Part 13

The cemetery was pitch black, the headlights of Josh’s car swept over the deserted graveyard as he pulled into the long drive. He put the car into park and threw a quick glance at the softly snoring man sitting next to him. He wasn’t going to get Joey inside alone. He’d have to get David. He jumped out of the car and carefully picked his way down the steep slope that lead to their den. He pushed back the thick green ivy that concealed the entrance and went inside.

His head struck the wall stunning him, then a fist hit him hard in his face knocking him off his feet. He felt strong fingers fasten themselves into his hair and he was dragged across the floor. He struggled to regain his feet as the pain seared through his head. He held on to the wrists of the hands that were holding him, blinking rapidly trying to clear his eyes enough to see who was attacking him. He was twisted over onto his belly and pressed hard into the damp ground. A knee pressed down painfully on the small of his back and his head was pulled agonisingly backwards arching his back. A tongue swept over his ear.

“Never, Never leave this place when I sleep. Do you understand me my precious?”

“Y...Yes, David you ... your hurting me.”

David twisted his fingers deeper into Josh’s brown curls pulling harder applying more pressure to his back. The brunette cried out in agony.

“I’m sorry Oww Oww .. David please .. I Went hunting . I told him Owww to tell you Owww.” The grip relaxed but only a little.

“He told me, Don’t blame him. You never leave me again when I’m sleeping.” To emphasise his words he pulled Josh’s head back further. David licked the soft skin beneath his young lovers ear

“Did you bring me something my sweet?” he whispered

The brunette hissed a yes and the grip was released and his face slammed into the dirt. Josh crawled painfully to his hands and knees his head hanging down as he struggled to control the pain coursing through his slender frame. David sat cross legged on the tomb dressed just in his dirty blue jeans, a sadistic smirk on his face as he watched his lover pull himself off the ground using the side of the tomb for support. Already the bruising was beginning to fade and the deep cut on his forehead was closing over.

“Come here Joshua.” He held his arms out to the younger man and Josh entered them resting his head on his sires shoulder

“I’m sorry My Lord.”

David smiled at the title of respect his lover had used, maybe he should beat him more often. His lips sought Josh’s and he captured the younger man in a soft loving kiss.

“You are forgiven Kitten , Now what did you bring me?”

The slim brunette’s face lit up in a wide grin. “Italian takeout.” He chuckled at the quizzical look he got. “He’s in the car, I couldn’t carry him by myself.”

They kissed again their tongues caught in an erotic dance causing them both to pant with wanton need. David pulled away first. This boy was insatiable he thought to himself as he said

“Lets go get dinner.”

David handled the large Italian easily on his own but let Josh feel useful by pretending he needed help, it was just one of the little things he did to make his lover smile. The same as he let Josh hunt for him the boy needed to feel useful and wanted so David obliged him. He dropped Joey on the floor next to the same iron ring they had tied the two teenage boys to , Josh searched out some rope and tied the big Italian’s hands together above his head.

“What did you give him Joshua?” The brunette looked at his lover blankly before catching on to the question.

“Oh .. No .. Nothing he drank a bottle of Whisky, he’s just drunk.” David laughed

“Have you ever feasted on a drunk?” He asked.

Josh shook his head wondering why his lord was so amused. The older vampire brought forth his fangs they both ignored the sudden whimper from the suspended blond as he caught sight of the light gleaming on the sharp unforgiving teeth, Their attention firmly on the unconscious man in front of them. David got down beside Joey and sunk his fans into his jugular, drinking his blood. He stopped breaking contact with a small swipe of his tongue inviting Josh to take his place. The younger vampire bit into Joey’s neck and sucked hungrily then fell back giggling hysterically. He reached for David as the room spun round him.

“Whazz Zthat? feelinz iss feelss funny.”

He hiccuped loudly and collapsed backwards unable to stop giggling. David shook his head and laughed at his young very drunk lover. He reached over and bit Joey again, he let the mans remaining blood drain into a goblet. Walking over to Lance he pulled back his head and removed the gag. forcing him to swallow the remaining blood before pushing the gag back into place. David kissed the green eyed man on the forehead and made him look at Josh who was still rolling on the floor consumed in laughter.

“He’s going to kill you soon. And I’m going to watch him.” He licked up the side of Lance’s face with the flat of his tongue leaving a bloody trail marking its passage. He then turned his attention back to his lover lifting him to his feet before throwing him over his shoulder and carrying him out to the car.

David killed again and again ensuring Joshua fed too slowly sobering up the slight man. He chuckled when Josh missed a young girls vein altogether and sucked on her neck for ten minutes wondering why all that was happening was she was getting a huge hickey. That’s when David took pity and started biting for him. The night passed quickly and they soon had to make their way back to the cemetery. Josh paused looking up at a light in a window and David spooned up behind him looking up at the silhouette that moved around the room.

“What do you see precious?” He purred in the younger mans ear.

“That’s Joey’s place.”

“Joey, my Kitten is dead.”

“I know. That’s Justin.” He started to walk towards the apartment entrance only to be pulled back by his more experienced sire.

“Its late my sweet, Tomorrow. Tomorrow he is yours.”