Part 7

It was still early when Justin shrugged on his jacket and climbed into his silver BMW and headed for the recording studio, one of the perks of having a mega rich dad, you stamp your feet and demand to cut a record and Hey Presto. He had a twinge of guilt as he sang through the song he was going to record. Josh had written it for him. Every line was a declaration of love. Josh had poured all his emotions into the words, the melody.

Justin pulled to the side of the road and closed his eyes remembering Josh’s voice singing the song to him, so excited. His steel blue eyes wide with the hopefulness his lover would like it. They had made love after, with Josh’s sweet voice singing softly in the background as the demo played on loop over and over.

Justin dropped his face onto the steering wheel and cried knowing he had made the biggest mistake of his life. Lance was fun, adventurous, everything Justin thought he wanted in a relationship, But he knew deep in his heart that all the excitement in the world didn’t replace the heartfelt love that Josh had given to him. Joshua possessed more passion in his little finger than Lance had in the whole of his body. The blondes breathing quickened as he imagined the feeling of his ex-lovers hands running over his body, tenderly stroking down over the shoulders, down his arms, fingertips walking softly over his chest capturing his nipples in a gentle pinch, just enough not too hard. Josh’s sweet voice whispering in his ear how beautiful he was, how much he was loved by him.

Justin groaned slightly as he pictured in his mind the first time they had laid down together. Naked in each others arms, Josh had been so shy, tentatively brushing his pretty pink lips over Justin’s delicate skin, moving lower afraid to take his lover in his mouth but knowing that it was much wanted. So what if Lance didn’t mind rimming and was ok with swallowing. Josh had tried hard to please his younger lover. Unlike Lance, Josh had loved him.

‘Oh god what have I done’ the thought was out in the open before Justin knew what had hit him. His eyes snapped open and he started to frantically search through his backpack looking for his cell phone, finding it he dialed Josh’s number only to find his phone was switched off. Justin started his car and pulled back into traffic swiping at the tears threatening to blind him he drove to the studio praying that it wouldn’t be too late to win him back.

* * *

Josh slept the sleep of the dead. His cold body enveloped by the unbreathing form that made him. They made a breathtakingly beautiful sight, the sire and his prodigy laying naked in the damp dark tomb. A heavy smell of death hung in the air as a rat scurried across the floor, hurrying from the unseen threat it could smell. The dead lovers didn’t stir from their sleep, but they would soon. They would wake to feed. They had to feed to survive and to feed they would kill. Only when the sun sunk low under the horizon did they awaken.

David woke first stretching his long limbs. He propped himself on one elbow admiring the lovely pale creature curled up close to him. They should of course get him his own coffin but for the next 50 years or so David was willing to share his. He stroked his hand down the boys torso, taking his limp phallus in his hand, running his thumb over the cut penis massaging it gently, encouraging the blood to start to flow again. The brunette sighed and took a breath. Not a real breath, a life giving breath, but just the appearance of breathing as his chest began to rise and fall in a steady motion creating the illusion of life.

Steel blue eyes flickered open blinking in the darkness before meeting the jade green of his sires. David kissed his lovers soft blood red lips, falling into him as Josh threaded his fingers through his shoulder length blond hair. The older vampire rolled on top of Josh grinding into him as he claimed the lips of the younger man as his prize. Using his knee he forced Josh’s legs apart and slipped quickly between them. His cock stood rigid and pressed hard against the tight ring of muscle. The younger man wrapped his legs round his makers waist and pressed forcefully forward until the throbbing organ entered him causing him to stifle a yelp.

David began to pound into him without mercy as Josh clung tightly to his shoulders his long nails digging in deep as he suckled on his masters nipples and throat. They cried out in unison shooting cum all over one another. David scooped the thick creamy substance on to his finger and fed it to the panting brunette. He watched passively as the boy dutifully licked his finger clean before grabbing Josh by the hair and thrusting his face down into the sticky mess over his stomach. Josh obediently licked up the mixture of cum and sweat, cleaning his sire thoroughly. When the older man was totally satisfied he released his grip on the soft golden brown curls allowing the younger vampire to lift his head.

They dressed silently in the same black and gunmetal grey of the night before. David pulled a necklace of turquoise stones from his pocket and fastened it around Josh’s neck.

“To keep you safe” He breathed in explanation before he walked out into the night.

* * *

Brittany had a horrible day and was looking forward to the end of her shift, It was nearing 10pm and it was quite dark outside. She cursed for leaving the lights on inside her car the previous night, now she had a long walk home. She looked up as the bell over the door tinkled, recognizing the tall brunette she smiled. He grinned back and sidled up to the counter leaning lazily across to kiss her hand.

“Baby you are way too lovely to be working you’re pretty little fingers to the bone in this place.”

He laid on the thick southern drawl he knew she liked.

“Joshy, sweetie now don’t you go mocking my accent. I’m sorry I didn’t get to your party baby my evil boss wouldn’t let me off.”

She smiled sweetly at him

“But I know Justin was real excited.”

Josh kept the smile plastered on his face. He wanted to rip out her throat slowly watching her choke on her own blood.

“Justin gave me a night to remember honey.”

“ Well good for you sweetie.” She had fucked Justin recently, the vampire could smell him on her.

“Well that’s me good to go.” She giggled and kissed his cheek “Nite sweetie.”

“Brit. Do you want a ride?”

“Oh Joshua!” she gushed “ You are heaven sent.”

She linked her arm through his as they left the diner.

“Heaven had nothing to do with where I came from.” Josh muttered under his breath as he lead her to his car.

* * *

Lance sat in the bar he was still angry with Justin for making him face the elf and the Italian alone. He motioned to the barman. A large JD was put in front of him.

“The fella in the booth”

The barman pointed to a tall brooding blond sequestered away in the corner. Jade eyes locked to emerald. Lance slipped off his stool and sauntered over sliding in beside the stranger.

“I’m Lance.” He offered his hand.

“I’m David.”