongue over Josh’s mouth tasting the blood that oozed from the deep bite he had made in the brunettes lip. He kissed gently down the sharp jawbone, licking and lapping his way down the tender skin of Josh’s neck. He could feel the blood pumping through the young mans veins. He ran the tip of his tongue over the pulsating jugular causing the boy to shudder. The dark man took in the sweet scent of the living creature in his arms before sinking his sharp fangs deep into the soft flesh. Josh stiffened, his eyes wide, his mind suddenly clear. He tried to struggle but was held fast. The compelling voice echoed once more “Hush, hush, be mine ... forever ... my precious.” Josh’s knees buckled more and he hung heavily in the vampires grasp as his life giving blood drained away, sucked from his body by the starving creature feasting on him. He could no longer focus his eyes and a single tear rolled down his face. His heart slowed and as his breath became ragged in his chest the voice sounded once more. “Say yes Joshua, say yes and there will be no more agony.”

“Yes” Josh breathed with his dying breath. His mouth suddenly filled. “Drink” Was it his thought or David’s? He sucked greedily at the coppery fluid swallowing mouthful after mouthful unable to resist the overpowering flavour.

He screamed in agony as he thrashed about on the cold wet ground, clutching at his belly as he shook consumed by violent spasms. David sat smoking a cigarette watching calmly as the man died slowly consumed by the evil within him. After an eternity the thrashing stooped and the pain stopped. Josh lay dead. The vampire lifted the frail form of the lifeless man in his arms and carried it to a waiting car.