Part 8

Sleep never came easy to Justin. The hot body spooned up to his stopped any thoughts or chance of that happening. Willpower alone was all that was stopping him from flipping the teen on to his belly and filling his ass with his throbbing meat. Joshua sighed softly in his sleep and wriggled back against his husband, his sub-consciousness crying out for the comfort of the older mans arms.

The closeness was suffocating Justin, his cock pulsated in its resting place between the cheeks of Joshua’s ass and he groaned, trying to think of anything but the incredibly sexy man lying naked next to him. He tightened his hold on the slim teen and buried his nose in his hair, inhaling the sweet scent of the strawberry shampoo Joshua had used earlier in the day.

“I think I am falling in love with you Josh,” he whispered breathily. “I want you so much. Want me back.” Justin tightened his arms even more causing his husband to whimper quietly in his sleep.

A soft tapping caught his attention and he slipped out of bed. Snatching up Joshua’s discarded robe and wrapping it around himself he opened the door.

A young dark skinned private was on the other side, shifting nervously from foot to foot. “Sorry Sir. Captain Fatone asked me to inform you that it is time for you to leave.” The soldier held out a pile of combats. “He sent these for Mr. Timberlake, Sir and he asked you to report to him straight away.”

Justin took the clothes. “Tell the captain I will be with him in ten minutes, as soon as I get my husband ready for our journey.” He closed the door and went back to the bed. Dropping the uniform on a nearby chair. He leaned over the still sleeping brunette and kissed his cheek tenderly.

“Josh my love, it’s time to leave. Wake up sweetness.” He leaned in, kissing Joshua again as the boy blinked sleepily at him. “There are some clothes that I want you to wear on the chair. I have to go and be briefed for our journey. I want you to stay here, I’ll come and get you when we are ready to leave.”

“Will you be long?” Joshua asked apprehensively.

“No love,” Justin stroked Joshua’s hair away from his eyes and kissed his forehead. “Get dressed darling.”


Captain Fatone was busy signing orders when Justin knocked on his door. The bearded man looked up just long enough to wave the younger soldier inside. “I’ll be with you in a minute,” he said as he picked up his ringing phone.

“Shall I wait outside Sir?”

Fatone shook his head and waved him towards a chair.

“No, I don’t care. Just get the damn bridge secure.” Fatone slammed the phone back down in its cradle and turned to Justin. “I got word from Kirkpatrick, the Rebels attacked. He barely got the breeders through. He said that the Rebs are pressing northwards towards Louisville, you will not be able to go the direct route.” Joey opened his right hand desk drawer and pulled out a bundle of maps. “You are going to have to go via Missouri.”

“Captain! That adds almost fourteen hours to the journey. Surely going straight up is less risky?” Justin looked at the route his commanding officer had mapped out for him.

“Not this time, the Rebs have us almost surrounded. The only chance you have is to go towards Missouri, then head north towards Iowa. Once you hit Colombia you will be able to hit the highway without fear.”

“Yes Sir.” The younger man conceded to the captain’s plans.

Joey folded the maps into a leather case and handed them to the junior officer. “One more thing Justin,” Joey hesitated then continued. “We can’t allow the breeders to fall in southern hands. We can’t allow them to replenish their armies. If it looks at anytime like you are in danger of being captured . . .”

Justin swallowed hard. “I’ll see to it Sir, you can count on me.”

“If there was any other way Justin, you know that don’t you? It won’t be easy to kill them, a pregnant man - your husband, but you have to. The Rebs would have them in a breeding camp before you were cold on the ground.”

“I won’t let the Rebs get them Sir.”

Fatone stepped around his desk and embraced the younger soldier. “When you get to Madison, tell James I love him and I miss him. The address and phone number is in the pack.”

“I will Sir. Goodbye Sir.”

“Dismissed soldier.” Joey turned his back and pretended to look through his filing cabernet until he was sure Justin had left. He sat at his desk and unlocked the bottom left drawer. He pulled it open and lifted out a photo. He blinked back the tears as he looked at the face of the husband that he hadn’t seen in over a year, he couldn’t even have it sitting on his desk, not with James being an undercover agent. The tears started to fall, dripping on the glass. “I miss you baby,” he whispered sadly before he kissed the smiling face and replaced it in its hiding place and locked it securely away again.


The uniform that had been provided for Joshua was three times too big for him and hung off his thin frame giving him an emaciated look. The dark green camouflage made his skin look pale and he looked at himself in the mirror, his nose screwed up in disgust. He scrapped back his long curly hair, tying it in a knot and stretching the green camouflage cap over it.

“What is the face all about darling? You are not going to a suitors ball you know.”

Joshua turned and faced his maternal father and embraced him. “And I thought I looked stupid,” he said laughing.

Trystum pouted, “Are you insinuating that I don’t look good in khaki?”

“The colour is just fine daddy. It’s the shirt that is the problem. It’s just so . . .big and shapeless.”

Trystum laughed. “Let you into a secret, so am I. Joshua giggled, his disgust with his uniform forgotten.

“Now that’s what I like to see. A happy beautiful man.” Justin stood in the doorway of their quarters his arms folded across his chest.

“Justin,” Joshua smiled bashfully and ducked his head, embarrassed at his sudden outburst of joy at the return of his husband.

“You even make combats look sexy Josh.” Justin licked his lips, he really wanted to throw the boy on his back and rip the clothes from his body and ravish him. “Come love, the transport is outside, we have to go now.” Joshua nodded and took his fathers hand, following his husband. The three men climbed into the bottle green jeep that was parked outside and Justin turned the key, making the engine roar to life.

“It’s going to be ok Josh.”

As Justin pushed the jeep into gear he wondered if he had said that to reassure his husband or himself.