Part 15

Josh stumbled into the crypt just as the first rays of sun broke the horizon. He fell to the ground sweat pouring from every pore, his head pounding from the adrenaline flooding through him. That had been close. A minute later and he would have been toast. He waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. Muffled screams emanated from the tombs depths. Josh cautiously made his way into the large chamber that served as their home his back pressed to the wall.

David had Lance spread out over the stone slab that the two vampires used as a bed. His wrists firmly attached to the top. His legs spread wide and tied to the foot. His hips were lifted in the air by the rolled up tarpaulin that had been used to cover him when David had first captured him giving easy access to his tight ass. The vampire leaned over him thrusting his hand into the screaming man, twisting viciously inside him as he watched the young blondes face contort in agony. He thrust his lips violently against the sobbing mans biting into the soft flesh, just a taste he was Joshua’s to kill not his, but he could have fun with him and he would. He twisted his fist again and Lance threw back his head as an agonising scream tore from his lungs . David withdrew his hand and licked the blood coating it. He crawled up the helpless man dragging his tongue over the alabaster skin now marred with bites and bruises. He rubbed the head of his cock over Lance’s mouth. squeezing his pre-cum over the bitten lips.

“Take it”

He demanded as he thrust his huge member into the blondes mouth. Lance gagged as the phallus hit the back of his throat. David ignored it and began face fucking him relentlessly. Josh slid down the wall watching un-speaking. He slipped his hand inside his own jeans and stroked himself to the same rhythm that his lover was using. The guttural grunts and groans that filled the air excited him urging him to his orgasm. He cum to the sound of Lance choking as David thrust deep into his mouth spewing ropes of cum down the unfortunate mans throat. The older vampire kissed Lance sweetly and untied him, dragging him back to his place between the pillars and securing him in place. He waited till the blond had controlled his breathing before ramming the gag back into place. Then he turned his attention to his lover. David advanced on Josh angrily, yanking him to his feet with his hair. He struck the brunette savagely across the face sending him spralling across the floor. He quickly followed up his assault with two well placed kicks to his ribs. He straddled the younger vampires body, latching his fingers into the golden brown curls and twisting evilly. He sniffed the air around his lover bringing his nose close to Josh’s face.

“You didn’t feed”

David slammed Josh’s face into the ground then held his face back up to his own.

“You didn’t kill him.”

He twisted Josh’s hair emphasising his words

“I .. I wasn’t ready. I ... I want him to really suffer when I do. .. please .. My Lord!”

David released his hold slamming the slender vampire into the dirt.

“You walk a fine line Joshua, Heed my words. I will not hesitate to throw you out into the sunlight if you deceive me. I want the head of the golden one tomorrow night or you my precious will die.”