Part 15

“Justin wait. My feet!”

The blond soldier stopped and looked down, noticing Joshua’s feet for the first time. “Where are your boots baby?”

“Richardson took them when he tied my feet,” Joshua explained. Justin looked down again half expecting to see Joshua’s feet tied together. Joshua’s eyes followed his gaze. “He cut the tie when he saw you. He needed me to be able to move.”

Justin’s eyes fixed on his husbands bare feet as he absorbed the situation. “Do you know what he did with them?”

“In his pack I think.”

Justin ran back to the camp, searching around till he found Joshua’s boots stuffed under a pile of rucksacks. A bit more searching uncovered the teenager’s socks.

Jogging back to where Joshua was waiting he handed him his footwear. Joshua lifted his hands to accept his boots and Justin rolled his eyes. His husband’s hands were still strapped together. “Baby you should have said something, I never noticed you were tied up.”

Joshua shrugged. “I’m kinda getting used to it,” he said seriously. He started to laugh and held his hands out for Justin to cut the nylon strap.

“Get your boots on, cheeky. Chris isn’t going to wait forever.”

“We have to move faster,” Justin said urgently, tugging Joshua hand harder. The teenage brunette stumbled over his long robes and fell, landing on his hip. He cried out softly and tried to get back up.

“Justin I can’t, I’m sorry.”

Justin helped his husband back up and checked his watch. “Take a rest baby. It’s not your fault. I’d be hard pushed to make it alone at full-out sprint. You was never gonna make it, I knew that but I had to try. The jeep was waiting about another kilometre that way. I’m going to leave you here and see what CK left us.”

Joshua whimpered. “You’re leaving me …alone?”

Justin pulled him into his arms. “Baby you will be safe. I won’t be more than fifteen minutes.” Justin lifted Joshua’s chin and looked into his eyes. “I can do this faster alone my love. Besides you need to rest.” Justin looked around. He spotted a tree with branches hanging down to the ground. Taking Joshua by the hand he lead him over and pushed the hanging foliage aside. “Go in darling. You’ll be safe in there.” The teenager sniffed and ducked his head under the low space. “I’ll be back before you know it.”

Josh hiccupped. “It’s dark.”

Justin crawled into the green enclosed space and wrapped his arms around his young husband. Joshua nuzzled his neck and clung on tight, the events of the night finally overwhelming him.

“Don’t cry. I won’t go. We can go together in the morning. Chris will have hidden supplies for us. They will be ok till tomorrow,” Justin said as he settled back against the trees trunk and pulled his husband close to him.

Joshua’s tongue snaked out of his mouth and trailed over Justin’s skin. The teen shuddered. “Yuk, you taste nasty.”

Justin chuckled. “I forgot I had camouflage on.” He used his jacket to wipe his face and neck. “You have black and green smears all over you too.” He spat on his jacket sleeve and wiped around Joshua’s mouth. “There, that’s better.” He cupped his husbands face in his hand, stroking his cheek with his thumb as he gazed lovingly into his eyes. “I thought I had lost you. I know that this marriage wasn’t what you wanted, at the time it wasn’t really what I wanted, but I want you to know I don’t regret it.”

Joshua rubbed his face against Justin’s hand. “I’ll be a good husband. You saved me. You’re my hero.” He lifted his lips, brushing them over Justin’s. Unable to resist, the older man deepened the kiss, tangling his fingers in Joshua’s thick dark curls. The breeder pulled away and looked deep into his husbands eyes. He seemed nervous and licked his lips unconsciously. He closed his eyes briefly then opened them again.

“Will you touch me?” he asked softly.

“I told you before angel, you never have to ask me to do that.”

Joshua slowly unbuttoned his breeders robe, letting it fall off his shoulders. He shivered slightly in the night air but still grasped the hem of his tee shirt and pulled it over his head. Justin trailed his fingers over his pale skin, stopping to trace circles around Joshua’s nipples. The older man brought Joshua in for another kiss, moving his lips softly over the innocent teens, probing inside the hot cavern of Joshua’s mouth. His lips slid off his husbands and worked their way down the teen’s neck. Justin sucked on Joshua’s throat, licking tenderly at his Adam’s apple before moving his attention to the sensitive skin below Joshua’s left ear.

The teenager whimpered as his earlobe was sucked into his husband’s mouth. Chills ran up his spine as Justin’s teeth nipped at him, followed by a hot wet tongue tracing the inside shell of his ear. Warm breath tickled his neck as Justin began to work his way down again, Kissing down Joshua’s soft creamy shoulder. Gently the soldier laid his husband on the ground refastening his lips to the younger mans.

Joshua panted, aroused by Justin’s ministrations. He lifted his hips when Justin undid his pants so he could slid them down his legs.

“Beautiful,” Justin sighed and leaned down, kissing Joshua’s chest. The younger man writhed beneath older more experienced hands, arching up into the subtle touches.

“Justin,” Joshua breathed. “ Justin . . . Love me.”

“I do love you Josh.”

Joshua sat up bringing his mouth mere inches from his older husbands. “That’s not what I meant. Love me. Make love to me.”

Justin’s voice cracked, “you want me?” he asked, hardly daring to believe his own ears.

“I want to feel you inside me Justin. Love me. Love me.”

Justin crushed Joshua to him, his tongue making love to his mouth as Joshua’s fingers fumbled with his zipper. A soft silken hand wrapped around Justin’s cock, sliding smoothly up and down his shaft making him groan and attack the soft supple lips beneath his with renewed vigour. Shifting his weight Justin manoeuvred himself between his lover’s legs. He brought his hand to his mouth, spitting into his palm then reaching down to smooth the spittle over his length, mixing it with his pre-cum.

“Try to relax angel,” he whispered. “I need to stretch you a little first or it will be too painful for you.”

Joshua’s mouth trembled slightly. He hadn’t considered the fact that it might hurt him. Justin sucked on his middle finger then slid his hand between Joshua’s ass cheeks feeling around till he found the tight puckered virgin opening. “Relax my love,” Justin rubbed Joshua’s belly with his free hand. “I love you,” he whispered as he applied pressure to the digit.

Joshua’s eyes popped open and he reared up off the ground, squeaking with surprise. “It’s alright my love. It will get better I promise you.” Justin wriggled his finger around as he pushed it in and out of Joshua’s ass. As soon as he felt Joshua’s natural lubrication start to flow he pulled his finger out, then pushed it back in along with his index finger. The teen whimpered and pulled away from the probing hand. “Trust me,” Justin breathed as he pressed inside harder.

Joshua let his eyes drift closed again as he tried not to let Justin see just how much he was being hurt. Lights suddenly burst behind his eyes and he arched up a cry on his lips. Alien sensations began to roll through his body and the pain was forgotten. The older man opened and closed his fingers slowly stretching Joshua’s sphincter, loosening the virgin tight muscles so that he would be able to penetrate. Justin stroked his own cock, smearing his pre-cum along its length. He pulled out his fingers and leaned down, kissing the beautiful breeder laying beneath him.

“Ready,” he asked.

Joshua nodded and held his breath. Justin pinched his nipple making Joshua squeal. As the young breeder took his breath Justin pushed inside him, holding him tightly and whispering soft words of love in his ear till his breathing returned to something resembling normality.

He held the trembling teenager in his arms till his body started to calm then he gently and excruciatingly slowly rolled his hips, pushing in and out of the incredibly tight hot cavity. Joshua started to shake and tremble again, his moans of pleasure becoming louder and louder. With a cry he raked his nails down Justin’s back and came. Justin came at the same time.

“I love you Joshua,” he gasped.