Part 11

Chris squeezed through the gap into the abandoned warehouse, Shit Josh was skinny he’d gotten through with no problem what-so-ever. His eyes adjusted to the darkness as he stood his head cocked to one side listening for the sound of movement. Something scraped across the floor above him and he quickly ran up the rickety stairs to the next floor. He was unprepared for what he found. A large ornate rug that was woven in blues and reds was spread over the dusty floor. Candles of all shapes and sizes burned casting flickering shadows and vanilla scent over the room. On a low table was a bottle of what looked like scotch along with two large glasses. Josh sat, well more like knelt in the middle of the rug his hands rubbing seductively over this firm thighs, He seemed to be panting. Chris took a step back in awe.

“Whoa, is this where you’ve been hiding out Jace?”

Josh lifted his arms above his head stretching long and luxuriously, twisting his torso so that his shirt rode up displaying a sliver of pale flesh.

“I’m not hiding.” He leaned forward resting on his hands licking his lips “Not from you anyway.”

Chris sat on the rug , reaching out and caressing the slender mans face with his thick fingers.

“I was so worried about you Joshua, with the murders an all.” Josh stopped nuzzling into the older brunettes hand

“Murders? what Murders?.” Chris pulled Josh into him so that the younger mans head was resting on his chest.

“Justin’s family has been wiped out man, and you know that blond princess down at Geovannies?” Josh nodded “She’s dead too. There’s been others. God damn you Josh I was scared for you, why didn’t you ring me?”

Josh nuzzled closer into his long term friends neck, his mouth salivating as his eyes fixed on the throbbing jugular.

“I .. I was upset. Justin dumped me, it hurts so bad Chris.”

“Its ok, I’m here now Josh. Baby you should have come to me. You know how I feel about you.”

He hugged The slim brunette hard as tears rolled down the pale sculptured cheeks. Josh smiled against Chris’ skin, damn he should have taken up acting instead of writing, if he could fool Chris then he could fool anyone. He lifted his lips to those of the older man, brushing across his soft mouth. The older man snaked his tongue out licking at the tempting mouth millimetres below his own.

“Joshua, don’t ... don’t start something you won’t want to finish with me. You ..You’re hur...” the rest of his sentence was cut short as Josh crushed his lips to his, opening his mouth to accept Chris’ probing tongue. Coffee and tequila filled his taste buds as his licked inside the inviting orifice. He crawled on to the stocky mans lap grinding his now swollen cock into the others groin.

“I need you.” Josh whispered “I want you.”

He kissed at Chris’ chin, letting his mouth travel all over the older mans face as he undid his shirt. Chris in turn fumbled with the small white buttons that fastened Josh’s shirt, till the slim man got tired of struggling and ripped the fabric open for him. The older brunette attacked Josh’s nipples with vigour, lapping one then the other biting gently and stretching the nubs into his mouth, He groaned loudly as the beautiful man wriggled about on top of him creating hot friction that threatened to end this agglutination all to quickly.

“Slow down, Joshy slow down baby.” he trapped the young mans mouth beneath his own once again as Josh breathed into his mouth

“I wanna taste you. Let me taste you Chris.” He slipped his hand into the top of Chris’ pants squeezing the throbbing organ waiting there. “Let me taste you here.” he purred.

Chris undid his belt and pulled down his pants and jockey shorts in one go. He allowed himself to be pushed back onto the rug as Josh’s hot mouth made its way down his body. Joshua was not a bragger not when he was alive and certainly not now he was dead but even he knew he gave a wicked blowjob, He knew it was after a certain evening with Chris that the night-club suddenly got a new name.

Fellatio, he found out later it meant blowjob, He couldn’t help but be flattered now he was going to do it again, he was going to give Chris the best god damn blowjob he had ever experienced, Josh bit back the urge to giggle at the thought that of course it was going to be the last one he ever experienced too. He used the flat of his tongue to lick from the base of Chris’ balls to the throbbing red head that was already leaking pre-cum. He swirled round with the tip working it gently into the oozing slit as his lips enveloped the head. Tracing his tongue under the rim, rolling it round and round. He swallowed Chris’ cock deeper pressing his hot wet muscle against the shaft as he slid his mouth up and down, squeezing and teasing the heavy sac hanging below. Chris thrust up from the rug arching his back as Josh swallowed him whole, this thick cock sliding into the slender mans throat. He held still until he was given the indication it was alright to thrust again. He marvelled that someone so slim and fragile could deep throat the way Josh could. He’d tried it once when him and Joey had got rat arsed one night, he ended up throwing up all over the place. But Josh, Josh took it with ease. Chris yelped when Josh caught him with his teeth but relaxed again as the beautiful brunette eased back into a rhythm of sucking and swallowing.

Josh wallowed in the blood filling his mouth, Chris didn’t even know he’d been bitten. He sucked harder pulling the solid member deeper than ever into his throat letting the blood trickle straight down. He opened his eyes to watch his victim fisting the rug, rolling his head back and forth in ecstasy. Chris had been nice to him, He wouldn’t let him suffer. he watched as Chris became more and more light headed, He reached down holding Josh’s hair

“Baby You got to stop I’m feeling woozy here.”

Josh sucked harder. Five minutes later he got up and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He bent over Chris’ dead body and kissed him softly on the lips.

“Sleep peacefully Christopher. You’re the lucky one. You Can.”

The vampire left knocking one of the candles over on to a pile of silk. He stood and watched as the flames took hold then left. This time there would be no body to point to him.

* * *

David was waiting as Josh entered the graveyard. The young vampire wrapped his arms around his maker and wept. David stroked his hair and kissed the top of his head.

“I miss the sun” Josh whispered

David held him close.

“You won’t in time. This way of life is new to you. You will begin to enjoy your power.”

The words were said in the younger mans head.

“I just killed a man that was my friend, and I don’t feel anything, no joy, no sadness, no remorse.”

David sighed and spoke directly to Josh’s mind once again.

“You are a soulless creature Joshua. You have no feelings for others. The only things you can feel is sorrow for yourself and hate for others. That’s why when we fuck its so intense, its the closest we can come to expressing our love.”

Josh huddled against his sires chest.

“The sun will rise soon.” David lifted his lovers chin, and kissed him passionately.

“Then we had better go undercover. Come Joshua, I’ll lift you from this melancholy mood.”