Part 6

On the drive to his apartment golden ringlets felt the need to talk, divulging all sorts of information about himself including his name Jake. His wide blue eyes stared at Josh adoringly waiting for him to do the same. The creature was really hungry and again considered feasting on the blond boy before fucking him.


“Its a beautiful name.” Jake gushed as he fluttered his lashes.

“Nearly as beautiful as you are.”

Josh rolled his eyes unwilling to prolong this any longer.

“Pull over just here.”

He pointed to a dark lay-by. The riggleted youth swung off the road enthusiastically.

“Al fresco, cool.”

He switched off the engine and immediately attacked Josh’s mouth, thrusting his tongue between the brunettes lips before sucking Josh’s tongue back into his mouth. The hungry vampire humoured him, allowing Jake to take control. The blond reached into Josh’s lap pulling down his pants zipper and freeing his hard organ stroking it firmly between his soft fingers as he probed into the brunettes mouth, he hissed but deepened the kiss when Josh nipped his tongue and smiled into his victims mouth as he tasted the young mans blood.

Jake released his own cock from its restraints and Josh turned his attention from the blood filled mouth to the hard phallus. He rolled his tongue over the head lazily, swiping down the sides before working the tip into the eye. He closed his lips over the throbbing head his eyes open and fixed on the pulsating veins in the boys up-turned wrists. He sucked him deep into his mouth burying his nose in the soft blond pubic hair. Jake moaned with pleasure as his pick up worked.

“Inside” He gasped.

Josh released his hold and looked questionably at the young man, his head cocked to one side. The blond panted trying to form his words of explanation.

“Me ... inside .. now.”

The older man grinned and pulled his pants off in one fluid movement. He straddled over Jake, holding the golden boys cock ridged as he impaled himself violently causing the youth to cry out in shock and pain. Josh threw back his head his eyes closed and bit back the intense agony he was feeling. This was what sex should be, no feelings no pleasure, just pain. He pulled himself up almost till the boy was completely out then sat down again hard. Josh began riding the panting boy. Thrusting down and impaling himself viciously, slamming the thick cock into his prostate. He buried his face into Jake’s neck , kissing and licking as he brought the boy to his climax

“I’m .... I’m cumm.”

As his ass filled with the youths hot cum the vampire sunk his fangs into the unknowing boys throat and drained him. Josh lifted himself off the dead body, retrieved his pants and climbed out of the car to a slow hand clap. David stood in front of the hood watching his young prodigy with pride.

“While he was cumming?”

He lifted an amused eyebrow and drew Josh into a hot kiss sharing the taste of the boys blood. They studied the body briefly, unencumbered by any guilt. The blue eyes were wide and lifeless a faint look of ecstasy fringed with shock graced his delicate features.

“Quite the artist Joshua.” David rolled his hips into his lover.

“I’ll have to watch you. Are you still hungry?” Josh nodded in affirmation. they walked slowly down the road hand in hand looking for their next meal leaving Jake dead, his throat torn out.

The newspapers reported six murders. One in an exclusive night-club, one in a lay-by and four on a secluded lovers lane.

* * *

Chris spun the wheels of his pickup on the gravel on Justin’s drive as he pulled up outside the huge house.

“Fucking little rich bastard know whats going on.”

He snarled as Joey climbed out the passengers side.

“Chris I told you if he knows he’s not saying.”

They rang the bell and waited. Chris began to pound on the oak door furiously.

“Timberlake you asshole open this fucking door.” The door opened slightly and Chris gave it a shove sending Lance flying backwards.

“What the ...?” “Where is he Bass?”

“Chris, Joey what the fuck do you think you are doing?”

Chris charged down the hall into the living room.

“Where you hiding him Lance? Where’s Timberprick?”

Lance crossed his arms and tapped his foot impatiently as the two brunettes searched the downstairs rooms.

“Can I get you a drink while you rampage through my boyfriends house?” Lance asked not bothering to hide the sarcasm in his voice.

“Your boyfriend? You mean Josh’s boyfriend surely? Joey questioned.

Lance huffed

“No I mean MY BOYFRIEND now if you don’t mind ...!”

“Since when?” Chris advanced on the younger blond, who began to back away from the short irate man.

“Since the 8th, Justin broke it off with Josh so we could be together.”

“SON OF A ...!” Chris grabbed Lance by his shirt and pulled his face up to his.

“Where ... is .. Josh” “H .. how .. w..would .. I .. k ..know?”

Chris shoved him back hard. He staggered backwards saved from falling only by the fact he was caught by Joey. The Italian pressed his mouth to Lance’s ear.

“When Justin gets home tell him to call us. It’s urgent. Don’t make us come looking again.”

Lance stood shaking long after the door had slammed shut. Justin came slinking down the stairs his face ashen

“They gone?”

The green eyed blond stormed into the living room and poured himself a large brandy, downing it in one gulp and quickly refilling the glass. He scowled at his young lover.

“You fucking bastard!” He yelled “You fucking, fucking bastard, You just hid you coward! You left me ... You fuc ...”

Justin rushed up to the fuming man and tried to calm him down. Lance pushed him away and grabbed his coat from the back of the chair.

“I’ll talk to you when you sort them two apes out.” He stormed out of the room the air around him black with anger.

“Lance ..... I’m sorry.” But the words were lost as the large oak door slammed once more.