Part 9

David lay in the tomb naked waiting for his lover to come back, he’d been waiting for a few hours now but he was a patient man and he would punish his young stud later for keeping him waiting. The sun would begin to rise soon, he hoped Joshua would be safe from its rays. Footsteps roused him from his thoughts. His lover had arrived back and bearing gifts no less. He shoved two young men into the dank room both were bound and gagged. They huddled together against the wall Josh secured them to a iron ring sunk firmly into the masonary then greeted his sire with a long wet kiss.

“Did you have a good night my Precious?”

“ Not bad.” The younger man smirked and pointed at the two boys cowering in the corner

“They are for you. I found them making out under the pier, I thought you could find a use for them.”

David licked slowly over Josh’s lips, caressing them softly with his tongue, twirling it round and round the soft pliant mouth of his prodigy, savouring every moment. Their lips broke apart with a loud smack.

“I got you a present too Kitten.” David lead the slender man to where a simple tarpaulin was hanging, The brunette raised a questioning eyebrow as his sire stood cuddling him from behind.

“Pull it down Precious, see what I got for you.” Josh pulled at the tough fabric making it tumble to the ground.

“David, I don’t know what to say. Thank you so much baby.” He twisted round so they were chest to chest and bruised his lovers lips beneath his own before turning back excitement plastered over his face as he examined his gift.

The blond hung by his wrists between two pillars. His legs had been spread wide and fastened in place so the weight of his body was supported by his arms. The muscles in his chest and back were bunched and tense as the strain built in his prone body. He’d been stripped and fang marks marred his skin, bright red angry marks that stood out all over his alabaster complexion. His head hung down to his chest, too exhausted to hold it up any longer.

Josh caressed the man from his wrist to his armpit with the back of his hand causing him to shudder violently and take a sharp breath in biting his lip. Josh closed in on the suspended form, wrapping his arms round him, pulling him forward till they were pressed against each other. He trailed his fingertips down the mans spine as he nuzzled his face under the mans chin nudging the blondes head upwards, kissing and licking the pale flesh till he could reach the soft warm mouth. He made the kiss gentle and tender, almost pure, gradually applying pressure turning it passionate, possessing the helpless mans mouth, sucking on his tongue as he explored the orifice. Using tiny kisses planted quickly on the mans lips he broke the kiss and licked the tears running silently down the young captive’s face. Josh purred seductively in his ear

“Don’t cry Lance.” Lance stifled a sob, catching it in the back of his throat.

“Help me, Joshua .... please help me.” He begged the brunette as his tears fell harder.

“Shh ... hush now.”

Josh’s lips claimed those of his gift once more, his tongue stroking the inside of the blonde’s mouth. The vampire’s fangs elongated and sunk them into the tender bottom lip of his prisoner. He savoured the wonderful taste of Lance’s blood as it flooded his mouth reluctantly stopping feeding.

“Not yet my lamb. I want you to beg me for death, and you will I promise you.” Their lips met once more, Josh rested his forehead on the bound mans. Addressing David he asked

“Do you want to eat then fuck?” David gathered his young lover in his embrace, kissing him passionately as he tore at the clothes that separated their flesh

“What do you think?”

He continued his attack on the blood smeared lips as his dug his nails into the younger mans buttocks, pulling them apart using his index finger to stroke and caress the tight puckered hole. David forced his tongue as far down Josh’s throat as he could as he plunged his fingers into the scolding hot depths of the brunettes ass. Josh automatically clenched tight round the invading digits groaning loudly into David’s mouth, The three prisoners forgotten in the throes of passion.

The older vampire removed his fingers and Josh cried out protesting against the emptiness. His sire kicked his feet from under him taking the brunette by surprise. He fell hard onto his knees sending a shock wave through into his hips. Before he could recover David seized his hair and thrust his thick red swollen member into his mouth, face fucking him fiercely, plunging his throbbing cock into the back of his prodigies throat. The younger man gagged slightly as he fought to relax his reflexes. He swallowed rapidly letting his lovers cock slide gently into his throat. David loosened his grip and slid out of Josh’s wet mouth.

The young vampire covered his sire’s balls with his lips tonguing and lapping at them happily enjoying the salty taste sucking one into his mouth, pushing it round with his tongue before turning his attention to the other. The older man moaned and squirmed as Josh sucked the whole of his scrotum into the heat of his mouth, He let his head roll back and his eyes closed as he relished the sensations nearing his orgasm. Josh kept his eyes open watching his lover, carefully waiting till he was on the verge of cumming.

He sunk his fangs into the sensitive testicles making David scream in agony. He sucked greedily at the creamy substance swallowing it, draining his lovers juice as David tried to extract the sharp teeth from his balls, eventually giving up the struggle and surrendering to his eager creation. When Josh was satisfied he’d drank every drop of the salty fluid he released his painful caress and laid back on the floor his knees bent and open wide, inviting his still solid lover in.

David crawled between his legs spreading them wider as he plunged brutally into the tight ring of muscle, banging aggressively in and out till the younger man was begging for mercy. He reached down and twisted Josh’s balls, tugging and stretching them as he dug himself deep inside his lovers ass. Josh screamed, climaxing violently, as his prostate was assaulted shooting rope after rope of sticky thick cum over them both. David collapsed on top of him pinning him to the ice cold floor.

They lay there panting, eyes closed as they gathered their wits about them. Josh kissed his sires shoulder “I’m hungry.” he said as he licked the sweat that rolled over his lovers skin. He looked over towards the two boys huddled together staring back at the two naked sweaty bodies entangled on the ground. “I bagsy the blond.”