Part 4

Josh jumped up a loud yelp tore from his throat as he supported his weight on his hands breathing heavily. He had been laid out naked on a stone casket, all round him red church candles burned, flickering shadows filled the cold room. He was on a bridge, then what? He surveyed the room. It was dark a strong smell of damp filled the air along with a deathly silence. The tiny hairs on the back of his neck stood on end, someone was here. He could smell them almost taste them.


He turned quickly almost kicking a dozen candles to the ground.


He leaned back resting on his hands, his long legs straddling the casket. The voice was all around him, inside of him. He laughed out loud amused by the disembodied voice. He lay down feeling the cold unyielding stone beneath his nude back. He felt a hand on his ankle, followed by a wet tongue. Hands and mouth moved up his legs playing on his inner thigh. He cried out softly as the mouth worked its magic on his hipbone. Velvety breath wafted over his hardening cock.


“David” Josh breathed the name knowing without looking who his soon to be lover was.

David crawled up between Josh’s legs, wrapping his arms round the brunettes waist. Lapping his tongue over his sensitive nipples, sucking one then the other. He littered tiny kisses over Josh’s breast bone, sucking on the smooth shoulders earning himself a loud moan from the writhing man beneath him. David pulled Josh close as he kneaded his back and neck kissing his mouth roughly before slamming him down, banging his head on the hard surface. Josh wrapped his legs round David’s waist lifting his ass offering himself to his maker. He bite hard into the older vampires shoulder as the man drilled viciously into him. The brunette relished the pain, excited by it, his penis engorged with passion. He bit down harder sinking sharp gleaming fangs into David’s pale flesh, He hissed his mouth full of blood as his lover repaid the complement by biting into his throat. The new lovers fucked hard and messily, kicking half melted candles flying across the crypt.

Josh howled as he was seized by his orgasm, closely followed by the guttural yelps of David, they lay for ages not speaking, just tasting each other, nipping, drawing blood before lapping it hungrily.

“Is the pain gone precious?”

Josh lapped at the blood on David’s collarbone before it healed. “What pain?” He asked.

David laughed and placed a kiss on Josh’s palm. “You remember Justin don’t you?”


“He rejected you.”

Josh smiled evilly “He’ll pay for that. I’m going to destroy everything he holds dear.”

He stroked David’s softening phallus, then pulled it hard jerking him back to hardness. he swiped his tongue over David’s ear lob, dipping inside before biting quickly and suckling the drops of blood.

“Fuck me.” He breathed seductively in his makers ear. The older vampire didn’t need to be asked twice. He violently flipped Josh onto his belly and forced his way back inside him twisting the new vampires arms behind his back savagely. Pinning him.

“Fuck!” Josh howled and swore as David pounded him into the stone slab. A rumbling in his chest turned into an earth shattering scream as he climaxed yet again. David pulled out of him and threw him across the room, he hit the wall with a sickening thud. Josh pulled himself up leaning his back to the wall, he drew the back of his hand across his mouth smearing blood over his lips giggling insanely.

“Does this mean you love me?” He asked innocently.

David fixed his dark green eyes on his young prodigy then threw him a pair of black jeans and a wife beater. “I’m hungry, time to eat.”


The club was heaving. Heavy dance music blasted out of the many speakers as sweat soaked bodies bumped and ground to the beat. Joey stood on the upper level, arms resting on the brass railings surveying his empire. He focused briefly on a pretty redhead, swinging her hips wildly to the steady beat, He wondered where his partner had got to. He wanted to talk to him about a mutual friend, JC hadn’t been seen since his birthday party. He’d tried to talk to Justin, JC’s long term friend but had been simply brushed aside. He scanned the crowd looking for Kirkpatrick finally spotting him over by the short bar, sitting on a high stool going over some papers.

The dark haired man was concentrating hard his glasses perched on the end of his nose. Every now and then he took a large mouthful of beer from the glass next to him. Joey made his way down the stairs, threading through the throngs of clubbers. A tall leggy blond stopped his progress wrapping her arms round his neck and purring “Hello Mr Fatone” Into his ear, she rubbed against him provocatively blowing in his ear. He gently unwrapped himself and kissed her fingers promising faithfully to be back in ten minutes. He blew her a kiss before pushing his way to the bar.

Chris Kirkpatrick sat at the bar running his fingers through his hair, well what hair he had that was, after a particularly heavy night drinking he had thought it a great idea to let one of the bar girls re-style his hair, so now he sported a short Mohawk, He thought it was pretty cool even if his best pal and business partner Joey had an hysterical laughing fit about it. He ploughed through the invoices getting more and more annoyed cause he couldn’t find the one he wanted. Joey placed his large hand on the smaller mans shoulder making him jump.

“Jesus Joe” Chris grabbed his heart in exaggeration of his fright.

“What you looking for CK?”

Chris gathered up his pile of papers “ The invoice for the Chasez party, I can’t find it. I want to get it out to that little shit Timberlake before he ducks out on it.”

Joey took a swig of Chris’ beer “Actually I wanted to ask you about that. Have you heard from Jace?”

“Nah why?”

Joey leaned over the bar and got two more beers.

“Nobody has. He’s gone , vanished.”

“What?” Chris took off his glasses and reached for the bar phone.

“If you’re calling Justin don’t bother he couldn’t have cared less when I spoke to him earlier.”

“Did you try JC’s cell phone?”

“Yep” Joey drained his bottle “No one as seen or heard from him since his party.” The shorter man finished his beer and jumped off his stool. “Come on.”

“Where we going?” Joey asked as they worked their way to the exit.

“To find Timberfreak. I got a nasty feeling about this.”