Part 14

Justin turned over on the large couch sighing deeply, the pounding in his head increasing. As he struggled into consciousness he became aware that it wasn’t his head it was a constant tapping on the front door that had roused him from his sleep. He padded to the door his bare feet making no sound his jeans still undone and hanging low on his hips. He opened the door muttering under his breath.


He stared not knowing what to say. Josh stood his head hung down between his shoulders his hands thrust in the back pockets of his jeans, shuffling from foot to foot nervously.

“Hello Justin”


Justin was unable to move as he looked at his ex-boyfriend. Josh kept his eyes downcast and had a wounded puppy look about him.

“Do .. Do you want me to go?”

The blond felt his eyes start to burn as tears formed in his eyes. He threw his arms round his former lover and sobbed. Josh held him tight. kissing and nuzzling into his neck,

“Can I come in baby?” he mumbled into Justin’s ear. Justin nodded and taking the brunette by the hand lead him inside.

They sat in silence Justin on the couch and Josh in the easy chair. Their eyes locked neither knowing what to say. Josh broke the silence.

“ I’m sorry about your family Juju, I didn’t know if to call or not.” Justin wiped away the large tear that rolled down his face.

“They were just babies Josh, Why would they kill babies?” He dropped his face into his hands and wept bitterly. His ex moved beside him in one fluid motion draping his arm round the blondes shoulder and holding him tightly to his chest, Kissing his hair tenderly.

“There’s some sick people out there Ju.”

Justin lifted his face and looked into Josh’s eyes.

“I .. I lied to you Josh, When I said I didn’t love you. I missed you so much ... I just ..”

Josh leaned forward their lips touched, tentatively to start, slowly becoming more bold as Justin relaxed into the caress, lacing his fingers through the brunettes hair. His tongue snaked out licking softly on Josh’s sensitive pink lips, begging access to the sweetness of his ex-lovers mouth, Access that was granted. The brunette growled in delight as Justin’s tongue filled his orifice exploring the deep recess. The kiss became wetter and sloppier as the passion between the two men grew, Their hands took on a life of their own, grabbing and tearing at each others clothes in a feverish haste to feel skin touching skin. The breath rushed out of Josh as Justin’s hand closed over his swollen member deliberately drawing his hand up the thick shaft and swiping his thumb over the slick fluid leaking from the slit, smoothing it round the head. He gasped as the blond squeezed his cock and murmured into his mouth

“I want you.”

Josh’s head was spinning from his need for his ex lover, it wasn’t meant to be like this. He had come here to kill not to be ensnared in this golden boys web. He attempted to break away but felt himself falling further into Justin’s net as the younger man pulled him down to the floor and rolled him onto his back, climbing on top of him, pressing heavily over his body, grinding relentlessly against his throbbing cock. Passionate kisses turned into desperate licks over Josh’s face, neck and shoulders. The blond sucked on the older mans adams apple and twirled his tongue in the hollow of Josh’s throat. Kissing over his pectoral muscles to find the hard pinkish brown nipple, capturing it between his teeth and biting softly as he swirled his tongue over the solid nub. He squeezed and teased Josh’s other nipple with his free hand sending the brunettes senses into overload. Justin let his right hand drift from the solid cock he was caressing to the heavy ball sac, rolling his ex-lovers testicles round, using his index finger to massaging the sensitive skin underneath reaching closer and closer to the tight puckered opening with every stroke.

“Justin” Josh mewed “Oh god Justin. Inside please baby I want you inside.”

The golden haired man slipped his finger deep inside groaning at the intense heat as his ex-lover rolled his hips and squirmed down on his hand, encouraging him to reach further inside.

Mouths found each other again and the urgency of the kisses increased. Josh pulled his lovers fingers free and reached for Justin’s phallus as he wrapped his legs round the younger mans waist. The blond obliged, manoeuvring himself into position . His slick cock pressing against the waiting opening. Josh screamed in ecstasy as the solid shaft slipped inside him. The young blond waited until he was sure the beautiful man was fully adjusted to his size before he thrust the rest of the way inside the scolding heat, building steadily into a rhythm. Josh arched up into Justin his body covered in sweat. He sucked and licked at the sweat glistening on the golden mans skin. His ass suddenly contracted as Justin rammed into his prostate hitting it again and again. Both men howled as first Josh then Justin shot their loads, white creamy cum spurting over the already slick skin gluing them together, as Justin’s filled the depths of Josh’s ass. The younger man collapsed over his newly consummated lover panting hard. He swept away the dark wet curls from the steel blue eyes that were hidden from his view. He pressed his lips to Josh’s kissing him almost chastely

“I love you.” He whispered “I love you.”

Josh closed his eyes knowing he couldn’t go through with his plan. He couldn’t kill Justin. Not ever.

They lay together for hours, their sticky bodies entwined, just kissing and tasting each other till Justin began to shiver. They pulled the blanket that Justin had been using before Josh had arrived of the couch and wrapped it round themselves, gently drifting to sleep. Josh woke with a start, what time was it? How close to sun up? He pushed Justin off of him and grabbed his clothes running for the door.


He paused briefly grabbing his young lover and kissing him roughly before charging out half dressed into the street leaving Justin stunned. The blond gathered his wits and chased after him but his lover was moving so fast he lost him within minutes. Justin walked home his head hung low as the sun rose above him.