Part 12

Justin stared out of the window watching the sunrise, his cell phone clutched tightly in his hand. He couldn’t reach Lance or Josh, He was beginning to worry. Joey came into the room with a cup of hot chocolate, handing it to the grief stricken blond and taking the phone in return before leading him to the oversized chair next to a coffee table.

“I take it they are still not answering?” Justin shook his head

“No. Do you think they are ok?” Joey smiled encouragingly.

“Yeah I’m sure. Try to get some sleep Justin, Chris should be home soon. Then we’ll go over to Lance’s. Goodnight.”

Justin sipped the hot beverage and muttered goodnight back. He curled up in the big soft chair blowing on the hot liquid in the mug sipping it slowly so not to burn himself. Worry marred his pretty face, He was worried about Lance, But even more worried about Josh, god he missed Joshua. He’d know what to do. Dealing with the police, arranging the funerals. Holding him tight making him feel better. Lance could do the same he guessed but Josh could do it better. He closed his eyes and pictured his ex boyfriends face. The soft brown curls that Josh had grown for him, the chiselled cheeks, the sweet kitten strip that ran down his chin that Justin loved so much. All Justin wanted to do right now was hold his former lover again. He began to feel sleepy, suspecting Joey had slipped a sleeping pill into the chocolate he put it on the table before slipping into a peaceful sleep.

When he woke up it was nearly 3pm. He rubbed his eyes with the heels of his hands and stretched the kinks out of his bones. damn Joey could have least have put him to bed. Justin walked into the kitchen. Joey was sitting his back to the door, his shoulders shaking.

“Joey?” The big man wiped his eyes and turned round to face his house guest.

“Justin ... Chris .... he ... he’s dead.”

Justin staggered back hitting the wall and sliding to the floor his head in his hands

“No .. oh god no. whats happening Joey? whats happening?.” Joey burst into tears cradling his face in his large hands “He was my oldest friend, what am I going to do? What will I do?”

* * *

The sun sunk low over the horizon, and the vampires began to stir. Josh’s eyes flickered open, he sat bolt upright gasping the first breath. He gazed about him as if he wasn’t where he expected to be before rolling off the hard slab that served as their coffin. He pulled on his pants and walked bare chested to where his prisoner hung limply. Josh lifted the blondes head by his hair and pulled the gag from his mouth. He kissed him hard biting into his flesh, sucking his blood using him as a mortal would their morning coffee. He didn’t drain the man, he just took enough to rejuvenate himself and give him the strength for the coming hunt. He shrugged on a black silk shirt and slipped his feet into Lance’s boots. He went back to the blond lifting his head.

“Lance, Lance listen to me, listen.” Lance’s eyes fluttered open he stared at his former friend.

“Good Lance That’s good. Now when David wakes tell him I’ve gone hunting, do you understand?”

The green eyes drifted shut again and Lance’s head lolled forward. Josh pulled him back up by his hair and slapped his face.

“What must you do Lance? Tell me.” he demanded

“Gone hunting” The blond muttered.

“Good, good Lance, Tell David, don’t forget or I will punish you. Do you understand?”

“Yes” was the murmured reply

“Tell David, I’ll tell David.” Josh kissed him tenderly.

“That’s very good Lancy. You are a good boy.” He left the crypt smiling.

* * *

Justin and Joey sat in Fellatio in silence. The club was really jumping tonight. They clicked their glasses together

“To Chris”

They both said and drained the shots. Justin climbed off his stool staggering slightly.

“I’m going home Joe, I can’t do this . Not tonight.”

He hugged the big man patting him on the back.

“Later dude”

Joey watched him leave then filled his glass raising it in the air “Chris” he said before throwing back the burning liquid.

Justin walked out of the door and bumped into someone. He muttered his apology without looking up. Josh smirked and carried on into the club, he looked around the first floor not seeing who he was looking for so he climbed the steps to the second floor. There he was sitting at the short bar, his glass abandoned as he swigged whiskey straight from the bottle. Josh sauntered up behind him and kissed his shoulder.

“Joe I just heard. I’m sorry about ... you know” “God Josh where were you. We were so worried. Even Justin’s been shitting himself over you.”

Giant tears began to fall from the big mans chocolate brown eyes rimmed red from the constant crying.

“Chris loved you, you know Josh.” The brunette took the bottle and took a long swig.

“I know” He gulped back another mouthful and gazed at Joey with stormy steel blue eyes.

“You wanna get out of here Joe?” The Italian swallowed a large mouthful of whiskey and grabbed Josh’s hand pulling him towards the exit.

“I wanna go to your place Joshy. Mines too empty without him.” The slim brunette let the larger man lean on him as they staggered to his car. He opened the passenger door helping Joey inside. He even did up his seat belt after all safety first.

“Ok Joey , lets go home.”