Part 7

Justin gathered the white robe around his new husband and led him, their hands still bound together to their honeymoon room.

The officer’s quarters were close to the middle of the camp, almost next door to the building that had housed the breeders before they had been shipped north that morning. It was obvious that some effort had been put in to make the small but adequate room look romantic. The normal single bunk had been removed and two mattresses covered in silk sheets had been placed on the floor in its stead. The whole room had been filled with wild flowers, filling the air with their pungent floral aroma. The shades had been pulled down and candles flickered their shadows on the walls.

The two men took a minute to digest the atmosphere before stepping inside.

Once inside Justin pulled Joshua into his body and tilting his head kissed him sweetly on his mouth. He leaned back and brushed Josh’s hair from his eyes. “Are you alright,” he asked kindly.

Joshua nodded but chewed his lip, betraying the turmoil he was feeling inside. “Don’t be scared,” Justin whispered.

The brunette teenager lifted his head arrogantly. “I’m not scared.” Justin raised an eyebrow in disbelief of the statement. “Maybe I am, a little,” he conceded, much to Justin’s mirth.

The dark blond soldier trailed his fingers down his husbands face. “I am too,” he breathed before he closed the gap between their mouths once more. Joshua trembled in his arms, and Justin could feel his heart beating hard against his chest. “Lets sit down.” He walked the nervous teen to the makeshift bed and lowered him to the mattresses, sitting down beside him. Justin rubbed Joshua’s bare leg, marvelling at the silky smoothness of his skin.

“We can take this real slow, there’s no hurry at all.” The older man rubbed his hand up the inside of his husband’s thigh, making him shudder and scoot away. Justin looked up surprised and was devastated to see complete terror in Joshua’s eyes.

“ I won’t hurt you,” he breathed. “I won’t do anything until you are completely comfortable.”

“ I’m sorry. It’s just …” Joshua began to cry, tears welling up and leaking from the corner of his eyes, smudging the kohl that rimmed his steel blue orbs.

“Don’t cry, talk to me my love tell me what is frightening you so much. Didn’t you want to marry me, would you have preferred another match?”

“ No it’s not that. It’s just. I have never been touched before.”

“You are a virgin, yes I know that love that’s why I’m willing to take it really, really slowly with you.”

Joshua exhaled a loud sob. “No you don’t understand. When I say I have never been touched, I mean just that. Not even my father touched me with more than his fingertips, and that was just my hands or my face. Trystum hugged me but he was my bearer, even before I knew, I think I sensed that somehow. But when you touch me it’s different. I don’t know how I should react. I don’t know how to feel.”

Justin thumbed away the worse of the tears and leaned in kissing each of Joshua’s eyelids in turn. “Never touched? But surely you were held as a child, loved?”

Joshua shook his head.

“But you must have been bathed?”

“As long as I can remember I had to bathe myself. No one, not even my governor ever saw me unclothed. I am a breeder, untouched, kept pure until it is time for me to breed.”

“I want you to carry my children. Josh will you let me take off your robe?”

The teenaged boy hesitated, his pretty mouth trembling.

“I swear to you love I won’t hurt you. I just want to look at and touch you. Trust me love.” Justin caressed his husband’s face. “Please trust me.”

Joshua sucked his lips into his mouth, wetting them. Then he reached down and released the clasp on his coat, sliding it off of his shoulders and letting it fall loosely to the bed. Justin allowed his eyes to drink in the beauty displayed for him. Unhurriedly he reached behind Josh’s neck and trailed his fingers over the soft skin. He pulled Joshua towards him till their lips met. He played his tongue over the plump moist cushions, tasting the lingering sweetness of the candy his husband had consumed before the ceremony. Justin lapped eagerly at the corner of Joshua’s mouth and the teen groaned and pressed forward, sinking into the kiss.

Seeing his chance Justin laid Joshua down. Immediately his husband stiffened. “Just touch my love. Touch and kiss, I promise you,” Justin murmured.

Joshua relaxed the best he could, his nervousness still close to the surface as his husband’s hands moved smoothly down his neck, massaging the pulse points before trailing down to the small hollow below his Adam’s apple. Where Justin’s fingers touched his lips followed. He sucked hungrily at Joshua’s throat, enticing a low raspy moan from the teenager, causing him to pant with building excitement.

Feeling the tension ebbing away, Justin brushed his fingers over his husband’s shoulders and drew swirly patterns on his collarbone. He moved his hands down the centre of Joshua’s chest, as his tongue took over drawing swirls and curls over Joshua’s highly sensitive skin. Each little touch and caress made the virginal teen jump as if he was being burned. His moans intensified as Justin’s mouth feasted on pale white flesh, lapping and savouring the unique flavour of his boy.

Justin’s tongue dipped inside Joshua’s navel and the boy gave a high pitched squeak and grab handfuls of dirty blonde hair as he tried unsuccessfully to prise his husband away from his headed course. The older man ignored the pulling of his hair and intensified his ministrations. Justin’s hands were now holding Joshua’s hips down, kneading at the little flesh that covered the protruding bones.

“Let go love,“ Justin untangled his husband’s fingers from his hair, making him keep his hands at his sides. “You taste so good my love. So sweet, so delicious, keep your hands here so I can taste you properly,” Justin breathed against Joshua’s skin. “Let me taste more of you.” His mouth hovered over Joshua’s groin as he smacked his lips in anticipation.

The teen was lying on his back, his eyes closed, his cock was solid and pointing up towards his chest, pre-cum oozing from the pinkish slit. His eyes snapped open and he bucked his hips, crying out almost in alarm as his penis was engulfed without warning.

Justin struggled to hold his writhing husband and pulled his mouth away. Tears were running down Joshua’s face and the older mans heart sank. “What is it my love? Don’t you like my touch? Baby boy tell me what is wrong. Please say that I haven’t hurt you.”

“I’m sorry. I can’t help it, I can’t stop thinking how frightened Trystum, I mean my father, was when he was taken the first time. You have been so kind, so gentle, how did he survive it when I can’t survive my husband’s touch.” Joshua rolled on his side, turning his back on his husband and pulling his knees to his chest, sobbing silently into his pillow.

“Don’t cry love. Just let me hold you.” Justin spooned up behind his lover and kissed his naked shoulder tenderly. “Just sleep for now darling. We have a long journey before us.”

“I’m sorry Justin …I’m so sorry.”

“Sleep love, we have the rest of our lives to discover each other.”