Part 18

Justin’s biggest problem was now how was he going to get Joshua from where he had left him to the fall out shelter. There was no way the breeder would be able to walk. He had no other choice he would have to carry his husband and abandon the backpacks. Justin’s uncanny sense of direction kicked in and soon he was getting close to where he had hidden Joshua.

The slim breeder cowered in the semi darkness, fearing the return of the southern army, and gave a small cry of relief when he recognised Justin.

The northern officer dashed to his lover’s side and wrapped him in a comforting embrace. “I told you I’d be back before 8,” he said with a sly grin.

Joshua was beside himself, littering his new husbands face with kisses. “Don’t leave me again Justin. Please don’t leave me again.”

“I won’t sugar. I found somewhere for us to stay until you recover and can walk again.” Justin started to go through the backpacks. “We are going to have to leave most of this behind. I can’t carry you and this. We just bring the food and water and medical box. The rest can stay here.”

“Won’t we need the bedrolls?” JC asked.

“No baby. That’s taken care of.” Justin finished packing and handed the pack to Joshua. “Put it on your back,” he ordered as he gathered up the discarded items and shoved them in the spare bag.

Confused Joshua did as he was told.

“Wait here I need to hide this.” Justin disappeared into the trees. It was a long ten minutes before he appeared again.

Joshua let out the breath he had been holding and gave a half-hearted smile. Justin winked at him and turned his back. “Jump up,” he ordered.

Joshua looked at him in confusion, not moving. Justin turned to face him. “Baby get on my back.” He noticed the look on his husbands face and suppressed a laugh. “Don’t tell me you’ve never had a piggy back ride before! You haven’t have you?”

Joshua shook his head and Justin laughed out loud. Justin turned his back. “Put your arms around my neck and jump up, I will catch your legs.”

Not too sure, JC hooked his arms around Justin’s neck and jumped up. Justin caught his legs and wriggled him into a more comfortable position. Even with the weight of the backpack Justin had no trouble carrying his husband. Joshua relaxed against his back after a few minutes, even loosening the death grip he had on him.

Justin moved swiftly cross-country, heading away from the road and Joshua let his head rest on his husbands shoulder. They had been walking for a while when the thin breeder spoke.

“How do you do it Justin? It’s like I’m not here. Like you hardly notice that you’re carrying me.”

“I don’t. You are hardly fat baby.” Justin never missed a step as he engaged in conversation with the youth on his back.

“But still, you’ve been carrying me for ages, aren’t you tired? I could walk if you want me too.”

Justin peered over his shoulder at his husband. “No baby, we’re almost there anyway. Besides, I’m a soldier. You are nothing compared to a full pack believe me. Compared to a ten-mile hike in full combat gear this is a stroll in the park. “

“They make you do that?” Joshua couldn’t believe that recruits were subjected to that sort of treatment.

“How else does a boy become a man? Josh you do know what it means to be a soldier?”

Joshua went quiet, thinking carefully. “A soldier is a killer.”

“Is that all a soldier is?” Justin really wanted to know what his new husband thought of him.

“I guess. That’s all I was ever taught. Soldiers kill and breeders don’t.” Joshua went quiet again. “I’ve seen you kill.”

Justin could feel the uncertainty of his husband. “Yes you have. I kill to protect the north’s way of life, to protect the people I love. I’d kill to protect you.” Justin released Joshua’s legs. “We’re here baby.”

The slim breeder looked around puzzled. “We’re where exactly?”

“Our new home until you are fit enough to walk again.” Justin helped Joshua take the pack off his back. He then took his hand and led him over to the hidden door.

He heaved it open and motioned for Joshua to go down the stairs. “Hold the rail baby. It’s gonna get real dark and I have to get past you to lead you down.” Justin pulled the heavy door shut over them, plunging them in to pitch-blackness. Joshua whimpered and Justin smiled to himself. Another thing he had just discovered about his husband, he was afraid of the dark.

“I’m here baby. Don’t be scared. Justin edged his way around the frightened teen and took his hand. “Keep hold of the rail honey, one step at a time.

Joshua gave a huge sigh when they reached the bottom of the stairwell and Justin flicked on the lights. “Not sure why they didn’t put lights on the stairs. Maybe it’s a safety thing. Josh, you okay baby?”

The young breeder was hobbling around the room exploring. He spun around at his name. “It’s like an underground house!” he exclaimed. “Why would someone build a house underground?”

“It’s a fall out shelter baby. It’s been abandoned for years. Probably pre contagion, there’s a couple of pictures that have a woman in them.” Justin nodded over to some frames that lay in a pile on the floor.

“Really!” Joshua hobbled over to where the pictures were abandoned. He lowered himself stiffly to the carpeted floor and started going through them. He traced his fingers over the image of a young woman holding a baby, smiling happily at the camera. “Can you imagine what it must have been like to have two sexes? To have no need for breeders, what would men like me be any use for?”

Justin lowered himself to the floor next to his husband and took the picture from his hands. “Men like you wouldn’t exist. Breeders were genetically engineered to replace women.”

“You mean I’m a freak don’t you?” Joshua lowered his head sadly and played with the hem of his robe. “Its not the first time I’ve been called that. When I was a child I tried to play with some of the plantation children, I had given my governor the slip. They wouldn’t let me play with them; they said that I wasn’t a real boy, that I was a freak. That I should go back to my books and leave the playing to boys that would grow up to be men.”

“You were lonely as a child?”

Joshua nodded. “Breeders don’t have friends, all they have is loneliness.”

“Not in the north Josh. In the north breeders grow up the same as other boys, they go to the same schools, even train to fight. It’s true they are not allowed to join the army but they learn how to defend themselves against southern soldiers. They are certainly not called freaks.” Justin edged closer to the melancholy boy. Exhaustion was finally catching up with the slender youth, making him susceptible to the misery of his past. He put his arms around him, hugging him lovingly. Justin ran his fingers down Joshua’s jaw and turned his face to his. “Stay here my love. I have a surprise for you.”

Joshua sat looking through the photographs curiously. He’d seen a picture of a woman before, his great, great, great grandmother or something like that. He wasn’t really sure what the differences between a man and a woman were. He only knew that if women still lived his life would have been so different.

Justin came back into the main room. “Josh would you come here please.” The breeder looked up and hissing slightly got to his feet. Justin came up to him and sidled behind him. “Don’t be frightened Joshua,” he said as he tied a piece of silk that he had found over Joshua’s blue eyes. He took his husbands hand. “Trust me sweetheart,” he whispered as he led him forward.

“Are you ready?” Justin asked as he stood behind his husband, his hands resting on the teenager’s shoulders. Slowly he stripped Joshua’s clothes off of him, letting them fall to the stone floor. As soon as the boy was naked he untied the blindfold, letting it fall to the floor. Joshua blinked and gasped with joy. Justin had filled the large bathtub with bubbly hot water and had lit candles all around the room.

“Justin its beautiful!” He dipped his hand into the water. “How is the water hot?”

“Solar panels, they store the suns warmth all day and transforms it in to power,” Justin explained. “Let me help you get in.” Justin took Joshua’s hand and steadied him as he stepped into the steaming water. Joshua gave a contented sigh as he slipped into the deep perfumed bubbles. Justin sat on the side of the tub and using a small jug he had found, poured water over Joshua’s brunette curls.

The breeder had his eyes closed and his lips softly parted as he laid back in the water, his face flushed red from the heat. Justin leaned down and covered his mouth with his own. Joshua’s lips parted and his tongue played teasingly with Justin’s. The older man sucked on his husbands tongue, his fingers tangling in Joshua’s long hair. The brunette arched out of the water, lost in the passion of the moment, not noticing Justin’s pants falling to the floor.

Justin broke the kiss, pulling away and lifting his shirt off over his head, not bothering to undo the buttons. Naked Justin claimed Joshua’s lips once more, licking over the brunette’s teeth before pushing past and filling his sweet mouth with his tongue.

He climbed into the bath, covering Joshua with his body. The two men ground together, their mouths glued to each other, water sloshing all over the bathroom floor. Justin sat up, sliding down to the bottom end of the tub.

“Turn around,” Justin breathed.

Joshua turned so his back was facing his husband, sighing deeply as he was pulled back. Justin lifted him just enough to slid him on to his lap and lower him on to his erect cock. Joshua whimpered as he was impaled and fell back against Justin’s chest.

The seasoned soldier wrapped his arms around his husband and began to thrust into him, controlling the speed and depth of his penetration. Joshua’s head rolled back, resting on Justin’s shoulder as he was fucked. He reached up with his arms and hooked them around his husband’s neck. Justin dropped his husband hard, ramming into him as he grabbed Joshua’s wrists and pulled his arms back down, holding them in his massive hand. The breeder cried out as he was filled completely and tried to lift up. Justin bit on his tender flesh and hooked his legs over his husbands, forcing his legs open and making Joshua sink further onto his cock.

He reached around and started to tug on Joshua’s penis, his hand sliding smoothly over the erect muscle, making the slim brunette mew piteously as he tried to lift himself higher and stop the constant pressure against his prostate. Joshua’s breathing changed, coming in short breathy pants as he neared climax. He groaned in frustration as Justin suddenly squeezed the base of his dick stopping him from coming.

“Not yet my darling,” Justin cooed in his ear. “I’m not ready for you to come yet.”

Again Joshua tried to lift up but with his wrists held firmly in Justin’s hand he couldn’t find the leverage. “Relax precious,” Justin whispered softly as he started to stroke his husband back to climax.

“Justin, Justin please!” Joshua let out a loud groan as once again his orgasm was delayed by Justin’s grip.

“That’s it darling, let it build, let it grow.”

Joshua started to whimper desperately, his head resting back on his husbands shoulder. In one swift motion Justin thrust Joshua forward and with out missing a beat he hung the slender breeder over the edge of the bath and started to pump in and out of him with a controlled fury. He started to tug on Joshua’s cock again, lifting him further over the edge of the tub. “Come for me darling,” he purred and Joshua cried out, shooting his cum all over the already water logged floor. Justin came a heartbeat behind him, pulled him back down into the tepid water, letting him rest bonelessly against his chest.