Part 10


That was unusual, the lights were all on but no one was answering.

“Mom, Dad?”

It was a beautiful day maybe they were out by the pool. Justin threw his shirt over the back of the couch and went out to the patio.

‘Strange not here either’

He thought silently why would they leave the place unlocked? He went back inside the house stopping to pour himself a glass of cold juice in the kitchen. The sun shone through the picture windows filling the room with a cheery glow. Nothing seemed out of place. The coffee tables were all neat and tidy, The huge oak Welshdresser was laid out as always. The wooden floors were polished and the Persian rugs vacuumed. Justin froze staring at the cream rug and the deep red stain marring its silken design. He swallowed the bile that rose in his throat as he took a tentative step forward


His voice shook and cracked as he noticed the trail of blood leading towards the library.


He followed the bloody trail unable to stop himself suddenly terrified of what he was going to find. The library doors were shut, Justin reached out and twisted the ornate brass knob. The door swung open slowly. Justin retched. His mother was laying on the reading couch her throat torn out. Her hair still wrapped in a towel. Her eyes frozen staring in terror at the last thing she had seen. Justin fell to his knees crying unashamedly. His arms hugging himself as he rocked back and forth,

“Mommy, oh god Mommy.” He stopped rocking suddenly ridged if His mom was dead .... Oh God.


He charged out into the hall not knowing where to go first tears cascading down his face. His fathers study was the closest. He threw the door open. His father was slouched over his desk, The phone still in his hand ripped from the wall. Justin staggered back against the door. Unable to tear his eyes from the gaping wound on his fathers neck. He backed out his heart pounding not wanting to go upstairs, but he had too. He charged his way up the huge twisted staircase jumping back when one of the steps creaked unexpectedly. He made his way to his brothers bedroom and stood his hand on the doorknob. Justin rested his head against the smooth varnished wood breathing heavily as he tried to remain calm, maybe his brothers were safe, maybe the animal that had done this would have spared them.

He opened the door. Everything was neat, nothing was undisturbed. Shelves of soft toys lined the room, Justin had bought everyone of them for his angel brothers. He took a step towards the bed. Two golden mopped heads poked out, covers drawn up to their chins. He reached out hesitatingly moving the covers aside. They looked like cherubs curled up together, as if they were sleeping. Justin screamed and threw himself on the floor screaming over and over. He pulled his cell phone from his pocket and dialled 911 and kept screaming till the police arrived.

* * *

Chris was going over the nights before taking’s when Joey burst through the door of his office

“Put the tv on.”

The big man yelled as he grabbed the remote flicking it to the news channel. They both stared in horror watching the four bodies stretcher’d out of the Timberlake mansion, Justin standing white faced watching obviously shocked to the core.

* “A forensic team are working in the Timberlake abode, but so far have no clue as to what happened here. More news in reports of another body found in their own home. Miss Brittany Spears, waitress in Geovannies was found earlier this morning she had been sexually assaulted and her throat ripped out, Police are treating the cases as connected. The public have been asked to keep a look out for Jacob Howard and Troy Matthews. The two teenagers disappeared last night, They were dressed in dark blue jeans and white tee shirts their truck was found parked 100 meters from the beach near the old broken pier. Police are very concerned for their safety.....” *

Chris grabbed the remote and turned off the sound as a picture of the two boys flashed up on the screen.

“Holy fuck. I guess we had better go see to the kid.” Joey grabbed the car keys from the china dish where Chris kept them.

“Nobody knows where JC is you know. You don’t think that he’s de...” Chris gulped

“I don’t wanna think about it, Josh is alright, He’s just licking his wounds. He’s fine I know he is.” As they ran down to the shiny blue suv Chris prayed he was right.

Lance hung exhaustedly from his bonds. He had stopped crying about the time he had stopped vomiting. He fixed his gaze on the two naked bodies laid out on the stone tomb, unmoving, unbreathing. They had gagged him before they had laid down together. In the dim light he could see the bodies of the two teenage boys the vampires had feasted on, He could do nothing but watch in sheer horror as the older vampire had buggered both boys without mercy, passing them on to Josh who had done the same before sinking his teeth into the blond teenager while The older ‘man’ dispatched the other with equal relish, throwing their carcasses to the floor when they had done. Lance moaned beneath his gag the thick wadded fabric muffling his sounds. His whole body ached. He fixed his eyes back on the two vampire lovers and prayed that night never fell again.

* * *

“You want me to call Lance?”

Justin shook his head as he curled up on Chris’ couch, drawing his knees up to his chest.

“I ...I ..tried .. from the ... the station. He ... He’s not there.” He began to sob again.

“Why Chris? They were babies, just babies. My mom, my dad ... WHY?”

Joey pulled the sobbing boy into his arms and hugged him tight.

“I don’t know curly, I don’t know what to say. The police ...” Chris butted in

“The police know shit they admitted that. Justin I need to ask you. Do you know where JC is?”

“Josh? NO.. NO” Justin’s eyes widened “You think Josh is dead don’t you? Why is this happening why?” Joey hugged the blond tighter making hushing noises. He shot an evil look at Chris who shrugged and said

“I’m going to check on the club.”

Chris took the elevator to the fourth floor of Fellatio. Just a normal night, if anyone knew about the horrific murders they didn’t care. Even the one that had happened in this club seemed forgotten by everyone. I will survive blasted out of the speakers and the dance floor filled with eager young and embarrassingly old men alike strutting their stuff for all to see and admire. Chris shook his head with exasperation and lifted his tequila shot to his lips.

Thats when he caught sight of him, Chris was too stunned to move to start with, quickly recovering he pushed his way through the crowds following Josh as he hurried towards the exit. The doors slid shut before he could reach them he pounded on them furiously attracting the attention of the large doorman who came strutting over intending to kick some white fag butt out the door.

“OH Mr Kirkpatrick, You ok Sir.”

The elevator reopened and Chris dove inside ignoring the massive black man as he punched the button to the ground floor. The downstairs venue was even more packed than the forth floor and he peered round wildly hoping to catch a glimpse of his elusive friend. His eyes locked with Josh’s steel blue orbs, The brunette shot the club owner a grin and pushed his way into the street. Chris followed determined to catch up with his songwriter friend, shoving the revellers out of his way he reached the door and ran out into the street in time to see Josh round the corner. The short man charged after him.

“Josh! Wait up.”

He stopped at the end of the pavement bent double his right arm clamped to his belly panting hard. Shit he hadn’t ran in years. He caught sight of Josh entering a building across the street, taking a deep breath he hurried over to catch him.