Part 19

The two men cuddled together until the water started to get too cold. Justin got out, wrapping a towel around his lower half. He tore open one of the sealed packs and pulled out a fresh fluffy towel for Joshua. He held it open for his young husband, wrapping it around him before starting to rub him dry.

“Are you hungry darling?” he asked.

Joshua snuggled into his husband’s arms. “A little,” he replied softly. “Tired more than anything.”

Justin hugged the thin breeder tightly to his chest, not wanting to let him go. “Tell you what, you get into bed and I’ll bring you something to eat.”

Joshua’s face lit up. “There’s a bed?” he asked excitedly.

Justin smiled at the pleasure Joshua got from a thing as simple as a bed. “Yes there’s a bed. It’s all made up and ready for you. I did it before I ran your bath. I’ll show you.” he took Joshua’s hand and started to lead him from the bathroom. The breeder hobbled painfully after him until Justin stopped and swept him up in his arms carrying him the rest of the way to the bedroom. “I forgot about your poor feet. I wanna dress them before I do anything else.”

He lowered Joshua onto the bed, helping him to prop himself up with a pile of pillows. Justin sat at the foot of the bed and examined each of Joshua’s feet in turn. Wincing at the brutalised flesh.

“I can’t believe they are so bad!” he exclaimed as he held Joshua’s right foot, turning it different angles to assess the damage. His fingers caressed the instep and Joshua giggled, tugging his foot back.

“It tickles.”

An evil look crossed Justin’s face. “Does it?” he asked as he took the foot once more and repeated the action.

Joshua giggled again and tried to yank his foot from his husband’s hands. “Don’t!” he cried. Justin continued to tickle, gripping the foot tightly and playing his fingers mercilessly over Joshua’s sole. Within minutes he had reduced the breeder to a helpless state, tears of laughter rolled down his face as he begged for mercy.

Justin joined in the laughter. Laughing from the sheer infectiousness of his young husbands giggle.

“Mercy,” Joshua begged between gasped breaths. “Mercy, I’ll do anything you want mercy.”

Justin wickedly carried on tickling. “Anything?” he reiterated.

“Yes,” Joshua gasped. “Yes, anything.”

Justin let go of Joshua’s foot and wrapped himself around his husband, ripping away his and Joshua’s towels.

“How much do you know about sex my precious?”

Joshua lowered his lashes then looked through them coyly. “You touch and sometimes taste before you put it inside of me.” Joshua paused, his face turning a pretty pink. “I know what you do to me makes me feel good, in here.” Joshua tapped his belly. Then he reached between his legs and took hold of his cock. “And here,” he whispered.

Justin placed his hand on Joshua’s cock, replacing his slender fingers with his own. “Do you know why it feels so good?” he whispered into Joshua’s ear.

Joshua swallowed and shook his head.

Justin smiled against Joshua’s skin and traced the shell of his ear with his tongue. “Let me show you.” He laid the teenager on his back and coaxed his legs apart. Reaching up he snagged two of the pillow from the head of the bed and shoved them under the small of Joshua’s back, lifting his ass. “Bend your knees angel.”

Joshua gulped and did what he was asked. Justin smiled kindly and brought his hand up to his mouth, sucking on his fingers. He slipped his hand between his husband’s legs and rubbed his fingers over Joshua’s tight opening. The teen tensed and Justin cooed softly. “Relax my angel, I want to show you what makes you feel the way you do.” Justin pushed a finger inside Joshua’s ass. He rolled it around until he brushed Joshua’s prostate. The youth jumped, and then jumped again as he was probed and stroked internally.

“That’s called a prostate. It is the gland that releases the fluid that forms part of your semen. What I am doing now is stimulating it, soon my darling you will see why.”

Justin added another digit intensifying the reactions building inside of his husband, his lover. The teen fisted the bed sheets, trying to hold still and not thrust up onto the hand that was teasing him. He came with an ecstatic cry and in a huge burst, and lie back limply, completely drained.

Justin withdrew his fingers and settled himself between Joshua’s still open legs. He pushed inside, his eyes closed as Joshua’s tight muscles clenched around him. Joshua started to whimper as he was fucked slowly.

His whimpering increased as Justin sped up, rotating his hips and changing his angle so that he hit Joshua’s prostate with every deep thrust. The teen arched up panting breathlessly as Justin came inside him once more.

The older man rolled onto his side and watched his husband recovering. “You are beautiful,” he whispered. “It was a crime to cover you up the way they did. I couldn’t’ bare the thought of you being in a breeding farm. It would have been sacrilege. You deserve to be pampered, worshiped, and adored.”

He traced his finger over Joshua’s lips and followed it up with a kiss before blanketing him in his arms.


“Permission to go look for lieutenant Timberlake sir.” Chris Kirkpatrick stood to attention in the CO’s office in St Charles.

“Permission denied.”

The short dark haired man slammed his hands on the desk. “With respect sir, JT is out there alone with only his husband to help him. Sir Joshua is a breeder, a young one and Timberlake owns the biggest munitions factory in the north. From what Trystum told me Joshua was suffering with sever blisters, so bad that he could barely walk. Someone has to help them.”

The CO glared at the veteran seething at him over the desk. “Permission denied soldier. Now get back to your unit if you don’t want to spend the rest of your tour of duty in the brig.”

Chris gave a salute. “Sir yes sir.” He turned on his heel and marched out off the office. When he got out side he let his shoulders relax. Justin was a good soldier. He’d find somewhere safe to hold up until Joshua could walk again. In six months he’d be released and then he would be free to fulfill his promise to the old breeder and find his son for him.

Chris went back to his barracks and sat on his bunk. Reaching under his pillow he pulled out the letter he had started to write earlier to his future husband. They hadn’t spent much time together, only the journey north to Seattle. The breeder had agreed to marry him once they arrived but he had been called straight back to join in the search for Joey Fatone’s unborn baby. Ben wasn’t a young breeder. He had been incarcerated in the breeding farm for ten years before being liberated by Chris’ unit and his eyes betrayed the sadness and pain of his pitiful existence. Chris had felt bad for the shorn-headed man. Still pining for the latest child to be ripped from his arms, Ben had huddled in a dark corner of his tiny cell, whimpering with fear as the Northern soldiers kicked in his door. Despite his terror he had sobbed with relief when Chris had picked him up and spoken to him in light soothing tones, reassuring him that he wouldn’t be harmed. It was a few days later that Chris had discovered that he could now qualify for breeding rights. He had thought of the pale blue-eyed man immediately and approached him the same day.

Chris finished up his letter and put it into an envelope, sealing it ready to send. He lay back on his bunk and stared at the ceiling, Justin and Joshua on his mind.