Part 16

Lilies. White lilies were his moms favourite flower. Justin knelt and laid the wreath on the joint grave, his parents and brothers together forever. He was alone, all alone. Chris and Joey were missing, Lance was god knows where and Josh ... well Josh he hadn’t been able to trace his lover since he ran out on him the night before.

“What am I going to do mom?”

Justin asked. His shoulders shook with grief. He’d been at the graveside all day unable to bring himself to leave. He placed the teddy bear he had clutched in his hands against the head stone and wept.

The day was drawing to a close he knew he should really go home .. home now that was a dilemma, where was home now? Was it the mansion where his entire family had been brutally massacred? Was it Joey’s plush apartment or maybe Chris’ small European style villa on the outskirts of town? He turned a small bronze key over and over in his hand, Josh’s key, that unlocked Josh’s house. He had gone there before he had come to the cemetery. The place had been empty. Birthday cards still stood on the mantelpiece, his mail was clogging up his mailbox, and on the huge maple table stood a bowl of rotting fruit. Josh was always meticulous about cleanliness and Justin figured he hadn’t been home since the night they had broke up. He couldn’t help but wonder where the exquisite man he’d made love to the night before had gone. He never realised that Josh could move that fast, but it was the sudden panic in the brunettes steely eyes that had frightened him the most.

Justin said a silent prayer for his loved ones and stood up making his way back to his car. He stood on a stone turning his ankle and knocking him off balance, he stumbled and fell rolling down a steep slope until he hit an ivy covered wall with a thump. He shook his head as stars flashed in his eyes, He groaned and crawled to his knees reaching for the wall to support his weight only to fall face first through a concealed entrance.

A dank musky smell of rotting flesh filled his nostrils, he held his hand over his nose and mouth to block out the vile stench. He saw a light flickering in the distance and curiosity got the better of him. He carefully picked his way down the broken steps towards the light, hovering uncertainly the open doorway before peaking into the large chamber.


He charged towards the bound man stopping suddenly his eyes wide and fearful as he saw the two vampires naked and entwined in their sleep of death.


Justin reached out his hand and brushed back soft curls to expose his loves face. He trailed his fingers to the pulse point on Josh’s neck, nothing. He began to cry. Not Josh, he’d lost everyone now Josh was dead too. He didn’t spare a look for the blond man wrapped round his lover. He lifted Josh’s limp body in his arms and crushed him to his chest. A small muffled moan brought him back to his senses. Lance. He kissed his dead lover tenderly and laid him gently back down.

“I’ll come back for you Joshua, I won’t leave you here alone I promise, But I got to help Lance right now.”

He sprinted over to the blond tearing at the ropes that held him fast,

“Lance, sweetie, can you hear me? Baby look at me.”

Green eyes fluttered open filled with relief but it was quickly replaced with fear. Lance tried to scream, warn his boyfriend but the gag was still in place. His muffled pleas went unheeded as he begged Justin to turn round, to run. He closed his eyes as the hand closed round Justin’s throat.

An iron grip closed round Justin’s throat dragging him back throwing him across the floor. He hit the stone tomb with a sickening crunch striking his head. Stars clouded his vision once more as he was dragged back to Lance’s feet. David smashed his fist into the impertinent intruders face splitting Justin’s mouth open and splattering his blood over Lance’s pale skin as he screamed into his gag. Another sickening crunch signified Justin’s breaking ribs as David stamped down on his chest. The pain racked boy clawed the ground as he attempted to escape the vampires fury. Justin sailed through the air as he was hoisted up and thrown fifty foot crashing into the opposite wall. He coughed up blood and a red haze clouded his eyes as David advanced on him his fangs bared.

“You touched him, Joshua is mine.”

A sharp pain shot down into Justin’s shoulder as David sank his teeth into his jugular, draining his life away. The world began to fade “Joshua” Justin’s last thought was of his lover and the night they had shared.