Part 3

Justin pulled into Lance’s drive and took a few moments to compose himself. He knew it was going to be difficult ending his two year relationship with his older lover and he knew that Josh was going to be hurt. Hell he hadn’t meant to fall in love with Lance it was only ever going to be sport fucking, doing the downright nasty things that Josh never liked or would never do. He got out of his car and made his way up the steps to the large oak door. His mind wondered as he remembered his ex boyfriends stricken face. Fuck why did he have to beg? Why couldn’t he just have been a man about it? Now Josh had made him feel bad. Justin let himself into the spacious hall painted in stark white littered with pictures of the five good friends. Josh’s face stared at him accusingly as he cocked his head listening for the tell tale sounds that would point him in Lance’s direction. He grinned widely and ran up the open stairs taking them two at a time, he stopped briefly outside the bedroom door catching his breath before opening it.

“I never thought you’d get here.” Lance purred “Good party?” He was laying nude on top of the bed. He was stroking his erect penis between his long tapered fingers. “See anything you like Justin?” The younger man gulped his own organ growing rapidly at the sensual sight before him, and dove onto his lover. The green eyed blond growled low in his throat as Justin thrust his tongue deep in his mouth, taking control. He loved the way the younger man kissed hot wet sloppy kisses darting his tongue in and out claiming every space as his own. Twisting and entwining their tongues together in a mad dance of passion. The kiss broke and Lance took a quick deep breath knowing Justin was about to fall on him once more. He fumbled with Justin’s belt and pants zipper eager to feel the lovers girth in his hands. Justin sighed and groaned as Lance’s cool hand closed over his swollen phallus and began moving up and down his length slowly, methodically milking him as their mouths sucked at each other greedily. Justin cupped Lance’s buttocks in his hands kneading the soft flesh between his anxious fingers. Wriggling his index digit till it came in contact with the squirming mans tight puckered opening. Lance moaned softly as Justin applied enough pressure to gain access to the hot tight passage, driving his fingers deeper and deeper till he hit the prostate he was searching for. Jade eyes locked to his aquamarine as he dug his way deeper thrusting into the sensitive gland over and over. Lance threw back his head Justin suckling on his Adam’s apple as he howled in ecstasy shooting his load over both himself and his lover.

They clung to each other licking the sweet tasting sweat from one another’s bodies as Justin ground his throbbing member into Lance’s hip. His moans becoming more urgent. “I want you” Lance mewed “I want you inside me now.” Justin moved himself into position and smeared Lance’s cum over his cock as lubricant. He pressed firmly, easing himself into the hot orifice. Lance’s eyes widened and a small “Oh” escaped from his lips. The younger man waited till his lover let him know he was ready by nodding his head and biting his bottom lip slightly against the invasion. Justin rolled his hips slowly sliding gently in and out of the tight space. The older of the two closed his eyes hissing quietly as his prostate was jabs over and over. Justin quickened his pace, driving relentlessly into his boyfriend. Lance began to pat his own cock growling loudly “Lance, Jesus Lance .... I’m ..” His words were cut off as he screamed shooting hot sticky cum into his lovers ass.

Lance wrapped his long legs tightly around Justin as he climaxed again pumping ropes of creamy white goo over them both. They spooned each other closely, panting . Arms and legs entwined. “Justin.” The blue eyed blond kissed the soft creamy shoulder of his boyfriend “Yes baby” “Did you tell Josh? You know about us.” “Yeah I told him.” “And” Lance pushed for an answer. “He took it well.” Justin knew it was a lie but he didn’t want to tell his new lover that his ex boyfriend lost control, crying like a little girl. “I told him you didn’t know about him and me. I thought it best.” Lance eyed Justin suspiciously “Ok” He snuggled up to his lover. “Goodnight baby” He whispered “Good night sweets.”