Part 5

Fellatio was built on four levels, the first being dominated by a massive dance floor ringed by a total of eight short bars. Three spiral stairwells lead to the second open plan floor where a DJ pumped out the infectious repetitive European style dance music over the two floors. Seating booths and four smaller bars littered the room. The upper floor was constructed of eight inch glass a fact that many female patrons seemed to forget as the night progressed, and a brass railing encircled a large open space that looked down onto the lower dance floor. The third floor was only accessible from the street via a long staircase that lead to a spacious reception area and cloakrooms. The club itself was behind two large doors and housed two room long bars. A large stage dominated the back wall where a rock band belted out a mixture of rock, punk and Indi music. The fourth floor and most exclusive was accessible only from the first floor. Large glass elevators ferried clients up the outside of the gothic looking building. Two massive Doormen stood stonic behind a velvet rope vetting the club go’ers, only the lucky few got to grace the top floor.

Two men stood looking out on the street as the elevator slid smoothly upwards, one a tall blond with a dark demeanour and jade green eyes. The second a younger man with golden brown curls and piercing steel blue eyes. Both men were impeccably dressed in steel grey and black. The blond wrapped his arms round the younger brunettes waist.

“You hungry?” He purred in his ear as he ground his pelvis into the young mans ass.

The brunette nodded and leaned heavily into his companions body turning his head to capture willing lips beneath his own. Josh pulled back as David nipped his lower lip. He ran his tongue over the bite tasting his blood as the older vampire grinned menacingly. The doors swished open and they stepped out into the smoke filled room. Soft music filled the air as the two watched the young couples dancing together. Male bodies grinding together in the dark, lit occasionally by flashing lights. David pulled Josh into a deep passionate kiss, cupping the brunettes ass, kneading his cheeks roughly between his long strong fingers. He spun his lover round to face the dance floor and closed his hand possessively over Josh’s balls rolling them gently in his hand.

“Well baby, Which one?” Josh scrutinised the room running his gaze over the gay couples and singles that frequented the upper floor.

His eyes rested on a young man with blond ringlets framing a baby face dominated by bright blue eyes. The newly made vampire rubbed his ass over his lovers cock feeling it jump to attention as he slowly and deliberately moved to arouse the older man. He pointed at the sweet faced boy.


David laughed and licked up Josh’s neck.

“He’s not Justin.”

His young prodigy went ridged at the mention of his ex lovers name and he pulled out of David’s arms

“I don’t care, I want him”

They watched the blond wrap his arms round his boyfriend and whisper in his ear causing the other man to blush and giggle furiously.

Josh threw back his whisky sour and moved towards the dance floor his hips swaying provocatively as he threaded his way through the crowd. He stood alone swaying his body in time to the music, his arms raised high above his head his wrists crossed suggestively and his eyes closed. He hid his smile knowing that all eyes were riveted to his slender frame. He could feel the lust for him emanating from countless men. He rolled his hips and opened his eyes, lifting heavy lashes revealing the steel blue orbs beneath. The sweet faced boy was entranced unable to take his eyes from the beautiful man dancing before him. Josh pouted seductively at the ringletted boy and ran his hands down his torso, pressing the palm of his hand into his groin, his fingers spread as he rubbed himself. He let his eyes drift shut again as he took a few steps closer to his prey, breathing heavily as he felt his phallus thicken and begin to throb under his ministrations. His eyes snapped open once again, the boy was still watching him intently, licking his lips with anticipation. Josh moved in closer. He noticed David moving in on the blondes boyfriend. He covered a smirk as his maker cleared his way. He was bare inches from his intended victim now as he moved in time to the music, his mouth hovered millimetres away from the sweet rosebud lips of the golden haired boy, Josh flicked his tongue over the soft pink mouth.

“I want you!” The boy breathed into the brunettes mouth.

Josh smiled a dazzling smile and took hold of the boys hand and pushed his swollen cock against it, he lifted his lips capturing the boy in a slow seductive kiss.

“Lets go” he whispered and lead him towards the elevators.

The vampire glanced around for his sire, finally spotting him with the blondes boyfriend in a secluded booth. Josh suppressed a chuckle the boy was already dead, his maker had wasted no time. As they began their descent to the ground floor blond ringlets brushed Josh’s cheek and their lips met once more, more forcefully this time as Josh allowed the boy thrust his tongue deep into his mouth. He could feel the blood pumping through the boys veins as he became more and more aroused and he was tempted to finish the sweet faced mortal there and then, but the deep stirring in his pants changed his mind. His ass ached for this pretty creatures attention. The boy groaned into the brunette’s mouth as he worked his hand down the front of Josh’s pants. The doors opened and they pulled apart reluctantly. Josh allowed the golden boy to lead him outside to a night blue convertible parked on the side of the road. His lips were attacked once more as he was bent backwards over the car hood as the boy trapped him between his legs grinding his crotch relentlessly against his own.

“Not here” Josh panted, gasping against the boys mouth.

“My place then.” They kissed once more then climbed into the car.