Part 8

Brittany unlocked the door to her apartment and walked in flicking on the light behind her.

“You want coffee?” she called over her shoulder.

She peered back at Josh who was hovering uncertainly just outside the doorway.

“Well come on in sweetie, you’re letting all the heat out.”

Invited he stepped inside closing the door behind him. He followed her through to the kitchen suppressing the urge to chuckle as she swung her hips and wriggled her ass as she walked. Brittany got out two cups and reached up to get the coffee from a high cupboard, standing on tip toe but still unable to reach it. Josh came up close behind her reaching over her head for the jar.

“Let me.”

He offered, smoothly pressing his flaccid cock against her pert ass. She rested back on his body and rubbed over him. Swallowing his disgust and contempt for her he ran his tongue up her neck making her shudder. Brittany turned her face into his, her breath wafted over his chin as she lifted her lips to his. He allowed the kiss to deepen, letting her make the moves totally indifferent to her advances. Her tongue flicked against his lips. Josh smiled into her mouth suddenly hit with a brilliant idea. He opened his mouth allowing her access, The blond worked her tongue deep into his mouth twisting with his, Her heart beat faster as he cupped her tight butt.

He waited till she had relaxed into the kiss then bit hard tearing the probing muscle out and spitting it across the room. Brittany would have screamed if she could. She held her hands over her mouth as blood poured through her fingers. Josh screamed for her then laughed nastily pinning her against the counter. He grasped her hair twisting her head from one side to the other allowing her to see his true face for the first time. Her hands flailed around grabbing for something, anything. Her hand closed over the mug and she slammed it into his temple. He barely blinked as blood run down the side of his face. He slapped her hard, snapping her head viciously sideways. Josh pushed his face into hers

“Whats wrong sweetie, Don’t you like me anymore?”

Tears poured down the terrified girls face.

“You wasted your time with me you know.” Josh taunted her “You don’t do it for me. Justin on the other hand now he really knew how to rock my boat.”

Brittany’s eyes widened as he dragged her to the couch, ripping off her blouse and skirt. She tried to talk, plead with him, but all she could manage was a jumble of incoherent sounds. The malicious bloodsucker that was once Joshua ripped off Brittany’s panties and forced his fingers inside her tight anus holding her down with his knee, using more and more fingers stretching her viciously until he was fisting her.

“I remember the first time Justin did this to me” He hissed to the barely conscious girl “I thought he was going to split me in two, of course he used lube and took a lot more care than this, but all the same it hurt for days after. Mind you that needn’t worry you.”

He twisted his fist and pushed hard causing the girl to make a strangled scream.

“Shh don’t cry, its nearly over.”

He sunk his fangs into her soft throat and sucked greedily at her blood. Josh wiped the back of his hand over his mouth and threw the dead girl to the floor and left.

* * *

When David put his mind to it was could be charming and Lance was falling for him. The blond vampire kept the JD flowing and the conversation light and witty. Lance was enamoured with the beautiful man. The long blond hair that hung down to his wide shoulders was tied back with a black ribbon, and his jade eyes glittered with amusement as Lance told him about different men that passed by them.

“Fellatio is the best gay club round here.” Lance pointed out. “No fucking riff raff gets in. Chris make the standards and Joey enforces them.”

David placed a kiss softly on the younger mans lips, and waited for a reaction. He was rewarded when Lance captured his mouth beneath his own suckling softly on the older mans bottom lip, playing with his tongue. David’s hands wondered freely over the young blondes torso, massaging his pecks, pinching his tight nipple and twisting making the boy hiss and sigh as he palmed his rock hard cock.

“Wanna go to your place.” Lance whispered sexily.

David placed a handful of bills on the table and stood up. He held out his hand and lead Lance to the elevators.

* * *

Joshua rang the bell and waited. Lynn opened the door, her hair wrapped in a towel.

“Joshua, what a pleasant surprise, come on in honey.”

He followed her into the wide hall of the mansion the Timberlakes called home.

“Is Justin here?” He asked.

“No honey he’s not. Just me, my husband and the boys tonight I’m afraid. Josh grinned widely

“That’s ok, it was you I wanted to see anyway.”